Blind Kitten with ‘Backwards’ Legs Finds a Second Chance

Carmen Bernard of Florida found a tiny kitty on Sunday in the middle of the road and thought she was a baby opossum at first. Her legs were twisted like a pretzel. Carmen thought she had been hit by a car, and took her to the vet first thing Monday morning.

It turned out that the little seal-point kitty was not run over. The vet concluded that she was most likely born that way. Another thing they discovered was that the kitten, around 5 weeks, was completely blind and probably would never be able to see.

Her right leg is partially formed but it is almost put on “backwards”, but her front legs seem to work just fine according to her Facebook page. When the vet gave Carmen two options to either put the kitty to sleep or take care of her for the rest of her life since chances of a kitten like her to be adopted are slim, Carmen didn’t hesitate and chose the latter. She wrote on Facebook on behalf of the kitty: “You see where I end up. I am going to get the best chance of a ‘normal’ life starting tonight when I l get to walk (fall and roll) across the keyboard while she tried to write this letter. I have a face (and body) that only a mother could love and I’m glad that she’s mine.”

In the first few days, she would hiss and spit at Carmen because she was still a bit terrified by human contact. Not being able to see had added a bit of stress on the little kitten. Then one day, with a lot of patience and the constant supply of love, she started purring and gave Carmen a head butt. It was then she began coming out of her shell.

Two days after her rescue, she learned to eat solid food, and no longer needed her human mom to hand feed her.

Today, she’s coming along very well and is adjusting to her indoor life beautifully. She may not be able to see at all nor does she move like other kitties, she is happy and living her life to the fullest.

The kitty doesn’t have a name yet. Any idea? They named her Plucky Pretzel Wonder.

She is a blind kitty born with “backwards” legs.

Adjusting to her new home and new life

This is what her hind legs look like. She has a little half tail that permanently sticks up.


See her in action:

Updates: Plucky is having her first Christmas:

Photos by Carmen Bernard. Follow kitty’s story on Facebook.

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67 Responses to “Blind Kitten with ‘Backwards’ Legs Finds a Second Chance”

  1. vix says:

    She has what she needs: a warm, caring and loving home. She will find her own way to live with her disability.

  2. melissa says:

    Our neighbors had a kitten like this. His back legs were all twisted up, so he used his front legs to walk with his little hiney up the the air (it was beyond adorable). Sadly the kitten had a seizure though and died :(

  3. vix says:

    As for a name, I would call her Belle.

    • Lauren says:

      I think that would be a perfect name for her, because she is beautiful. God bless Carmen for giving this sweet little angel a chance, knowing that she deserves love and care just like any other kitty, just as a disabled child does.
      These two were definitely meant to find each other. Without Carmen, the kitten would surely have died out there on her own. But now she is safe and sound and loved in her forever home. :)

      • ViX says:

        She will be more beautiful when she gets older. My Bella is a Birman, just like her. The last photo is almost identical to my Bella at 12 weeks. I cannot imagine the dark soul of someone who would abandon a helpless creature like that. Best wishes to Carmen and her new fur baby!

      • pennie says:


  4. Mysty says:

    How about Tipsy? For the cute little tips on her ears.

  5. Beth says:

    I don’t know, it might be the Vangelis playing on my ipod, but when I saw you were looking for a name for this little angel, the word, “Chimus” immediately popped up into my head. I would also maybe say “Pretzel” but that might sound kinda mean. Cute at the same time though. We’ve named special kitties with half a leg or missing leg “Stumpy” and “Tripod” too. There was one little fella we had many a moon a go we called Stumples. His legs were deformed. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention, I work in an animal shelter so I’ve seen a lot of sad things!

  6. Audrey says:

    She is precious! Bless you Carmen for rescuing this beautiful baby.

  7. natty says:

    What a Beautiful little Kitten, as for a name I think you should call her “Bernie”, as your Surname is Bernard. She is adorable though.

  8. Sherry says:

    Thankfully someone loving found her to give her a good life. She has everything she needs. Bless her and her new Mommy.

  9. Julia says:

    aww beautiful kitten, thankfully someone found her a nice home

  10. Nancy says:

    She is beautiful, and looks like a pure-bred kitten that was dumped due to her birth defects, to me. Her parents may have been inbred too closely. I hope you have her forever and that you enjoy each other. I have always wanted a cat with this coloring!

  11. Stephen Lamphear says:

    Hope…she has it, she gives it.

  12. Marsy says:

    Bless you Carmen for rescuing this kitten. God chose you bcos you are a wonderful person. May this kitten brings you joy and happiness. You are one in a million!

  13. andy says:

    She is absolutely precious! Bless her and Carmen’s hearts :)
    Belle , Bella or Sparkle sound perfect because she is so beautiful. Bernie sounds cute also :)

  14. Maryann Fisher says:

    What a beauty.

  15. Denise says:

    A lovely kitty so glad you didn’t give up on her.

  16. Lorna Faye says:

    I’d name her Angel.

  17. Jazzpjd says:

    I like Stephen’s suggestion- Hope. Thank you for being such a good human Carmen.

  18. Gina says:

    Beautiful little kitten!

  19. luma says:

    What a wonderful story… amazing kitty!!!!

  20. dinah says:

    i cried reading this,what a beautiful person to take on this beautiful little kitty,god knew who to let find it…….

  21. Lee says:

    Bless you for taking her in and giving her a safe, loving home. Very sweet little girl.

  22. Mig says:

    I have to agree with the name Hope. It just sums up what you have given her. You’re a wonderful person, Carmen. May you receive many blessing along the way.

  23. Annette says:

    God bless both of you. I envy you Carmen being given this most wonderful gift. My name is a little silly but how about Special K (for special kitty…because she really is one!)

  24. Linda says:

    Name her Christmas, you could call her Crissy for short. You could name her Christmas Angel and call her Angel. She really is adorable; I have a rescue Chocolate Point Siamese, I named him Louis and I love him so much.

  25. Kathleen says:

    I think the name of Hollyberry would be a great name. Shes beautiful!!!

  26. Lynn D says:

    I would name her Lion. Because she is so strong and fearsome. :) Or Nala, the great young lioness of The Lion King.

  27. Cathy says:

    A sweet and beautiful little kitty.

  28. Fernanda says:

    sweet little baby <3

  29. Pearl says:

    Name? “Mira” for miracle! Bless her Mom!!

  30. Amanda F says:

    Don’t know why, but she looks like a Mya to me! Bless u Carmen for rescuing this precious kitty and giving her a good home!

  31. jule1 says:

    What I love about handicapped animals is that they have no idea there is anything wrong with them. She seems exactly like any kitten I’ve ever seen. Playful, curious, energetic. It is a miracle that she survived, and I think she should be called Miracle. “Mira” for short!

    • Noelegy says:

      Yes! Very little stops kittens from being kittens. This kitty’s Facebook page is delightful. What a lucky little girl, and bless Carmen for taking her in.

  32. Veronica says:

    It just happened yesterday where I found a cat tied up and left at the road my dad helped me free it,yup animal abuse.I hope the cat will still think that there are other people that has a heart please pray for the cat,thanks.oh and that cat’s name Toko for too cute!

  33. Alicia says:

    I don’t know why but she looks like a “Blinkey” to me.
    What a sweetie pie

  34. Chrissi says:

    I like Mira it is a lovely name for a kitten so beautiful, Belle also,but I would call her Selene for the moon goddess as it is said cats are ruled by the moon, and as she grows she will be serene when she sits in her favourite place secure in the love of her family

  35. kelly says:

    She is beautiful! I like Bella! I also have a blind kitty and another with deformed legs. They are both amazing! They learn to get around , trust me! The one with the bad legs is 13 now, but still looks like a kitten. My blind kitty is 1 and has learned the house and loves to chase the other kitties!

  36. Wendy S. says:

    Thank God for people like Carmen who are willing to love a little kitty no matter her disabilities!

  37. Kay Johnson says:

    I like MIRA, too! I have a kitty w/ twisted, deformed back legs – short, limp stumps & no back haunches – he’s V-shaped! His front paws are deformed too, like cloven hooves – has only 1 claw on each front foot but huge like an eagle’s talon! My vet sez deformities come in 3’s — Bumper has deformed legs, was cryptorchid (testicles didn’t descend); later discovered has collapsed trachea, too (rare in cats). I called him Bumper cuz he gives head butts. Long, happy life together, you two! xox

  38. SandynClaus says:

    I like the name “Helen Keller” . . .

    • Debra Olsen says:

      :-) That’s cute…Helen for short. I like Mysty’s idea of *Tipsy*also (“for the cute little tips on her ears”) :-)

      • Debra Olsen says:

        BTW SandynClaus, my husband has an original letter passed down to him, penned by Helen Keller to his grandfather who had corresponded to Ms. Keller. That’s why I especially like your idea of Helen for the special, sweet little furbaby. :-)

  39. Potato says:

    How bout Reversi for the leg.

  40. Sue Bee says:

    Carmen, you are a special soul and I think you’re wonderful. And so is your kitty! ♥

  41. Turbo says:

    Its something special in the universe when two special souls like Carmen and Plucky and brought together.

  42. irene says:

    what a wonderful story-GOD BLESS THE CRITTERS ALWAYS!

  43. Those tiny little eyes are so adorable. God bless both of you.

  44. Cinda says:

    She is a little miracle and awfully cute. God bless the rescue angel.

  45. nolruck says:

    very beautiful story….why you put the beautiful thing on this world..I’m so impressed everytime as read the stories like this…thank yoy fpr sharing

  46. Ingrid says:

    Precious little soul :)

  47. Sue says:

    What a cute kitten. She seems happy inspite of her physical problems. Gog Bless for giving her a loving home. I have a cat who went blind at 5 yrs of age and has adapted pretty good.

  48. Sue says:

    name her spirit…

  49. Dee Feltman says:

    She’s just precious! Bless you Carmen for taking her into your heart & home

  50. MissL says:

    beautiful kitty :)

  51. Carolyn says:

    G*d bless Carmen for providing a loving home for little Plucky Pretzel Wonder. May they have a long and happy life together. Somehow I think Carmen will get the better end of the deal. :) Humans can be so awful sometimes. People like Carmen remind me that humans can also be very good.

  52. Pam Maltzman says:

    The twisted, pretzel-like legs look like the deformity that Corky the Cradle Cat has (found up in Fargo, North Dakota and rescued by Cats Cradle rescue). I think the deformity is called bilateral arthrogryposis of the tarsus. Corky was lucky enough to have had surgery; a lot of people donated for the costs. He got bionic legs, then lost one back leg, but is now a tripod with a bionic leg and gets around just fine. He also has a Facebook page. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to take on a cat that seriously handicapped, but bless the people who are.

  53. Brian L. says:

    Well, bless her little heart! Sincerely here, thanks for giving her a second chance!

  54. gia says:

    Thank You Carmen Bernard. You are an angel. i wish more people could be like you. Thank you for helping the poor baby. and not letting her die in the streets or let the vet put her down

  55. Steffeny says:

    Plucky Pretzel has undergone some surgical proceedures on her back leg, it has been straightened some with splints, and the kitten is going in this week for the final set of surgeries to set her lower leg and foot in the proper alignment.

    The latest video shows Pretel from this past few days using the limb as a regular leg (at least giving it a very good try). I am certain when the final healing is done and all the bandages and splints are removed the dear little kitty will be able to walk, run and jump just as much as any other kitten. FOr all her genetic problems this little kitty really is a mover and shaker.

  56. jule1 says:

    I know all about Pretzel! She has the best cat mama in the world! Go to her FaceBook page to get more info. She just had another surgery and has had a complication, but we are all praying she will pull through it and come out even better. She’s a lovely, sweet little kitty and her mom is the best!

  57. Jeff says:

    They named this kitty Pretzel. Unfortunately the surgery she had to fix her leg didn’t work out and now they’ll have to amputate. I saw it on her FB. Poor little kitty. Like she doesn’t have enough being blind. Now she’ll have to learn how to walk all over again

  58. Tina Stockton says:

    Bless you for giving her a warm and loving home.

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