Paw in Paw

Little baby tuxedo is happy for having a furiend who has big paws for him to hold onto any time of the day.

“Hold my paw and sleep tight!”

cute tuxedo kitten holds doggie's paw

cute tuxedo kitten holds doggie's paw

Photo via.

“Amy My Special Furry Friend”

cute ginger and white kitten bites finger


Written by ©Tong.

Amy grew up with me. She was like a little kid who kept getting bigger and bigger every day. Though we don’t have a very large place, she enjoys everything she can get to the max. Amy is very independent but she does not like to be alone. It’s sort of like me :).

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Ada’s Gotcha Story

cute rescued tabby kitten lap cat

Ada the little tabby

Written by ©Margarete (flickr: Margarete).

It is 3 years since my “old” cat Bella passed away aged 18 (she looked very similar to Ada and was also aged 3 months when I found her dumped) and I did not feel ready to replace her but finally a friend convinced me and took me to Lort Smith Animal Hospital the very same day so I wouldn’t change my mind.

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“Hana the Special Cat Who Found Us”

cute rescued tabby cat hana in between railings

Hana the little rescue

Submitted by ©Jim Mills.

Last December we were thinking about getting a second cat so that our first cat could have a company. We planned to look at some rescued kittens over the weekend when a special cat found her way to us that Friday. Her name is Hana.

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Rescue Story of Maomao the Kitten

cute rescued ginger and white kitten

Maomao the little rescue

Maomao was found wandering on the streets in Shanghai. Apparently the little fuzzy ball had been digging through trash. Her face was covered with soot and dirt. Lou’s friend, an animal rescuer came across this little beauty. There was no way she would let her go. On the same day, she brought the little one to her new foster home.

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Edward the Mischievous Ginger Cat

cute ginger kitten

Edward the little ginger

Written by ©Hannah Daisy (flickr: Hannah Daisy)

Edward came to me on my 25th birthday. After that, he slept on my pillow every night. I have to say, it was like having a baby. He made me get up in the night every night to feed him, by tapping my nose and then sort of biting/sucking my nose. It was the beginning of his many mischievous antics.

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Twiggles and Rofl the Sweet and Snuggly Purr Bugs

Little Twiggles and Rofl came into their foster home when they were four days young. Though Rofl was still tiny, he had a big set of lungs and always made himself heard. Rofl’s brother Twiggles was the little “piggie” of the family. He got a round kissable belly that was so cute that it hurt.

cute rescued tabby kittens snuggling

Twiggles and Rofl, snuggly fosters

See Twiggles and Rofl in action:

“After so many foster kitties, I am now convinced that there is affection gene… and these boys have it! They are already smooching me and purring at my touch. Simply brilliant,” said Catherine Donaldson, foster mom.

“Rofl is such a cheeky monkey so don’t be fool with his sweetness act. Okay, be fooled for a little bit but honestly he really is a lovable little guy. The sweetest little grease monkey I know. Twiggles weakens me at the knees.”

“My favourite thing is to watch them play around the edge of the cushions, lying flat against the floor and clawing along the cushion’s edge while chasing each other… like a horizontal game of chasey.”

Today Twiggles and Rofl have been adopted. “I am very proud of these little guys… being born on the streets, life could have been so easily not as pleasant and sweet as they experienced, but thankfully, our paths crossed right at the correct time and arriving at 4 days old. These boys didn’t grow into the smoochers I had hoped (what with their early cute efforts) but they are adorable little gentlemen and I wish them long and gorgeous lives ahead.”

Photos courtesy of ©Catherine Donaldson (flickr: kittiecatd, Thanks to Lord Smith Animal Hospital many of these kitties have found forever homes). More photos: Read Full Story »

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