Foster Kittens Playtime!

These little foster kitties will make you smile.

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Kitten Excited To See Snow

Canada the calico is really excited when she sees snow.


calico kitten canada

Also seen on Cuteoverload.

Kitty And Her Bread Pillow

This kitty really likes her bread pillow.

Kitty Fetches Like A Dog

Kuro the kitty thinks he’s a dog.

Cute Kitten And Gentle Dog

Little ginger kitten meets a gentle dog and something adorable ensues.

River Flows in You, Kodi

As soon as Kodi’s human sits down to play the piano, he jumps on top to listen.

“He sits as I do scales, and especially loves my piano cover of Yiruma’s River Flows in You.”

Watch: Kodi demands to be petted when the human tries to play the piano.

Precious Tiny Turkish Van Kittens – Too Cute!

Tiny Turkish Van kittens are being little explorers at their foster home.

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