Hidey Kitten in Tissue Box

Ginger the little contortionist surprised his hoomans one day when he squeezed himself in a tiny tissue box. “He went in there by himself and we didn’t notice at all. After a few times, we realize he definitely enjoys playing and squeezing himself in the tissue box,” said Ginger’s hooman.

“What’s in the box? Must investigate!”


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10 Responses to “Hidey Kitten in Tissue Box”

  1. Lizzy says:

    Too funny! Years back, I had a much larger cat that squeezed himself into a tissue box. Cats are so silly sometimes.

  2. Belle says:

    AHHHHH, that’s so cute! The cuteness is so intens it feels like its tearing me a part inside!

    Just want to kiss that kitten and never stop.

  3. Carol says:

    Cute and silly kitty! They’re the best!

  4. Lesley says:

    lol So cute! Cats and boxes. No matter the size, the cat will try (and succeed) to get in the box <3

  5. helen says:

    nothing is too small for a kitten.. >_< too cuuute!

  6. Shelly Lyon says:

    Love Ginger’s bright pink toes peeking out! Cute overload!

  7. pumbie says:

    Oh!: these pink toosies and soft fur are much better than any tissue!.

  8. Vigs says:

    Maru would be so proud!

  9. katie says:

    They will find the dardests things to squeeze into, too funny!!

  10. Purrito Purrpants says:

    My favorite!

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