Nothing Can Rival The Jumping Cat

This kitty can jump amazingly high and nothing can stop him.

From YouTube.

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Kitten Falls Asleep After Kisses

Little ginger boy falls asleep after a few kisses.

If you can’t view the video, here’s a link to see it on YouTube.

“Simon’s Cat” in Real Life

The little kitten is perhaps ‘Simon’s Cat’ in real life.

If you can’t view the video, see it on YouTube.

Rigby The Cat Sees Another ‘Kitty’

Rigby sees another “kitty” in the bathroom.

“Every morning he does this while I get ready,” writes Rigby’s human.

The Lamp Cat

This adorable lamp kitty plays peekaboo with her humans. Too cute!

Cat Adopts Orphan Rabbit

Snagglepuss the cat adopted Bubbles the orphan rabbit, caring the little baby like her own.

High Five Kitten

Tiny ginger kitten gives his human a high-five. Too cute!

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