cute rescued calico kitten playing playful
Mini the little rescue calico
cute rescue calico kitten shy
This pictures was taken on the second day after she was rescued. Mini was still a bit shy, but very curious

Written by itsdesire, edited by Love Meow.

It was pouring rain in Shanghai the other night. I saw a little kitten wandering by herself. She must be separated from her family. In the moment of fear when she saw me, she shouted with all her might at me.

She reminded me of my old cat Mimi who was also a Calico. This little poor thing was skin and bones with rain dripping down her dirty coat. I couldn’t bear seeing her like that, so I picked her up and brought her home.

I named her Mini, not that I am good at picking names. This is how our story began.

Photos courtesy of itsdesire.

cute rescue calico kitten lounges on office chair
This computer chair pretty much belongs to Mini now
cute rescue calico kitten stretching on chair
cute rescue calico kitten with big ears
Look at those radar ears! :)
cute rescue calico kitten
cute beautiful rescue calico kitten play fighting
Wrestling with a bottle
cute rescue calico kitten takes a nap sleep
Mini is slowly coming out of her shell and feeling more at home.