Cowbert the Kitty and His Favorite ‘Pillow’

This is cowbert’s favorite pillow. It may be a little hard on the outside, but it’s purrfectly round and comfortable. Mostly it is how little Cowbert shows his love and affection to his dearest human companion.

cute cowbert the cat sleeping with foster dad

Mah pillow!

cute cowbert the cat sleeping with foster dad waking up

Cowbert waking up from a nap

cute cowbert the cat sleeping with foster dad waking up

"Shhh! Daddy is sleeping."

Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery. Here is the back view. Thanks to Kimberly, Cowbert has found his forever loving home. More Kimberly’s fosters at her blog.

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13 Responses to “Cowbert the Kitty and His Favorite ‘Pillow’”

  1. Maysoun says:

    lolololol…head warmer… practical…no need for a hotwater bottle

  2. Carol says:

    That IS so so so cute! (I looked at the reverse photo!) I have a little black kitty about that size who sleeps on my head/face. Sometimes she positions herself so our cheeks are together. Talk about so so so sweet!!! omg!!! She also checks my eyes to be sure my lashes are all still there. :o)

  3. Linda says:

    What a cute kitty! And a tolerant dad!

  4. Trish says:

    How fortunate you are to be so loved!!!!

  5. carole says:

    it is good that you can sleep like that

  6. Wendy says:

    I want that too!

  7. Winston says:

    I put my cat on my head whenever I have a headache and her purring calms me down.

  8. Hanah says:

    LOL. Cat’s keeping the man’s head warm all night long!

  9. empress says:

    so cute! i’VE NEVER SEEN A KITTY SLEEP LIKE THIS & what a great daddy!

  10. nolruck says:

    very lovely

  11. buthie says:

    LOL what a lucky daddy… 😀

  12. Roman says:


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