Three Kittens Turn on Their Purr Motors and Yawn Machines!

Edmund, Mouse and Delilah, 3 very happy kittens are turning on their purr motors and yawn machines. The cuteness is unbearable!

Cat Playing Soccer with Her Human. She’d Make an Excellent Goalkeeper!

Sissi the cat is playing soccer with her human. She’d make an excellent goalkeeper!

Kitty Demands to Know What His Human is Eating

Every time they are trying to eat, their kitty comes meowing, asking what they are having…

Luna the Very Hyper Cat Climbs Like a Monkey, Walks on Her Two Feet and Parkours Like a Ninja

Luna is a very hyper cat. When she gets in her crazy mode, she will climb like a monkey, walk on her two feet, fly across the room like a ninja and just go bonkers…

When Kitty Discovers that He Can Hop Like a Bunny…

When this kitty discovers that he can hop like a bunny, cuteness ensues…

Kitty Gives His Human A Shoulder Massage and A Kiss

Kitty makes biscuits on his human’s shoulder and even tries to sneak in a kiss.

Rescue Kitten Meets Dog for the First Time. They Bond Instantly!

Figaro the rescue kitty meeting Lennon the dog for the first time. They bond instantly!

Their story via YouTube: “Figaro (the cat) was found on the street and was in bad shape. After doing blood work and getting medicine he was ready to meet Lennon (the dog). Figgy was extremely young and I do believe he was trying to nurse with Lennon. For a dog to be this patient with a cat, I have never witness anything like it.

Almost two years later these guys get along plenty. Figgy uses his paws more than Lennon! Figgy loves to sneak up on Lennon and play tag with him.”

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