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cute calico cat eating dog food pic
Cat: "nom nom nom.." Dog: "That's mah fud..."

Should cats eat dog food? Many people wonder about this question since many cat owners also have dogs. There are a few reasons why cat owners consider feeding their cats dog food:

1. Dog food is usually significantly cheaper than cat food.

2. Many cat owners have seen their cats stealing dog food and are confused if the food is right for their cats.

3. Dog treats come in more varieties and are usually readily available at most stores. Certain cat treats such as dental treats may not always be available at some stores.

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The holidays are a busy time with lots of people coming and going, different foods and unfamiliar smells to arouse the curiosity of our cats. Below are some tips to keep our cats safe from toxic foods and careless relatives. So many foods and plants are toxic to cats, but to avoid overwhelming you, here is a list of things (that your pets should avoid) that are most likely to be around during the holidays:
Turkey – is okay for your cat, but make sure it is boneless and well-cooked. Undercooked meat can contain salmonella bacteria and small bones can lodge in your kitty’s digestive tract and be fatal.

Sage – is a yummy herb, but it and many other herbs contain essential oils and resins that are very dangerous to our cats and dogs.

Did you know that more than 40% of cats in the US are considered obese? That’s a staggering number. According to, “only 5 to 10 percent of all cats can be classified as only slightly overweight.”

Obese cats are at much higher risk than cats of normal weight to have diabetes, arthritis and Hepatic Lipidosis, a very serious disorder. The cause of obesity is very similar to that in humans. The rule of the thumb is that if an animal consumes more calories than it burns, the body will store the excess energy (in a form of fat). The more excess calories it accumulates, the bigger the body will expand. A cat’s diet as well as its active level are the main reasons why some cats are exceptionally larger than others. [Is My Cat in Good Shape?]

Any cat that is overweight should have a physical exam performed, exact weight measured and blood and urine tests run. – Obesity in Cats… and What to Do About an Overweight Cat

Many cat owners doubt that their cat’s obesity has anything to do with their food intake because they think their cat “hardly eats a thing.” They blame it on lack of exercise or sitting on the couch too much. The truth is that “THE main reason for feline obesity (as well as obesity in other mammals) is the consumption of too much food.” – Obesity in Cats… and What to Do About an Overweight Cat