Kind Man Rescues a Kitten Stuck in a Jar

A kind man spotted a kitten that needed help. The little kitten was thankful for what he did.

“I found stray cats rummaging through my trash. They scattered, but one tiny kitten was left behind, with her head stuck inside a glass jar of bacon grease. She was soaking wet, which led me to believe she’d been stuck in the jar all night during the rainstorm,” cobysev writes via imgur.

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“I rushed her to the nearest animal hospital… and they managed to get the jar off her head. They also had to warm her up, as her core body temperature was dangerously low. She was exhausted and spent the car ride home napping.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“Despite being a stray, she was quite affectionate. I named her Bacon Bit, after a suggestion from a friend. She’s quite the curious one.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“Finally got her to eat. Despite being a tiny kitten, she wolfed down a lot of food.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“She’s about 8 weeks old and adapting to domestic life just fine after a couple days.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“She’s very loving and a shoulder-sitter.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

“I couldn’t keep her away from me; she was constantly purring and rubbing against me.”

stray kitten rescued from a jar finds new home

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Cat Mama Talking to Her Babies! Sweetest Moments!

This cat mama is talking to her babies.

It just doesn’t get any cuter than that!

Pancake the Two Legged Wonder Cat Doesn’t Think She’s Any Different

Meet Pancake the two legged wonder cat. She was born with just two hind legs, but Pancake never thinks she’s any different.

Pancake’s mom shares her story at Facebook: “She was born in a litter of kittens, and she only had two back legs. I was told it was a struggle finding a home for her. I immediately said I wanted her and by Friday that week I had her.

When she came home with me she was 8 weeks old, and she wasn’t very active. She spent most of her first week on her back, looking up at us. When I fed her I spoon fed her because she didn’t (wasn’t able to?) roll over to her tummy. She would wake up in the middle of the night, a few times a night, so hungry. So I would get up and feed her. She very quickly started moving around and standing up though. And she hasn’t stopped since!

pancake two legged rescue cat

The day I got her my sister noticed that she has a third leg, the front left one, that is restricted by the skin. I took her in for a vet appointment and scheduled her spay and shots, and asked about the leg. He says that it should be easy to correct, and he will do that during her spay surgery. However, he says that she may not be able to use her leg fully. Even if it’s not fully functional he says it should help with mobility and play. She already tries to use it a lot when she’s running around the house and playing. Her tail is deformed as well, that is why it is shorter and has an irregular bone growth at the end, which you can feel. The vet says that won’t be an issue for her. At that first vet appointment, four days after I got her, she weighed less than a pound. She was so teeny!

First day home, right after eating her belly full of food.

pancake two legged rescue cat

As far as naming her went, the few days before I got her I called her Teenysauraus Rex (inspired by pictures of Mercury running and playing!). And then I wanted to call her Chicken because it’s a term of endearment used by one of my best friends. Then I wrote out a whole list of names, which most were food related. Sausage, Kimchi, Dumpling, etc. I picked Pancake because it was the cutest. Pancakes are fluffy! I thought it fit well.

‘You’re sure you want to read this?’

pancake two legged rescue cat

She stands up to play. She jumps on my bed! She eats a lot. She uses a litterbox. She likes to sleep on the bed with me. She chews on books. She likes to attack feet. I think she does things most any cat would do. Some people that see her for the first time say that it is heartbreaking that she can’t do this or that. I can understand that, however I don’t feel the same way anymore. Seeing how far she has come in such a short period of time is actually exciting.

She doesn’t know she isn’t like other cats. She is just being a cat the only way she knows.”

pancake two legged rescue cat

Sweet little Pancake!

pancake two legged rescue cat

Practicing walking on wood floors! You go Pancake!

pancake two legged rescue cat

All grown up now! “Pancake has great balance. She can sit like this very well if she’s trying to see something or play with something. Her preferred sitting technique is on shoes, still.”

pancake two legged rescue cat

Cuddle time after chasing a duck toy around the room.

pancake two legged rescue cat

WATCH VIDEO: Pancake plays hide and seek with a paper bag!

WATCH VIDEO: Pancake plays with a toy. Look at that poofy tail!

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Rocket the Baby Kitten Found in Granite Yard Gets a Chance at a New Life!

Meet Rocket who was found in a granite yard. The little guy almost didn’t have a chance at a new life.

[Scroll down for video]

rocket rescue kitten found in granite yard

He was found in a granite yard. Rocket almost didn’t get a chance at a new life because of how tiny he was. The Cats at the Studios came to the rescue and took him into their care.

rocket rescue kitten found in granite yard

He purrs loudly and loves kisses on the face.

rocket rescue kitten found in granite yard

Rocket loves to be loved!

rocket rescue kitten found in granite yard

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See How This Tiny Kitten Tries to Claim the Cat House from a Big Kitty

That’s a lot of energy coming from a tiny kitty!

This video is too funny!

Cat Mama Swamped by Crazy Hungry Kittens!

When Cate the cat mama is swamped by her hungry kittens, there’s no chance for an escape.

Cate’s foster dad writes: “Our former VOKRA foster cat Cate’s kittens going crazy at meal time, what a fun and lovable crew they all were!

Cate was adopted into a fabulous forever home and her kittens were adopted out in pairs to fabulous homes too.”

WATCH VIDEO: Being a mama is hard work!

Feeding time has always been busy for Cate since the kittens were babies.

cate cat mama and her kittens

Mama trying to make room for everyone.

cate cat mama and her kittens

So hungry!

cate cat mama and her kittens

Cate is a good mama cat. 

cate cat mama and her kittens

Watch Cate talk to her kittens

Proof that Cats Miss their Humans!

Who says cats don’t miss their humans? Here’s Gallifrey telling her mom how much she missed her!

“I haven’t seen Gallifrey since the previous evening, and she always gets excited when she sees us after a while, so I thought that I would share that cats can miss their owner,” celestyn05 writes at YouTube.

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