Focused Kitty Is Focused!

This kitty is so focused on the thing he sees from outside the window, he doesn’t even move.

The highest level of concentration: CAT!

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16 Years Of Friendship Between Magpie The Cat And Her Human

Magpie the cat just turned 17 this year. She’s been with her human brother for 16 years since he was 10 years old.

“16 years ago, I was 10 years old. We got Magpie several months before her 1st birthday on 24th October 1997. About a month before, just after I got home from School, my mother took this picture at the top of the stairs.”

Magpie the cat 16 years friendship with her human best friend

16 years later…

Magpie the cat 16 years friendship with her human best friend

“Our birthdays are in October 19 days apart. With mine at the start of the month and hers at the end.”

Magpie the cat 16 years friendship with her human best friend

“This picture was taken a few months ago one Saturday morning… One of my favourite pictures of us.”

Magpie the cat 16 years friendship with her human best friend

Story via reddit.

Ralph The Cat Helps Out In The Office

Ralph the cat always helps out in the office when his dad does work.

Cat Loves Getting Hugs From His Favorite Person

Cornelius the cat loves getting hugs from his favorite person in the world – his human dad.

“Cornelius is our bundle of joy. And his favorite person in the whole world is his Daddy! He’s a Siamese mix who loves to purr and love all over us! But he only does this with his Dad when he holds him! Kitty Hugs,” said Sarah.

Meet Mustache The Dapper Little Kitten

Meet Mustache the dapper little kitten. He was found in a warehouse along with his four siblings. “This was the second litter of five born in the attic of the warehouse I work at,” said AngelaWomack71, the foster mom, who rescued the litter of kittens and nursed them back to health.

Meet Mustache the dapper kitten. He was found in the attic of a warehouse.

foster kitten with mustache

He and his foster dad both have a handlebar mustache!

foster kitten with mustache

“Mustache when he was a few days old, before he had his eyes open,” said AngelaWomack71.

foster kitten with mustache

Eyes finally opened!

foster kitten with mustache

“I couldn’t leave them and shelters are so full they would’ve been euthanized. Not on my watch. No way!” she added.

foster kitten with mustache

This is Mustache in a food coma. Aww!

foster kitten with mustache

“This dapper little dude went to his new home and I miss his sweet little face!”

Photos via reddit.

Cat Jumps On Shoulder While Mom Washes Dishes

This fluffy kitty loves to jump on his mom’s shoulder when she washes dishes. He helps his mom by giving her massages, snuggles and licks.

Foster Kittens Take A Hike Up Their Foster Dad

These tiny foster kittens can’t wait for their foster dad while he prepares the kitten food, so they go “mountain climbing” on him.

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