Officer Rescues A Sick Kitten And Becomes Her Foster Dad

Officer J. Huggins saved a little sick kitten without a home. He picked up the tiny calico and brought her to a shelter to get medical attention. After learning that many cats from the shelter are in need of foster homes, he decided to take the kitten home so that she could get the best care and thrive.

Front Street Animal Shelter wrote: “Officer Huggins responded to a call for a sick kitten that had been abandoned in South Sacramento. After finally locating the kitten he rushed her to our veterinary team to be evaluated. She was safe at the shelter, but Officer Huggins knew she would thrive in a foster home. Knowing we have lots of kittens needing foster, Officer Huggins opted to take the baby home! Life is good on Front Street thanks to our humane officers.”

officer rescues kitten Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento


Photo by Bobby Mann. Follow Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento on Facebook.

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Rescue Tabby Kitten Finds Saving Grace

This tiny baby kitten was found in a parking lot along with his three siblings. Ari and Miu, two sisters, spotted the kittens and knew right away that they had to save them. “We couldn’t leave them on their own, so we decided to rescue them. The first thing they needed was food because they hadn’t eaten for a long time,” they said.

Three of the kittens survived, but this tabby kitten whom they named Arang had a bit of a fight with his health. “Arang was diagnosed with a birth defect. Although he is having difficulty, we hope he can have a healthy life and stay with us for a long time,” they added.

With a lot of love and care, Arang is getting stronger everyday.

Little tabby baby Arang was found in a parking lot…

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang

…along with his siblings.

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang

The two sisters that found him took him in and gave him food, warmth and a lot of love.

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang

Arang was very tiny. Though born with a birth detect, he’s never given up hope.

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang bottle small size

He got better everyday. A little fighter!

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang

Arang is giving his human mom some love nibbles.

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang biting fingers

Happy to have a forever home.

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang

“Thank you for saving me.”

rescue abandoned tabby kitten Arang cuddling

Photos by Ari and Miu via Instagram.

Roadside Rescue Kitten Fits Right Into Loving Family

A tiny kitten was found on the side of the road injured by a moving car, but the little one bounced back after being rescued by kind people who wouldn’t give up on her.

“On the road I saw (the kitty’s) huge eyes from the side of the road… no question of us not stopping, and despite the bloody nose and broken leg, she bounced back almost immediately and joined our little zoo like she’d been born into it,” said lvacqua via reddit.

They named her Chamberlain. “Definitely not a girls name but we were on our way home from a weekend trip to Gettysburg visiting the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain memorial. He survived multiple battle wounds and went on to run a university and the state of Maine for a while. We figured that if any name was fitting for the little one who beat all the odds, Chamberlain was it,” she added.

When they found her, she was injured lying on the side of the road. “on the road I saw… her huge eyes from the side of the road… no question of us not stopping.”

rescue cat new family with dogs

Four weeks after they found her. She bounced back. “Despite the bloody nose and broken leg, she bounced back almost immediately and joined our little zoo like she’d been born into it.”

rescue cat new family with dogs

Snuggling with her little human friend.

rescue cat new family with boy

Lexi the St. Bernard took her under his arms.

rescue cat new family with dogs

Cricket the dog is showering her with love.

rescue cat new family with dogs

rescue cat new family with dogs

Feeling loved and comfortable in her new home.

rescue cat new family with dogs

Photos via imgur.

Pocket Kitten Found At Job Site

A tiny ginger kitty was found by workers in the yard. They took him in and the little furball started snuggling with one of the employees in his cozy little pocket. “Work is so much better with your trusty pocket kitten…”

“We found him in some crates in the yard, had to tempt him out with some ham. Poor little fellas only 3 weeks old,” said jnthnrgrs of reddit. “One of the other blokes took him in, he’s been all cleared by the vet. Apparently purrs like a drag car engine.”

pocket kitten rescued at work site

Photo via reddit.

Xander Former Lab Research Cat Finds Freedom And Loving Home

Xander the cat (also known as Jax) has been rescued from a research lab. This is him walking into freedom for the first time. [Scroll down for video]

“Xander was legally rescued from a lab in New York, on the condition of anonymity, by Beagle Freedom Project in January 2014,” said Rachel Gruen, Xander’s new mom via Huffington Post. “He lived in a windowless lab in a tiny wire cage for the first three years of his life, and he was done being a test subject.”

A lab employee contacted the rescue group about Xander, so he could be saved and given a home.

Gruen happened to be on the rescue’s page when she came across Xander’s picture. “As soon as I clicked it and saw Xander’s handsome picture on their page, I fell in love with him and knew that I was meant to be his mom.”

Xander, a former lab research cat, now has found freedom and a loving home.

former laboratory research cat gets freedom

Xander (also known as Jax) and another cat Shira making their first steps into freedom (VIDEO):

Beagle Freedom Project rescued this handsome fella and found him a forever loving home.

former laboratory research cat gets freedom

Xander is living with several other rescue cats and he loves every bit of his brand new life.

former laboratory research cat gets freedom

Photos by Rachel Gruen. Follow Xander on Facebook. Also seen on Huffington Post.

Worker Rescues ‘Bucket Brigade’ Kittens At Work Site

A worker found these tiny kittens at his work place. The mother was nowhere to be found. He knew he couldn’t just leave them behind.

Northeast animal shelter wrote:

“At about 1 pm on Friday Aug. 29, Stephen walked into our shelter with a dirty looking five-gallon bucket. He was at a work site in Peabody, MA and discovered 3 little balls of fur. There was no mother cat around and he knew he couldn’t just leave them behind, unprotected, when he went home at the end of the day. He looked around for a box but could only come up with a dirty work bucket.

When Stephen arrived at Northeast Animal Shelter he knew the bucket wasn’t the best thing to transport them in, and he was worried if he did the right thing. We assured him that he did exactly the right thing.

When we looked in the bucket, three little, hissing kittens were looking back at us. They were so cute. Once our clinic staff looked them over and cleaned them up, we got them settled in with some lunch. They were starving. We are guessing they are about 4 weeks old.

One of our adoption counselors, Carey, knew right away that she would foster these little cuties until they are big enough for adoption. Carey will make sure they learn what love is.

Stephen left with his work bucket to go back to work, having received lots of gratitude from our staff and volunteers for taking the time out of his day to make sure these babies would be safe, but…

About a half hour later, Stephen and his bucket came walking through our door. He found two more babies! We quickly reunited them with their siblings who were now resting with full bellies. These two dove right into the food bowls.

Stephen will keep an eye out for their mom each day he returns to work but today he saved five lives.”

A kind man working at a job site made two trips to the shelter to bring 5 rescue kittens to safety.

rescue bucket kittens

Watch the hungry kittens eating and getting their bellies filled (VIDEO):

Stephen who discovered the kittens transported three kittens to the shelter and later found another two, so he went back to the shelter. The kittens were reunited.

rescue bucket kittens

These adorable furballs are happy and safe now.

rescue bucket kittens

Photos by Northeast animal shelter. Follow them on Facebook.

Litter of Six Rescue Kittens

An employee from a nursing home brought in a basket full of six goopy-eyed kittens to get help. The mama cat made a home near a hay bale that was later removed. “Once the hay bale was gone, the momma started hissing at the wee kittens and refusing to feed them,” said Jean, animal rescuer and fosterer.

They scooped up the kittens and got them help. “Thankfully, my foster family that homeschools three kids agreed to take these squirming furballs. All were treated with antibiotics and deemed to otherwise be in good health. They were fed every four hours around the clock until transitioned to eating on their own,” Jean added.

“Being handfed, these little ones ADORE humans. They long to be held.”

This litter of six goopy-eyed kittens are cuddling with their foster mom.

rescue litter of kittens find foster care

They were found abandoned by their cat mama.

rescue litter of kittens find foster care

After many sleepless nights, the kittens have been nursed back to health. Look at the difference!

rescue litter of kittens find foster care

rescue litter of kittens find foster care

All the kittens have found their forever loving homes.

rescue litter of kittens find foster care

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties). More photos of the kitties.

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