Maru & Hana In A Box

This happens when Maru and Hana shares a small box.

Grooming time for Maru goes something like this…

maru brushing hair

maru brushing hair funny wig

maru brushing hair funny wig

maru brushing hair funny wig

Photos by Mugumogu.

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10 Minutes After 8 Year Old Cat Arrived In Forever Home…

This is what happened just 10 minutes after 8 year old cat Alchemy arrived in his forever home.

“Alchemy (we kept his original name) is FIV-positive, so he’d been at the shelter for a bit over two years. Since he understood this was his forever home, he is always in the same room as the husband and me,” Alchemy’s human mom wrote via imgur.

“Honestly adopting an adult cat was the best choice. As for my experience, I got our cat in a special shelter for animals with either behavior or health problems (SPCA Montreal Annexe). When I got there, we asked for to see the cats that desperately needed a home. The volunteers were so happy, because people usually want the fun cats or kittens… but our kitty was love at first sight. This is why I always prefer adopting instead of buying – you contribute to a healthier way to acquire a life-long companion, not just another furniture. And when they’re adult pets, you can definitely feel the gratitude they demonstrate from finding their forever home,” she added. (reddit)

This happened just minutes after 8 year old cat Alchemy arrived in his forever home.

8 year old fiv cat adopted

8 year old fiv cat adopted

Photos via imgur.


Trophy the cat and his matching buddy.

Kitty Can’t Get Enough Of Her Human Friend

Venus the cat can’t get enough of her human friend.

Stevie The Cat Cuddles Her Human After Chemo Treatment

“This is my cat Stevie and I after my second chemo treatment,” said Christa via reddit.

“This photo was taken about two years ago. When I first had my port put in she would lay on my chest and keep it heated. She never leaves my side, but our habits are the same now…sleeping a lot!”

Stevie is Tonkinese! “I named her after Stevie Nicks.” She is very affectionate and seems to always know when her human needs some extra TLC.

“Things have been awesome. I’m in full remission now and hanging out with NED (no evidence of disease).”

cat with human cancer treatment

Photo courtesy of ChristaVee via reddit.

Cats Playing Pool

These kitties love to play pool.

Cat Loves Sliding Down The Stairs

Meet Tsuki. She loves sliding down the stairs.

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