Freida The Cat Found Abandoned In A Ditch, Now Wears Her Sweaters To Survive

This is a miracle story of a cat who was at the end of her rope when she was found. A man rescued her and her life began to turn around.

In rural Maine, a man spotted a tiny, emaciated tortie cat in a ditch, fighting to survive. She was covered in filth, underweight and her long hair was completely matted. He immediately picked up the cat and called a friend for help.

They contacted Forgotten Felines of Maine, a volunteer cat rescue group that works to rescue cats across eastern Maine. She was then on her way to the vet to receive medical treatment that she urgently needed. They named her Freida.

Freida was in poor health. “She… weighed less than albs. She did not walk to that ditch by herself. Thank God for the man [who found her] taking a walk that day. He saved her life,” Forgotten Felines of Maine said.

Her fur was tangled, causing a lot of pain, so they shaved most of her coat and gave her little jumpers to wear to keep her warm and protect her sensitive skin.

They got help from numerous specialists and gave Freida biopsies, hoping to get her back on her paws. Though Freida is fully grown, she is the size of a tiny kitten.

“She has Multifocal portal venule hypoplasia and arteriolar hyperplasia (reduplication); mild bile ductular hyperplasia. In essence her liver doesn’t work. Her gall bladder is hundreds of times larger than it should be. Freida needs much more vet care and treatment and we really need your continued support. If you think Freida should have a chance live please help us help her.”

Despite what happened to Freida and her illnesses, she is in good spirits. Her appetite has returned and she enjoys the company of her human friends. One thing is for sure, this little feline wants to live and she will continue fighting for her life along with people who love her.

Freida was found in a ditch by a man who saved her life

freda the cat Rescued From A Ditch

After the rescue, they shaved her severely tangled fur and gave her treatment that she urgently needed.

freda the cat Rescued From A Ditch

She started eating again! Though she needs continuous medical help, she is in good spirits.

freda the cat Rescued From A Ditch

They put her in a little sweater to keep her warm and protect her sensitive skin.

freda the cat Rescued From A Ditch

Though fully grown, she’s the size of a tiny kitten.

freda the cat Rescued From A Ditch

Sweet little Freida


You can follow Freida’s story and progress on her Facebook page. If you’d like to help, you can do so through Forgotten Felines’ Freida Fundrazr.

Source: Daily Mail.

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25 Responses to “Freida The Cat Found Abandoned In A Ditch, Now Wears Her Sweaters To Survive”

  1. Ginger says:

    Oh my God – what a precious angel! Thank God for the man who found her and the people who are continuing to help her! What a little fighter! I will say prayers for her precious little soul!! xoxo

  2. Nahga says:

    Frieda has the sweetest lil’ face!

  3. Ursulina says:

    what a doll baby! She has a tough way to go but I sure do hope her luck continues and she recovers in a wonderful home.

  4. Tina Stockton says:

    Aww…bless that man who rescued her!

  5. Shayla says:

    She’s so beautiful with those huge eyes!!!! I love her and I love the people that rescued her <3 Wish everyone was like that.

  6. chris says:

    First, she has to be the cutiest cat ever. Despite her new hair cut, she is adorable. Second.I would love to come across some of these scum that do this animals. I would love to put themm in a ditch and leave them for awhile. There needs to be stricter laws for this sbuse. Maybe people would think twice about doing this type of harm to an aniimal.. I hope you get well, little one. You are presious.

  7. Rai says:

    thanks to the person who found her. hopefully she’ll be ok and get lots of love and care…bless her..

  8. Sending a hug to the man who has saved this sweet kitty, i wish they all can be saved and helped like Freida <3 and i wish their humans would not toss them away like that.

  9. Inua Vladimir says:

    Each Event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.

  10. jackieviolet says:

    You need to start a Frieda site!!!!! I love her!!!

    • laulaja says:

      Freida already HAS a FB page where she may be followed. Purrsonal site here seems a bit much — kudos to her rescuer. After all she’s been thru she deserves to thrive!

  11. I know you are medical doctors but when I had liver failure it was the Herb Blessed Thistle that turned everything around for me. I am allergic to most manufactured meds, Blessed thistle balanced my liver, pancreas , gall bladder and bile ducts. Revitalized me..liver function was at 10% that was 23 yrs ago. Perhaps minute amountes would help her.

  12. Hanna says:

    Aww. She is so cute. Thank goodness that guy stopped and helped her. I hope she will be okay with treatment.

  13. Sue B. says:

    Frieda is a lovely little lady. I wish her the best outcome in her recovery. Thank you to all the people that have helped her!

  14. Kate says:

    A beauty..and so petite! Adorable girl!

  15. Sue says:

    beautiful story, but i do have to say if the damage and hury for the kitty is too much..sometime letting go is the right thing to do….

  16. linda says:

    a heart warming story. hope freida continues to do well

  17. pumbie says:

    Poor Frieda, she has such a heartwarming way of looking. I’d like to know that she can go on..Btw, she’s so pretty with the sweater:)

  18. Ingrid says:

    Her eyes are so moving, tears are coming to mine… I hope she will make it. Love to the sweet souls who rescued her.

  19. Nancy Sandoval says:

    Good for the little itty bitty kitty. I know she will find a wonderful home and have a fantastic life.
    If you should ever have the wonderful fortune of finding a little kitty, look around, because there is most likely, a few more kittens, close by. That kitten that you find, did not get there all by itself.

  20. Iffat says:

    Adorable little Frieda!

  21. Kelsi says:

    omg poor little kitty very sad she is so pretty

  22. Dan Ackermann says:

    Yes thank God for the man that found her, and to the person that dumped her there, well— I know you are supposed to forgive and forget, but that is just inexcusable!

  23. She looks so sad! Just wondering if she is in pain, she is
    So precious and soo cute!

  24. Fernanda says:

    Cute and sweet <3

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