Walnut the Indoor Cat Meets a Bobcat

Walnut the indoor cat meets a bobcat. This is him trying to say hi.

Life Hacks for Cats by Shorty and Kodi

Are you a cat who wants to make your life even easier?

Then follow these life hacks to sleep better, maintain a clean litterbox, and get away with pretty much anything.

Brought to you by Shorty, Kodi and Raul.

Engineer Builds His Cat a Very Cool Water Fountain

This is what happens when an engineer has a cat.

He builds him a cool water fountain.

Here are the instructions:

instructions to water cat fountainSource: engineering for cats.


Little Kitten Falls Asleep Looking Up at Her Human

This little kitten is falling asleep while looking up at her human.

It’s just precious!

Tiny Baby Kitten Found in Back Yard Then and Now

A tiny orphan kitten was found when he was just a few days old. “Another teacher at my school found this baby in her back yard, and I said I’d take care of him. My students named him Simba,” Simba’s human wrote. (imgur)

Simba was found in a backyard when he was a tiny baby. This is him arriving in his new home, safe and comfy.

rescue kitten simba then and now

He was a palm sized kitten whose eyes weren’t even opened.

rescue kitten simba then and now

His human mom fed him around the clock. There were many sleepless nights, but Simba started to grow and thrive.

rescue kitten simba then and now

Sleeping with a full belly.

rescue kitten simba then and now

Parker the cat sat there by the box, keeping his adopted brother, little Simba, company.

rescue kitten simba then and now

Simba’s eyes began to open. 

rescue kitten simba then and now

 3 months after the rescue, Simba snuggled under the laptop for a nap.

rescue kitten simba then and now

He’s grown up a lot now, and loves to play hide and seek with his brother Parker. 

rescue kitten simba then and now

Photos via imgur.

These Curious Kittens Investigating Bubbles

Bubbles everywhere!

These curious kittens are trying to find out what they are.

Maru Playing Chase and Pounce with Hana

When Maru plays chase and pounce with Hana, the couch becomes his little fortress.

Love how Hana interrupts her serious stalking with some serious grooming.

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