Tabby Foster Makes Meal Time Cute

This is how it typically goes when tabby gets her meal.

Feeding begins… Nomming machine.

cute foster kitten getting nommies

After eating, a hug is required!

cute foster kitten wants hugs

Being a kitty is hard work, stretchhhh…

cute foster tabby kitten stretching

Always clean up after every meal…

cute foster tabby kitten

then… interrupted by a nap… Zzz…

cute foster tabby kitten sleepy

Photos by AAS Pubs (website, facebook).

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Kitty Trains Human to Pet

Another human trained by a kitty.

“We have had several cats in our lives but none that would ask for attention by paw on hand request,” said the human.

Kitty LOVES Straw!

What makes a kitty very happy – a straw!


cute cat excited to see a straw


cute cat excited to see a straw

Photos by patch_theory via reddit.

Homeless Calico from Rags to Riches

Little bobtail Calico may have had a rough beginning, but the ending is happy and joyous. This is why fostering is so rewarding.

Rescued after she was just born. Bottle fed around the clock:

cute foster new born kitten bottle feeding

Growing up fast and strong and ready to take the world by storm:

cute foster kitten gets stronger and bigger ears perked up

Meeting new dad, heading to her forever home:

cute calico foster kitten gets adopted

“We were fortunate to find good homes for all of the 4 kittens. Believe it or not, my little Maltese, Rosie, cleaned their faces and kept guard over the kittens while I cared for them,” said Janet.

Photos by ©Janet via flickr.

One Very Relaxed Kitty

Wooten the kitty is very very relaxed…

“He is just a lay backed cat (well at times) he can vary from acting like a ragdoll cat one second then tearing round the house a few seconds later. He is very affectionate, trustworthy and spoilt but does a lot of unusual things,” said Wooten’s hooman.

Kitten’s Favorite Nap S’pot

Muchachito the little bottle kitty finds his favorite napping spot, the pot. He is snoozing after a full belly of nommies.

Someday I will be a big boy.

cute kitten sleeping after bottle feeding

Photo by ©Isabel M.

Hopper the Grey Foster Finds Hope

Hopper the kitty never gave up hope. When he was found, he came with an infected eye, but Hopper is a little trooper, and has made a full recovery. Now what he needs is a forever loving home :).

Hopper is determined to grow into the bed:

cute rescue grey kitten in a big cat bed

cute rescue grey kitten in a big cat bed

Hopper buries his face in Harry’s (another foster) fur and imagine he’s his mom.

cute rescue grey kitten

Would you take me home?

cute rescue grey kitten

Photos courtesy of ©Eva P. Hopper is located in Brooklyn, New York. More rescue kitties and fosters @ evapro.

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