Demanding Kitty Demands Daddy’s Arm

“Every time I get on the couch, I lose the function of my right arm,” said mjroger2. “As soon as I do (move my arm), she moves her head. That pose she does there is the least uncomfortable, she can get pretty demanding.”


cute cat cuddles with dad's arm

Photo by mjroger2 via reddit.

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4 Responses to “Demanding Kitty Demands Daddy’s Arm”

  1. Shelly Lyon says:


  2. katie k says:

    Yes they can be very demanding, as they own us, not the other way around. My cat likes to sit on my leg when they are stretched out, not to comfy after awhile, but what can we do!!

  3. Lashantina says:

    I found it helps if you put a small pillow or a rolled up towel under your knees…this keeps the knees from being in the locked out straight position…it’s much more comfortable!

  4. pumbie says:

    Oh, you’ll have to put up with it!, this is love…where there is a cat, the cat is the boss. Just now, I have to write an exercise and my kitty is on my lap; I feel a little uncomfortable but…

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