Adorable Kitty Snoozer

Teeny cute kitty just had her bottle and is snoozing like an angel. The little full belly, pink paws and serene look on her face can turn any bad day around.

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9 Responses to “Adorable Kitty Snoozer”

  1. Lashantina says:

    belly breathing. Very healthy and relaxing. Everyone should try it.

  2. Jessica DeHoyos says:

    sooo cute with that tiny pink nose and the tiny pink toes gahh i have been overwhelmed by cuteness!! lolz

  3. Mishka says:

    that full tummy <3

  4. BeBe says:

    Oh my gosh!! I think I might die from the cuteness!!!! ;)

  5. carole says:

    that is what contentment looks like

  6. Katherine says:

    Wonder if this is the same kitten that was licking her paws while lying on her back in the fold of her little bed :-)

  7. katie says:

    Belly full, one happy kitty, so adorable!!

  8. Angelique says:

    cutie, love it

  9. pumbie says:

    My heart rithm calms down just seeing this cutie.

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