cute tuxedo rescue kitten in a bag
Gugu the little rescue tux
cute rescue tuxedo kitten scratches ear
Gugu hanging out with her friend in the garden

Gugu was found wandering by herself on the streets when she was only a few weeks old. She was picked up by a kind person who was not able to keep her, so she found Sharon, an animal lover who would not say no to any abandoned kitties.

Gugu’s life has changed ever since that day. For the very first time, there is a home that she can run freely without worrying about her own safety. In no time, she’s come out of her shell, frolicking and jumping around, finding hiding places and exploring every corner of her new home.

Gugu loves it when Sharon takes her out to the garden to play. She gets really excited with the grass and little critters crawling on the ground. She’d flail her legs in the air while lying on her back, squirming and rolling around as if she has the whole world to herself.

“What if every cat had a home in this world. I wonder what it would look like,” said Sharon.

Photos courtesy of ©Sharon.

cute rescue tuxedo kitten lying on paper bag
Staring at her footsie
cute rescue tuxedo kitten hides in paper bag
cute rescue tuxedo kitten sticks out tongue
Gugu giving herself a bath while basking in the sun
cute rescue tuxedo kitten playful hunter
Digging around
cute rescue tuxedo kitten falls on ground
Rolling on the ground in bliss
cute rescue tuxedo kitten sits in grass grooming
"No more pictures please!"
cute rescue tuxedo kitten sits in grass
Look at her fabulous whiskers
cute tuxedo kitten ready to jump
Getting ready to jump...
cute tuxedo kitten jumps off curd
cute tuxedo kitten kisses cat friend
Gugu giving her friend a kiss on the cheek