The Third Wheel Cat

Sometimes there is always that third cat who has to interrupt…


cute loving kissing cats, the third wheel cat

More kisses ♥

cute loving kissing cats, the third wheel cat


cute loving kissing cats, the third wheel cat

“Excuse me.”

the third wheel cat breaks up the couple

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Puppy Got a Cat Mama and Papa

2 kitty cats adopt a little puppy and take him into their arms. They become the little pup’s protective mama and papa. Will the pup have an identity crisis someday?

“You are our puppy now!”

cute cats cuddling with puppy

Photo via Reddit.

Kitten Snuggles and Plays with Dog Papa

Little foster ginger kitten snuggling with his dog papa Murkin and turns his tongue into a new toy.

Scrappy Kitten and Blind Duck Become Companions

They say cats and birds are natural nemesis, but a teeny rescue kitten and a blind duck have found each other and they share a very special bond. “This little kitty was found laying in an alley, whimpering and covered in tar by Adam. It’s eyes were barely open,” said Laura.

Laura wrote on her flickr: “Frack (our blind-thinks she is a pet duck) has taken a liking to the stray kitty and vice versa. The kitten followed her all around the porch yesterday, and the duck picked at it with her beak and gave it a bath.” It’s interesting how Frack always follows her seeing sibling Frick as her eyes. Now she is giving back that love and guidance to a little feline friend who was once lost but now had a second chance.

Playful kitty and his protective duck friend:

cute rescue kitten and blind duck become companions

“Are you my mommy?”

cute rescue kitten and blind duck become companions

Photos by ©Laura (flickr: mommylolly).

Love Baths

Daisy and Maisy, 2 foster sisters, decide to wash up each other after eating. It’s a love fest!

Daisy: “I clean your nose!”

cute kitten kisses

Maisy: “I clean yours too!”

cute foster kitten kisses

Maisy: “…and I kiss and hug you tight!”

cute foster kitten kisses

Photos courtesy of ©William H.

Kitty Face Plants into a Nap

Kitty’s getting very very sweepy… He face plants into a nap… Zzzz…

I Will Love and Protect You!

Tímon the nine month old kitty took to a little 3 week old tortie and the rest is history.

“I will love and protect you!”

cute cat cuddles tiny tortie kitten to sleep

Photo by ©Maria Magnusdottir (flickr: mariamagnus).

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