Panda the Kitten Discovers Fingers. The Cute is Too Strong with This One!

This is how Panda tells the fingers how tough he is!

A little nibbling is inevitable!

This Brave Kitty Couldn’t Walk But Relearned to Use His Back Legs with a Walker!

Thumper an adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn’t walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day.

“Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected… His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking.

Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running.”

WATCH VIDOE: Kitten can’t walk but learns with a walker

WATCH VIDEO: Thumper enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever loving home!

Thumper the wonder cat relearns to walk with a walker!

thumper the cat learned to walk with walker

After nine months of following Thumper’s progress, he has overcome his disability of Cerebellar Hypoplasia and now enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever home.

thumper the cat learns to walk again

Maru Having a Frenzy in Slow Mo! He Looks Epic!

This is Maru having a frenzy in slow motion. All that fluff!

It’s so majestic!

This Cat Wants to Chime in When Her Human Plays a Song

Erin the cat wants to chime in when her human tries to play his guitar.

“My kitty cat Erin wants pampering and doesn’t let me play guitar (alone)!” said Erich.

WATCH: The best distraction!

Erin reminds us of George the cat who is also a music lover!

Cat Gives Human Dad the Biggest Welcome When He Gets Home!

This cute kitty gives his human the biggest welcome when he gets home.

He even closes the door for his human dad.

Here are Top 10 Cat Superpowers! Aren’t Cats Super?

We all know cats are super! … But did you know they have SUPERPOWERS?

Here are top 10 cat superpowers by Marmalade and Cole!

Can you think of any other superpowers cats have?

Kitty is Having Fun Playing with His Little Human. Baby Can’t Stop Laughing!

This kitty is playing tug of war with his little human.

The baby just can’t stop laughing!

They are going to grow up to be best friends! :)

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