They Can’t Find the Kitty Until They Look at the Flower Pot…

Their kitty is nowhere to be found until they look at their flower pots…

It fits purrfectly!

This Kitty Keeps His Human Awake When He Sleeps, but They Just Don’t Have the Heart to Tell Him…

This very healthy ginger cat sometimes keeps his human up at night when he sleeps, but they don’t have the heart to tell him.

Yes, he is a snorer, but that’s just one more thing to love.

“My cat keeps my wife awake on the pillow next to her.”

When You Hold a Shelter Kitten, Magic Happens…

Holding kittens in your arms is pure magic. Who could possible resist those little meows!

Visit your local shelter and give those kitties some cuddles :).

Didga the Cat Goes Skateboarding With Her Human

Didga the skateboarding cat from Australia shows off her skills at a local skate park.

Watch Didga do tricks. She does them better than dogs.

This Kitty Gets Really Serious About Giving A Bath. Watch!

Don’t move! You need this bath!

Love Will Keep Us Together – Kodi and Shorty

Maybe Kodi is outgrowing his favorite cuddle spot but he’s definitely NOT outgrowing the love he has for his best friend Shorty.

Kitty Demands To Know What His Human is Eating

This kitty will not let his humans eat without him watching what they are having.

This ginger boy gets all the cat food he wants from his humans, but every time it’s their turn to eat, kitty demands to know what they are having.

WATCH VIDEO: What are you having human??

WATCH VIDEO: What’s that?

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