Tiny Kitten Cuddles With Her Adopted Puppy

A tiny calico kitten cuddles with her adopted puppy Mowgli, an orphan, who now has a new mom, a cat mama, and a big meowy sister to love and care for him.

jmbhobbit55 says: This is Mowgli (the dog) and his adopted big sister Pickles! Mowgli’s mom died, so we had to find a foster mommy for him. Pickles’ mom, Morning Star, gladly took him in!

cute rescue kitten cuddling with orphan puppy

Photo via icanhascheezburger.

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Dough The Cute Quirky Cross-eyed Cat

This is Dough. He found his human at a local shelter. When they met, his human fell in love, and the next thing they knew he was on his way to his forever home.

Dough is super vocal, full of personality. “I have never met a cat with so much personality. He’s hilarious. He definitely does not act like a cat. We joke that he must be some sort of cat/dog hybrid,” said the human.

“His vision is a little impaired, but trust me, he’s doing just fine.”

Dough (Douglas E. Fresh) the cute quirky cross-eyed cat

dough cute quirky cross eyed cat

Photo via imgur.

How Butterscotch Finds His Humans

It was a dream that inspired her to the shelter where she was chosen by the cat who had been waiting for her all along.

“I had a dream about going to the animal shelter, so my boyfriend said it was a sign. We adopted this little guy that day…. Meet Butterscotch!”

“He immediately curled up in my lap and started purring. I looked at my boyfriend and said ‘Honey, this is our new kitty.’ He took a picture of it and called him ‘Lapscotch.’”

shelter cat chooses his human

Source: reddit.

Man Pays Adoption Fees To Help Cat Find Home

A man from Illinois came across a cat named Simon on Facebook who has been in the shelter for a very long time, but still hasn’t found a home, even after seeing other fosters leaving for their forever homes. After learning Simon’s story, the man paid a visit at the shelter. Not being able to keep a pet, he decided to do something for Simon to find a home.

“This guy has been in the shelter for over a year, so I paid his adoption fees in hopes it will help him find a family,” he shared the story on reddit.

“I plan on going back this weekend and hang out in the cat room for a while…. Hopefully this post… will help to get some animals adopted.”

Simon has been in the shelter for over a year

ginger cat simon looking for home

“…I paid his adoption fees in hopes it will help him find a family.”

man paid adoption fee for shelter cat

Photo via imgur & QC Paws Facebook. Simon is located in Moline, IL.

Shelter Cat Chooses Man For Forever Home

When reddit user wingless7 visited the shelter, a ginger cat decided to crawl up and curl up on his shoulder. It was as if the kitty said “I choose you to go home with.”

Initially they were looking to adopt a black kitten at the shelter, but after the ginger boy had made his choice, they knew they couldn’t go without him. “We got them both from the same shelter and when we actually picked them up they were napping right next to each other…,” he added on reddit.

I choose you, human!

cat chooses soldier to go home to

Kitty at his forever home…

cat chooses soldier to go home to

…along with another kitty they adopted from the same shelter

cat chooses soldier to go home to

Photos via reddit.

Patches the Cat Finds His Human

Patches the cat found his human when a boy came to the shelter for a cat on his birthday. “Surprised my 10 year old today on his birthday by letting him bring home a cat from the shelter. His cat was the runt of the litter, shy, and timid. When asked why he picked that cat he said ‘I don’t know, he just seemed so special.’ I think they were meant for each other,” said the dad via reddit.

Even though he doesn’t say it, you can tell he loves Patches…

boy adopted cat from shelter

boy adopted cat from shelter

And Patches loves him too.

boy adopted cat from shelter

Photos via imgur.

Anonymous Donor Pays Adoption Fee for Shelter Cats, 6 Year Old Cody Finds Home Today

Santa came early for the cats and kittens at the Larimer Humane Society. A kind person paid a visit to the shelter and made a donation to cover the adoption fee for all their cats and kittens.

“We were FLOORED and so far our asking for a donation (to help other animals who haven’t found a home yet) is paying off. Thank you, dear Holiday Angel for helping our purr-fect whiskered friends find a new start this Holiday. We’re open from 10-5 on both Saturday and Sunday and we’re on Christmas Eve from 11-5 pm as well,” said the shelter on their facebook page.

They posted a photo of “Cody” their 6 year old rescue cat who was so ready to make his way into a loving home. Soon after the photo was posted, they posted an update: ”…very glad to report that handsome “Cody” -wearing the Santa hat- found his home today! He and 6 others have been adopted since our Holiday Angel stopped by! Spread the word – we want a BUSY weekend doing adoptions!”

Cody the 6 year old cat found his home on Christmas Eve thanks to an anonymous donor who paid for the adoption fee for all their shelter cats

Photo by Larimer Humane Society (Facebook).


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