Kitty vs Bed Sheet Monster

Kitty finds a bed sheet monster. See what’s hiding under the sheets.

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Nikita the Cat Loves To Talk

Nikita the cat loves to talk when she’s happy and playful. It’s like a purry meow.

Tiny Kitten Loves Her Human Dad

This tiny rescue kitten loves to give her human dad snuggles and kisses.

“This is Ara, a little kitten I rescued… she loves to cuddle,” said Omar.

Cat Gives Full Body Hug

This kitty gives his human dad a full body lap hug while he’s watching TV.

“My cat loves me! Or finds me to be a comfortable cat pad,” kitty’s dad wrote via YouTube.

A Cat’s Guide to Halloween

Here’s Cole and Marmalade’s guide to a scary good time this holiday season.

Cat Really Loves His Horse

This kitty is trying to give his horse lots of hugs and licks.

Focused Kitty Is Focused!

This kitty is so focused on the thing he sees from outside the window, he doesn’t even move.

The highest level of concentration: CAT!

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