Clingy Hugging Cat

This adorable kitty is hugging her mom so tight and doesn’t wanna let go.

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George The Cat Steals The Spotlight When His Mom Sings

George the cat is stealing the spotlight when his mom sings with a guitar.

Curious Kitten

When this curious kitten discovers something moving on the bed…

Towel Fetching Kitty

This tiny kitty loves to play fetch with a big towel.

It’s A Cuddle Puddle!

This tiny furry rescue family will melt your heart!

“These were rescue kittens born under our house. The mother Eni is now our loving family member and all the kitties were given to homes,” said Cat K. “No more kitties from Eni, when we decided to keep her we had her fixed but as you see we do have wonderful memories of the kittens she had.”

Cat Really Loves Being Vacuumed

The vacuum cat is back. Bobo loves his regular grooming session with a vacuum.

Maru And Hana The Dynamic Duo

Maru and Hana play a variety of games. They are quite a dynamic duo.

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