Kitty says ” Don’t touch MY computer “

This fluffy kitty doesn’t give his human the permission to use the computer.

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Kitten Having A Chat With Her Human

Little kitten is having a chat with her human.

The human wrote: “Thought we come and see the kittens and have a little chat… very very cute! She only responds when you do the silly squeaky voice!”

Maine Coon Cat Tries To Cheer Up His Human

Micky the cat tries to cheer up his human mom when she is feeling low.

“Feeling low? Micmac to the rescue! Animals are the best teachers. Their lessons are pure, without guile and they’re never critical. Oh, and they heap praise wherever they find an opportunity,” said Micmac’s mom.

Cat And Monkey Playing Together

These two unusual friends – a cat and a monkey – love to play together.

Tyatora The Cat And His Various ‘Pillows’

Tyatora the cat would use anything for a pillow even bell peppers.


Tyatora sleeping on his bell pepper pillows.

His buddy becomes his pillow.


Tyatora and his regular pillow

Tyatora the cat sleeping like human pillow

Squash pillow

Tyatora the cat sleeping like human mellon pillow

Mellon pillow

Tyatora the cat sleeping like human mellon pillow

MEOW MIX! Kittens & Cats Meowing

This is how Cole and Marmalade meow when they were kittens and how they talk now.

When a Cat Loves a Bulldog

Frankie the cat loves his bull dog.

“Our cat, Frankie, loves our bull dog, Sadie. Frankie just can’t leave Sadie alone. Very funny,” said Ron Tanner.

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