Two Kittens Found in Spare Tire are Given a Second Chance

When a customer came to complain about “squeaking coming from the back of his car,” they discovered not just one but two tiny kittens in the spare tire.

“The guy was [around] 70. He had a Ford Explorer and the spare is under the vehicle… It started squeaking when he was on the road,” wrote the person who saved the kitten via reddit.

“(The kitten) couldn’t have been more than a couple weeks old, could barely open its eyes…. They were fine, hot and thirsty but they were ok.” They helped clean the kittens and kept them warm in a box covered with rags. The kittens were given a lot of love and a second chance at life.

“They are together and have a good home. It’s been 3 weeks since I have them to my cousin, so maybe a month and a half to two months old [now],” he wrote on reddit.

Kitty saved from a spare car tire

cute kitten rescued from car

… along with his little brother

cute kitten rescued from car

Warm and happy to have a home now

cute kitten rescued from car

Photos via Reddit.

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5 Responses to “Two Kittens Found in Spare Tire are Given a Second Chance”

  1. pumbie says:

    What a pretty little nose!; I’m sure they’ll turn into a two precious kitties!.

  2. MEOWRRR says:


  3. Laura says:

    Oh bless their little cotton socks! So glad they’re safe and happy

  4. C says:

    Thank goodness for decent, caring people! Those are a couple of cute kittens!!

  5. Sue Bee says:

    Life is better with kitties and bless the people who care enough to help out when the chance arises!

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