Kitty Cuddle Puddle

One of these foster babies is a bit different from the rest.

cute group of fluffy foster kittens

Sleepy time

cute group of foster kittens sleeping

See more of them at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

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Kitten Cute Attack!

Evie the 10 week old rescue kitty gives a cute attack!

Evie’s human said: “This is Evie, our 10 week old rescue kitten! If I am reading in bed or playing with my cell phone, she has taken to this habit of attacking whatever I’m holding, so this time I thought I’d catch her in the act! Evie loves attention and makes sure to let us know at every possible moment!”

Kitten Survived Front Loader, Saved by Construction Crew

A little kitten somehow survived being picked up by a front loader and dumped into a bin of concrete and finally rescued by a construction worker who acted with quick thinking. Willie Harris keeps his eyes on each load, then on Thursday afternoon, something different caught his eyes. “At the very last minute, I saw a little fur ball… I thought it was an old glove or something that would be in the rocks,” he said via 13abc.

It turned out to be a little kitten, only 3 weeks old. “I ran down the steps, cut off the machine and jumped in… I thought it was dead, but then it scratched me. I said, ‘its alive!'” Harris said in an interview with 13abc.

They named the little ginger Lucky and took him to a local shelter to have the kitten checked out. “Just a couple of very minor injuries which is very surprising considering everything it seems he went through,” reported Cind C via 13abc.


Lucky after the rescue

cute kitten wrapped in blanket

Source 13abc.

Cuddly Ginger Kitty, New Chance at Life

Penelope was rescued from a hoarder’s house and the only survivor of her litter. “My baby Penelope.  We call her Penny for short.  In this photo she is just about 7 weeks old and she loves that Monkey. I’m so blessed to have her,” said kitty’s new mom via tumblr.

cute rescue ginger kitten cuddling monkey toy

Photo via tumblr.

Furry Slumber Party

Shiro the cat is having a slumber party with his furry gang.

Tabby Found on Door Steps Finds New Home

This tiny tiger came to a family’s front steps one day and meowed for help. She is about one month old and as clingy as she can be. They named her Zarame.

She loves attention and lap time

cute rescue tabby kitten lap time

cute rescue tabby kitten lap time

Meeting Milk the house cat for the first time…

rescue kitten meets surrogate cat mom

They bonded immediately

rescue kitten meets surrogate cat mom

Photos by Kachimo.

Feral Kitten Given a Second Chance – Then & Now

Regan is one of the six tiny babies born to a feral cat, Snowflake. Regan’s name means “King’s Child.”  Mollie’s Dream rescued the kittens and had the cat mama spayed and returned. Look how far he’s come.

Regean then

cute rescue white kitten

Happy and adopted today!

cute rescue white kitten

Photos by Mollie’s Dream.

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