Rescue Kitten And His Foster ‘Mom’

Soren the kitten is a little fighter. He’s the only survivor in his litter rescued by Good Karma Pet Rescue of South Florida. Dr. Simon has been giving the little tabby around-the-clock care – bottle feeding, treatment, cleaning, keeping him warm and giving him a lot of love to help him get better.

“Soren is still hanging in there under the care of our awesome veterinarian, Dr. Simon. I got quite a laugh out of him when I called him an honorary Good Karma Foster Mom,” said Good Karma Pet Rescue.

“We hope so much to be able to reunite (the kitten) with his mommy.”

rescue kitten with vet

Hang in there little one!

rescue kitten with vet

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Fall Is Here. Valentine The Cat Has Gone Full Pumpkin!

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“Fall is here, which means my cat has gone full pumpkin,” neereeny wrote via reddit. “Valentine is a HUGE cat. He has long fur, but it looks even more impressive since he’s already so massive.”

“We got him from a shelter when he was a kitten, so we figured he’s a mix. We’ve always suspected he’s part Maine Coon but we’ve got no way of knowing for sure,” they said. “All he wants is for you to scratch him behind the ears and rub his back. He’ll walk by you… stop…. and then bump his head against your ankles and nuzzle it.”

Fall is here. Valentine the cat has gone full pumpkin.

pumpkin cat ginger

So much fluffiness!

pumpkin cat ginger

pumpkin cat ginger

pumpkin cat ginger

Photos via reddit.

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“Just adopted my new friend Russell. He at least likes my nose,” said kitty’s human dad.

“My roommate and I had just brought him home and I had him on my lap, and he just kept trying to grab my face and lick me.”

adopted kitten licks human dad nose

Once a kitty grooms you, you are his :).

adopted kitten licks human dad nose

Photo via reddit.

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