Squeaker the Cat Who Can’t Meow

This adorabe fluffy cat is a happy kitty who doesn’t talk much, but she often expresses herself through her beautiful eyes.

“She can’t meow at all. We took her to the vet, and multiple specialists. They said she’s perfectly healthy, and it’s a mystery as to why she can’t meow. Now she’s a bit older, she can sometimes manage squeaking sounds (Hence the name Squeaker.) Sometimes she can purr very quietly, but even that sounds a little squeaky…,” said MGirard.

cute cat who can't meow

Photo by MGirard via reddit.

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46 Responses to “Squeaker the Cat Who Can’t Meow”

  1. Klaire says:

    Such beautiful eyes!

  2. Fireshot says:

    WOW! This is one VERY VERY Pretty Kitty! Those big brown eyes are quite expressive!

  3. Arpita says:

    Very beautiful.Her eyes are just like puss in boots!

  4. Sweetbriar says:

    If she has long haired oriental in her, that may explain it. They don’t meow, they squeak, chirp, chatter and purr. She might learn it from another cat in the family, but it doesn’t come naturally.

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