cute ginger kitten
"I am Monkey. I LOVE to nap!"

Monkey the ginger boy lives with his familiy and a few birds. He is a mischievous little one who entertains his family everyday with his silly antices.

Monkey likes to wrestle with his mommy’s hand. “I love it when he’s being cute like this,” said Monkey’s mommmy.

Monkey likes to hide under his mommy’s blanket, sit in his mommy chair and claim any empty boxes that are available in the house. If someone leaves a sock on the couch, he’d stalk it. Monkey loves to chase after little bugs. He is completely entralled by those tiny little critters.

Monkey can crash anywhere for a nap whether it is the edge of a couch where he can possibly fall off, a corner of the room, a tiny little box that is obviously too small for him, or any interesting napping spots that Monkey finds perfect for himself.

One of Monkey’s best friends is Wall-E, the robot. As you can see from the photos, they love each other :).

Photos courtesy of Dizzy Girl.

cute ginger kitten napping
"I crash anywhere I want, see?"
cute ginger cat watching fly in the lamp
"Must stare at the fly!"
cute ginger kitty hiding under blanket
"You can't see me now. I am hidden!"
cute ginger cat
"Me like to just chill :D."
cute ginger cat's favorite hiding spot christmas tree
"Mommy got a tree today. It's MINE now."
cute ginger cat sleeping on edge of couch
"This is a purrfect spot for a nap."
cute ginger cat sleeping wall-e watching
Wall-E babysitting little Monkey
cute ginger cat and wall-e
"It's playtime Monkey, Waki-E Waki-E!"
cute ginger cat and wall-e
"No, give me 5 more mins, Wall-E!"
cute ginger cat and wall-e
"Get up now! Get up now!"
cute ginger cat kisses wall-e
"All right. Here, hugs and kisses for you Wall-E!"
cute ginger cat
Meow! ♥