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This is one of the few sanctuaries in the U.S. to give Feline Leukemia and other ‘adoption challenged’ felines a ‘chance at a lifetime’. Its name is C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter located in Iowa, a non profit, cage-free sanctuary for special needs felines with disabilities, chronic medical conditions, those with Feline Leukemia or FIV, and felines displaced at the death of their guardian.

“Our goal is ‘happy cats.’ Their quality of life is our top priority along with care and feeding and keeping their houses clean. I attribute the happy contented cats to my wonderful staff who go above and beyond in caring for the furs,” said Carmen Conklin, the founder of C & W.

“Our caregiver employee team of 10 and several volunteers care for the over 350 felines and several very senior dogs that call C & W their forever home. We offer an ‘alternative to euthanasia’ as many of the felines that come to us are at the ‘end of their lives’ without a sanctuary to welcome them. Our sanctuary residents come from over 30 states and from all across Iowa,” said C & W.

These beautiful kitties with special needs live in actual homes where they are safe and have freedom to walk, sleep, play, look out windows and even go outside in special enclosed outdoor cat rooms. (C & W Facebook group)

Happy and content

cute rescue special needs cat at c & w rustic hollow shelter

Kitty Kottage-cats in their playroom loving the sunshine

cats with special needs happy

Keyko is the sweetest kitty ever. He lives in Sandy’s Kitty Haven building because it is peaceful and quiet with the fewest cats housed there. Keyko was born with Devon Rex Myopathy syndrome, a malady that affects his muscular system as well as his heart.  He stands up for his treats because he cannot lift his head because of the weakness of those muscles. However, he loves to climb up high where he can lay his head on the perch and look down on everyone. He loves people, petting and treats. And his roommate Maya. They are the best of pals.

keyko rescue cat with special needs at C & W rustic hollow shelter

Burnie arrived at C & W in 2003 after he had been deliberately burned in a burn barrel. The humane society that rescued him spent a lot of time and money into his recovery and healing. Then he would not use the litter box for them. Since C & W take in kitties when they have been unsuccessfully retrained to the litter box, and Burnie had such a wonderful personality, they asked C & W if they would take him in. Burnie d.Katt is now their spokespurrson and very content in his home in The Kat Barn at C & W.

cute Burnie survivor cat c & w rustic hollow shelter

Barkley daydreaming on his favorite comfy couch

cute Barkley daydreams special needs cat at C & W

Soooo much work to do. Soooo little time…. Tiger Man sooooo tired

cute tiger man sniffing shoe at C & W special needs cat

Whitey is one of their long time residents of the S.A.F.E. room (Save a FeLV From Euthanasia) in The Kat Barn. Their Feline Leukemia residents have their own area in The Kat Barn and they have their own patio door and outside screened in catio playroom. Whitey spends a LOT of time out there. Feline Leukemia cats ‘can’ live long lives. C & W assume Whitey is simply a ‘carrier’ and will not become symptomatic for years. He still needs to live separately from other cats at the shelter. He has many roommates and Whitey is over ten years old. He joins T.J., Carver & several others who have lived past 5 years into ages 7-10. Whitey also goes to the nursing home with the staff as he is the biggest of kitties, but also has the biggest and gentlest personality.

Whitey cute special needs cat at C & W

Marbles doing her “pretty paws.” She sits up and makes those paws go up and down so fast… really cute.

cute Marbles special needs cat at C & W

Big Al hails from New Mexico. He is an FIV kitty (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and in spite of the fact he missed his first flight via plane because he escaped his carrier, panicked and jumped out of the car when the door opened near the airport. Fifteen miles and two weeks later, Big Al found his way to a kind person who took him to the vet and discovered he had FIV. She called her friend in rescue (15 miles from her) and sent her a picture. Sure enough, it was BIG AL. He did NOT miss the second flight and arrived ready to be a couch potato. And he is.

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Rita Wood (founder of PurrEver Ranch) & Puddy Tat

PurrEver Ranch opened its cat doors in June 2004 when Rita Wood realized that even though there are numerous animal rescue groups in her area, none of them focused on the homeless, senior or special needs felines. She founded PurrEver Ranch, a non-profit hospice for senior and special needs cats with disease or behavior issues.

Here is the story of how PurrEver Ranch got started – the Importance of Being Special:

In May of 2004, I (Rita) dropped by the shelter to put some aloe vera on some of the sick kitties noses in isolation. I was informed it would be a sad day & that euthanizations would take place. At first I tried to accept the fact that CAS was a kill shelter. I tried to convince myself I had several rescued cats that I was caring for & simply could not afford to take any more in.


I asked if I could feed some tuna to the kitty cat for her last meal & was given permission to do so. As I opened the can, the cat began talking to me. Mewing up a storm. She didn’t have to open her mouth though, I heard every word she said. I refused to look at her. It was then that the cat began waving her paw at me to get my attention—I swear–she waved her right paw up & down. I hesitantly looked into her eyes & heard her scream, “HELP ME!” With tears in my eyes, I opened her cage, picked her up & felt the terror running thru her body. I held her tight & whispered softly, “you’re coming home with me, Special.” I renamed her Special because that is what she is.

It was at that moment that PurrEver Ranch, the cat sanctuary, I’ve been dreaming of for years became a reality. I’d tell you I’ve been rescuing cats all my life, but truth be known—they’ve been rescuing me. (Check out their Facebook page)

shelter cat adoption center pic
"Would you please take me home?"

Do you have any cute cat stamps? The Postal Service™ together with Ellen DeGeneres and Halo unveiled their new set of stamps called “Animal Rescue.” The goal is to raise the awareness of the millions of shelter pets in the US that are waiting for their forever homes. Unfortunately almost 50 percent of animals that enter American animal shelters end up being put down.

“Many of these cats and dogs would have made a wonderful pet… if only given the chance” the campaign stated.

Ellen DeGeneres is the co-owner of Purely for Pets that promotes the campaign, Stamps to the Rescue. DeGeneres and Halo are giving one million meals to shelter pets that need good homes.

There are ten stamps that come in the set. Each of them shows a true story of a shelter animal that was once without a home, but later given a second chance at life. Five of them feature cats. Scroll down to meet these five beautiful furry friends and learn about their stories: (photos taken by Sally Andersen-Bruce)

You can help us raise money for charity at our Love Meow Store. Every time you purchase an item from Love Meow, you help fund food and care for rescue animals.

(Jan 19, 2015):

10th Love Meow Donation ($500) went to Cat Town. Here’s Carmen the earless cat, a rescue from Cat Town, and her amazing story.

(May 29, 2014):

9th Love Meow Donation ($500) went to Tonis Kitty Rescue. Toni Sestak, the founder of Tonis Kitty Rescue, has saved thousands of kittens’ lives. It’s a labor of love and her passion to give these deserving little fur balls a second chance at life. 

(Nov 21, 2013):

8th Love Meow Donation ($500) went to Saving Grace Rescue Inc, a non-profit rescue facility focuses on kittens under 8 weeks old and felines with special needs. (Blind Kitten Healing Thanks to Saving Grace)

(March 20, 2013):

7th Love Meow Donation ($500) went to The Cat House On the Kings, a no kill, cage free cat sanctuary.

(Oct 30, 2012):

$2,500 food donation courtesy of Royal Canin (100 bags of Royal Canin’s Spayed/Neutered cat food) went to Cat Snap from Champaign, Illinois (see more).

(July 4, 2012):

6th Love Meow Donation ($500) went to C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter in Iowa, a cage free animal sanctuary for special needs cats and dogs.

(September 23, 2011):

Our fifth donation ($300) went to Puffy Paws Kitty Haven.

(May 23, 2011):

Our forth donation ($255) went to Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center, a no kill, no cage cat haven. Their goal is to find permanent loving indoor homes for cats and kittens and to reduce homelessness, abuse, and euthanasia due to animal overpopulation. More about this amazing cat rescue center here.

(Jan 25, 2011):

Our third donation ($255) went to Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, a no-kill, no cage cat sanctuary that provides a lifetime of love and care to blind rescued cats. To read more about this amazing cat sanctuary, click here.

(October 7, 2010):

Our second donation ($200) went to the Goathouse Refuge, a no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanant loving adoptive home can be found. To read more about this amazing cat sanctuary, click here.

(June 1, 2010):

Our first donation ($200) went to PurrEver Ranch, a non-profit hospice for senior and special needs cats. To read more about this amazing cat sanctuary, click here.


Thank you guys for coming to Love Meow. I have 4 rescue cats: Jackie, Lucy, Shadow and Flip. They are my motivation for this blog. It’s a pawsome feeling to see all these wonderful people doing what they do every day to save lives and making a difference for our lovely furry friends.

Cats are wonderful and I can never get tired of telling people that. Their photos and videos keep us entertained and happy whenever we need a stress reliever. They never fail to bring joy and sunshine into our lives. There are hundreds of thousands of homeless cats that are still waiting for their forever loving homes.

I have covered many stories about animal rescues and shelters such as the Cat House on the Kings, Tabby’s Place, Richmond Animal Protection Society, and many more. Their stories and your stories have inspired me so much.

Right now we are raising funds through our Love Meow Store. Every time you purchase an item from Love Meow, part of proceeds go to charity.

You can nominate a shelter through this link: send us their website URL and/or contact information. The animal shelter must be a government proved charitable organization such as a US 501(c)(3) non profit corporation.

Visit your local animal shelters. Let’s help make a difference :).


Amy :)

Image via flickr

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A woman spent 30 days and nights at the Madison County Humane Society in Anderson, Indiana to help raise funds for the animal shelter which was close to shutting down.

Rhonda Estes volunteered herself for this fundraising. She brought her pets in with her to spend the holiday over at the shelter with more than 100 cats and dogs.

According to Estes, it costs about $17,000 to $20,000 per month to keep the shelter afloat. However, due to the economy, adoption rate has decreased and more animals have been brought to the shelter. The shelter’s operation was in the red for many consecutive months.

Courtesy of Romeo the Cat
Courtesy of Romeo the Cat

A cat named Romeo has made history for feline-kind by raising thousands of dollars for animal shelters and rescues as a way to pay back people who helped him get a second chance at life. Romeo’s human mother, Caroline Cofer Golon, is sharing with us what life is like for a cat that lives his life for a good Cause and what this incredible kitty strives to do for the lives of his purring friends.

Tell us something about Romeo and his story. How did Romeo come into your life?

My husband and I adopted Romeo in 2005 from The Forgotten Persian Rescue & Friends in Marysville, Ohio.

From what we know, Romeo was turned into a shelter in Kentucky when he was around a year old. He was adopted but then brought back to the shelter for some reason. The shelter in Kentucky knew about The Forgotten and called to see if they wanted Romeo. Of course they did! They drove down to get him and bring him to the rescue. He was deaf in both ears and had a strange skin condition. We wonder now if these two health issues were the reason Romeo was returned to the shelter.

Courtesy of Iams Home 4 the Holidays


Thanks Bev for the info!

As of November 29th, 621,034 pets have been adopted. 282,421 cats have found a new home! Meow YAY!

Also you can help your favorite Iams Home 4 Holidays shelter to win a lot of free noms! You can go to the following links to see details:

Feed Pets in Need (Terms & Conditions) and Life’s Better Sweepstakes (official rules)

Help save lives!