Feral Kittens Found In A Hole

A good Samaritan saw a kitten run through her backyard and disappear behind some bricks. She looked over and found this…

When she realized all the kittens were hiding in the hole, she knew she had to save them.

“I did snatch them up from their little hole. They’re actually all feral… I have passed the kittens on to a lady who knows how to handle them. She’s tamed wild kittens before and is better suited than me to care for them. There is a trap set for momma cat, so hopefully she can be captured and spayed,” she said.

These feral kittens were found in a hole, cuddling together.

rescued kittens cuddling together

Source: reddit.

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3 Responses to “Feral Kittens Found In A Hole”

  1. Amparo says:

    Awww poor babies, nice people that found them, gob bless u.

  2. shelly Lyon says:

    One of my treasured fur-kids is a feral rescued as a kitten at about this age. He’s perfect and sweet.

  3. Julee says:

    What a sweet picture!

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