Kitten Napping On Mama Cat – Purrfect Pillow

Tiny kitty finds the best place to nap.

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Should I Go Back In Or Stay Out? – With Surprise!

Kitty is checking out their playground, deciding whether to go in or out. And then comes a surprise!

Sushi The Cat Demands Attention Meow!

Sushi the fluffy cat wants attention from her dad no matter what he’s doing. You can tell they love each other.

Trying To Teach Exercise With Cats Around

Shorty and Kodi’s dad tries to teach exercise with his cats around…

Kitten Discovers Tissue Box!

When Hyder the rescue kitty discovered a tissue box, she immediately knew she had to dive into it.

“I found Hyder hiding under a bush. She was meowing, scared and shaking. After 10 minutes of waiting, she came out of the hole and walked to me. I brought her inside, gave her some water and food. Took her to the vet the next day and she got a clean bill of health. She’s a permanent member of the house and she loves to play,” said Hyder’s human via YouTube.

Kitten Cuddles With His Human Sister For The First Time

When they got Goldie, he started to cuddle with his little human sister. It was love at first sight.

“You are my human now,” said Goldie.

Very Yawny Kitties – They May Make You Yawn Too

These yawny kitties are so cute and sweepy. They may make you yawn too.

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