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cute kittens hiding in box cat pic
"Is the mousie coming yet?" "No, not yet."

Cats are hunters who like to sneak up on their prey quietly in a stealth like fashion. Hiding is part of their hunting techniques which makes them virtually invisible to their prey, so they can deliver a much more powerful and sudden attack on their target.

Cats hide is also a way for them to protect themselves from potential danger or threat.

cute kitten catch string cat pic
Cats would do anything to catch their prey or toy

When it comes to hunting, cats take that very seriously. For indoor cats, they’d go after any small critters that somehow have crawled or flown into the house. A fruit fly for instance is purr-fect prey for cats. Cats can hear sounds that even dogs fail to hear.  With 2 satellite dish shaped ears, cats’ range of hearing goes up to ultrasonic which is superbly high. When you notice your cat staring at something on the wall, you know there is probably a bug in the house.

We often identify cat purrs as an expression of pleasure or contentment, but this does not explain why cats also purr when they are injured, frightened or even giving birth.

Cats often purr while under stress. They purr at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. This range of sound frequency can improve bone density, healing of tendons, ligaments and muscles and provide some level of pain relief.

That explains why cats seem to be more resilient from an injury. Cat’s mythology of having the ability to reassemble their bones after an injury and having nine lives may be based on the power of purring. The survival rate of a cat that plummets from an extraordinary height is measured to be around 90% according to veterinary medicine researchers. Also, cats experience less complications after a surgical procedure than many other animals such as dogs. Compared to dogs, cats tend to heal faster and more easily.

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cute oscar cat predicts death

Oscar, a therapy cat at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, was called the cat who could predict death or even a “furry grim reaper” or “four-legged angel of death.”

I was a bit irked, when the news about Oscar came about in the New England Journal of Medicine back in 2007, portraying the cat in a way that some people found it creepy. Though Dr. David Dosa who broke the news in the paper said he never intended to make Oscar sound negative, unfortunately, many people who read that piece might not truly understand such behavior.

Many cats have the ability to tell if somebody might be sick, including their own peers. When a person is ill, the body is thought to emit a slightly different scent or pheromone that an animal such as a cat can easily detect. In a multi-cat household, an ear mite infected cat is often found being cared for by his feline buddies. The way they care for each other is by grooming into the ears. In other cases, a sick cat tends to alienate himself from his own colony in order to prevent being attacked by other cats because his different smell may trigger an alarm with other cats within the same colony.

cute kitten cat pic

There are more pet cats than dogs in the United States, but not every cat owner understands their cats. Many people think cats are aloof, solitary animals that are not very affectionate or expressive. In fact, many animal behaviorists would attest that cats are actually just as “social and expressive” as dogs.

The trick to understand your cat is to speak their language. Cats are wonderful communicators. They use their body, sound and smell to communicate.

Click play to check out the video below:

cute orange kitten carrying fish cat pic

It is well known how much Japanese adore cats. The very first feline corporate executive Tama, popular Cat Cafés, the business must-have ornament, Maneki Neko and the love they have for Hello Kitty show how much cats have influenced their culture. A Japanese TV show did a study on how much cats are willing to carry their food in their mouth. In this behavioral study, the show chose to use fish to be the object for the cats to carry. Since cats love fish, it is an obvious choice. Also, all the cats that participated in this study were feral cats living in the quiet woods in Japan. Providing some fish is definitely something the cats would love to have. [The video is absolutely hilarious!]