Sweetest Meowing Kitten

One of these kittens is quite a talker. “She enjoys talking to me when she wants attention,” said the human mom.

“I adopted ‘Mommy Cat’ right after she had given birth to four kittens (Marco, Reese, Haley, and Sadie),” she added.

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Squeaky Purrs Of Moose The Kitten

Moose the kitten squeaks when he meows and he’s a purr factory.

Gang of Kittens

When a gang of kittens want a cat house, something adorable ensues.

Timo The Cat And His Relaxing Lifestyle

Timo the fluffy cat is a pro at relaxing.

Maru And Many Boxes

Maru the fluffy cat can’t resist these various boxes.

Cat Loves Baby Swing

This kitty is sitting in the baby swing and loving it.

“Our cat, Kyo loves the baby swing more than the baby,” said Jeremy. “We’re probably going to keep the swing for the cat even after our kid has outgrown it.”

Sleepy Little Kittens

These sleepy little kittens will melt your heart.

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