Cabbie Stops In Traffic To Save Kitten On Highway

A taxi driver stopped in traffic to rescue a kitten stuck in the middle of highway. When Bill Cannon, co-owner of Beech Street Taxi, was driving home, he saw a little ginger kitten stuck in traffic on the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens.

“I was going by slow enough that I could hear it crying,” he said to WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola [Play the radio report below].

“I stopped and jumped out and grabbed it and put it in the car. It was ready to jump into traffic when I jumped out of the car.”

He called his wife, Renee, before bringing the kitten home. “I said, ‘You’re either going to love me or you’re going to hate me,” he said.

When he got home with the kitten, they all fell in love. “I’m not allowed to give it away.”

The kitten hid under the dashboard from the passenger seat. It took them about two hours, some cat food and removing part of the dashboard to get the kitty out of the car according to Kosola.

They named the kitten Autumn and took him to the vet for a checkup. “The cat’s nose was bloody and we washed that up and it seems OK,” Cannon said. “(Autumn’s) just kind of limping around a little bit.”

Play to listen – “Cabbie Saves Kitten On Van Wyck Expressway” reported by Ginny Kosola:

A cabbie stopped in traffic to save a kitten in busy highway.

cabbie stops traffic to rescue kitten

He brought the kitten home and gave him a new home. The family fell in love with the little one.

cabbie stops traffic to rescue kitten

They named the kitty Autumn. He’s now feeling happy and comfortable.

cabbie stops traffic to rescue kitten


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Marco The Rescue Cat Gets A Happy Ending

Marco the little kitten was only half the size of his siblings when he was found. It’s amazing how far he’s come.

“Marco was rescued by Annie, of Kitty Loft. He was 1 of 5 kittens nursing from a mama who had a broken leg and only weighed 4 lbs. Needless to say, their mom was not providing her FIVE kittens with the nutrients they desperately needed, so the kittens had a rough start. 2 did not make it, 2 did very well and Marco was in bad shape. He was half the size (14 oz) of his sisters (30 oz) and not eating at all,” said Stephanie from Big City Little Kitty. “I asked if I could take him for a bit as I can take him to work and provide round the clock care, syringe feeding and a close eye. It worked!”

“Here he is at my office with his napkin bib on for a syringe feeding, one of his most famous photos”

Marco the rescue cat then and now crazy hair

“Marco was soon eating on his own and thriving! He quickly mastered the art of snuggling and his cuteness level was through the roof!”

Marco the rescue cat then and now

“Marco’s a mush! He is content to lay on someone’s lap ALL day!”

Marco the rescue cat then and now

He’s a lovebug.

Marco the rescue cat then and now

Marco “The Mush” has a forever home, with a mama and a papa and a big sis!

Marco the rescue cat then and now

“I first met Marco when he was about 10 oz! (His new) mom says he is doing great, his official name is still Marco, but he’s mostly called Little Guy. And he still has that awesome bushy tail! “

Marco the rescue cat then and now

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Seiler, Full story at Big City Little Kitty.

Rescue Ginger Kitten Adopted By Litter Of Kitties

When a rescue ginger kitten, who desperately needed friends, was introduced to a litter of kittens, he became the happiest kitty he could be.

“PW was a singleton who’d been at the shelter for a few weeks, and desperately needed to be around other kittens his own age,” said Robyn Anderson via Love and Hisses. “Ralph, Trader Joe, Von and Winn Dixie were a litter born at a vet’s office, and were about a week younger than PW.”

Robyn knew they would make the perfect siblings for PW.

PW was found at a grocery store. “PW came to us prenamed – so named because he was found at a Piggly Wiggly – and so we went with grocery store names as our naming theme,” Robyn added.

Now PW can’t get enough of playtime with his new fur friends. “They’re sweet, friendly, extremely playful kittens, and after some initial hissiness between PW and the other four, they get along great and play together like crazy.”

Meet PW, a tiny ginger kitten found at a grocery store (Piggly Wiggly). He was at the shelter for a few weeks, desperately needed friends.

ginger rescue kitten holding finger

Robyn, the fosterer, picked up the little guy and introduced him to a litter of foster kittens. PW became the happiest kitty he could be.

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens

“Excuse me! Can you play with me?”

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens play

“Can you play with me now?”

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens


ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens

“Don’t go! Let’s play!”

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens jumping

Food time between play times.

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens eating

“Yay! You are playing with me!”

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens

“I love you!”

ginger rescue kitten adopted by litter of foster kittens

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson of  Challenger’s House. Follow Love And Hisses on Facebook.

Trixie The Rescue Kitten Given A Second Chance

This is the face that Lorene saw when she met the little orphan kitten named Trixie at the shelter, waiting for a foster home.

“About a week ago someone is Osler found a kitten who was abandoned by her mother. The kitten was about two weeks old. I was at the SPCA and wasn’t really intending to foster because we still have Paige (another rescue cat they care for) in the basement,” said Lorene of Saskatoon SPCA.

But when she saw those eyes looking at her…. “And now we have Trixie in a large enclosure upstairs!”

trixie the rescue kitten Saskatoon SPCA

“Shelter staff had hoped she was old enough to eat solid food, but that just gave her the runs. After some kitten milk replacer her problems cleared up, but it was definitely bath time,” Lorene added.

trixie the rescue kitten Saskatoon SPCA bath

“So far Trixie’s life has mostly been eat, burp, sleep. We’ve very recently added some playtime in there after eating, because she’s getting more active.”

trixie the rescue kitten Saskatoon SPCA

Trixie is getting a lot of love and cuddles from her foster mom.  “We have a little pillow that contains a sound chip that makes a heartbeat sound, and that seems to keep her from getting lonely.”

trixie the rescue kitten Saskatoon SPCA

Trixie will be looking for a loving home when she’s big enough. Follow Trixie at Saskatoon SPCA on Facebook. Also seen on Cuteoverload.

Little Stray Cat, Homeless No More!

Meet GUI the cat, who was once a stray, but she’s homeless no more.

“I found her on my porch, mid winter,” said GUI’s human via imgur. “There are a lot of strays in the area and there’s no way I could just leave (her) out there.”

“She was about 3 weeks old so (I) decided to give her a home. I’ve never regretted it.”

When GUI came to her new home, she was a bit shy, hiding under the bed sheets.

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

Watching her humans with caution, slowly getting more comfortable each day.

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

Finally, she came out of her shell and went for a cuddle.

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

All cleaned up!

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

“Good morning! Wake up and feed me!”

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

She’s a gamer just like her dad.

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

She’s grown into a beautiful lady cat now.

tuxedo stray cat rescued from porch

Photos via imgur.

Emotional Reunion After Cat Traces Her Human Mom To Care Facility

A cat named Cleo surprised the staff of a care home when they discovered that she had followed her human mom all the way to the facility without ever having been there before. No one knows how she found her way to find her mom.

Cleo was rescued by Nancy Cowen as a stray eight years ago. Recently Cowen moved into Bramley House care home in the village of Westcott, Sussex, UK, and left Cleo in the care of her former neighbors. But the little four legged friend had other ideas in mind.

“About two weeks after Nancy moved in, this cat just started turning up and sleeping on the benches outside the home. It was very strange,” Laura Costello of Bramley House said.

When one of the other carers picked up the kitty, Nancy said, “That cat looks like my cat.”

“Then Nancy’s sister came round and said she definitely was Cleo,” Costello added.

It was an emotional reunion, and Cleo has become a resident at the home. Bramley House has pledged to give Cleo a home for as long as she needs one.

cleo reunion cat traces owner to new home at care facility

They don’t know how Cleo found her mom, but one thing is for sure – she’s now a resident at the home with the person she loves.

cleo reunion cat traces owner to new home at care facility


Monty The Special Cat With A Big Heart

Meet Monty. He’s a special cat with a big heart. This little darling was born without a nasal bridge.

“About a year ago we adopted little Monty from an animal shelter. The previous owner had too many cats and were forced to put some of them up for adoption, one of them being Monty. We were already housing two cats, Mikkel the three-legged cat and Malle the gentle giant,” said Mikala and Michael via Facebook.

“The first time we met Monty, there was no doubt in our minds that he was to come live with us. His special appearance makes him look so incredibly cute, but his personality, he showed from the very beginning, is rare as a diamond! Monty shared a room with some of the other cats from the animal shelter and even though a few of them acted a little aggressive and lashed out at him, Monty continued to lay calm and quiet, uneager to pick a fight.”

Meet Monty. He’s a little special.

monty the special cat

“Monty was born without a nasal bridge (the bone in the nose) which affects him now and then and makes him sneeze a bit.”

monty the special cat

“He loves lying on your lap and at night he’ll keep you company, not leaving you side until you wake up, but favorite place to cuddle is by far in the arms of (his dad) Michael.”

monty the special cat

“Monty is almost never afraid, he even loves being at the vet, a brave little fella.”

monty the special cat

“Is that for me?”

monty the special cat

Monty is happy for the comfy bed.

monty the special cat

“I want attention meow!”

monty the special cat

“When it comes to love, nothing reaches the love he’s got for Malle and Mikkel!”

monty the special cat

“We wish for Monty to be an ambassador for ‘crooked’ cat or cats that may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes!”

monty the special cat

“We also want to raise attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic.”

monty the special cat

“And we believe that our sweet little Monty is a perfect example to just that and in every way is: FANTASTIC!”

monty the special cat

Photos by Mikala and Michael. Follow Monty on Facebook.

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