There are so many different designs for cat trees. Some of them are really modern and sleek where others literally resemble a real tree. Let’s take functionality aside and just focus on the aesthetic part of the products. Some of the cat tree designs truly stand out.

This is a beautiful toy-brick modern cat tree from They stack up boxes in a zig-zag fashion where the boxes have many holes on the sides and top to give cats passages. The holes on the sides are shaped as a cat face with paw prints decorated atop.


These are highly fashionable modern cat trees from the Refined Feline. Their designs are sleek and simple yet sophisticated.

This cat tree from Cat Palace USA looks like a real tree that grows from a small wooden house. There are synthetic silk leaves attached to the tree, making it look even more vivid and convincing.

This is an interesting looking cat tree with an idea of a flower instead of a typical tree. You can find more of the similar design from

This cat tree resembles a coco nut tree. It looks tropical and very literal. The cat tree is from

This cat tree is from It is a Japanese design called Necobaco Cat Tree. It is a very architectural design with cantilevered shelves, hollow boxes for cats to jump, snuggle in and play.

This is another tree-like cat tree available at It has 2 perches and a tree house on top for cats to snuggle in. It is completely upholstered in plush.

This cat tree is from It’s named the Himalayan Cat Tree. It looks like an Asian pagoda with a ladder for cats to climb up and down.