Cross-eyed Cat Strays into Forever Home

She is a bit cross-eyed with a fun and quirky purrsonality. This gorgeous kitty is a heart melter. It is hard to believe that she was once a stray cat, wandering around the street. “We found her outside homeless,” wrote Leesh via reddit. Today she has a place she calls home.

A bit cross-eyed, but with a huge purrsonality!

cute stray cat with crossed eyes

How she hangs out.

cute stray cat with crossed eyes

Photos via reddit.

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Meow! Smile!


Danny wrote on reddit: We found him along with his 4 siblings in our back yard at about 4 weeks of age. We brought them in and have been caring for them for about 2 weeks now. We have found homes for 4 of the kittens so far. The little guy in this photo is the last one to need a home. If anyone lives in the Indianapolis area or knows someone who does and wants a kitten I’m sure this guy would appreciate it.

rescue kitten needs home

Photo by Danny M. via reddit.

Maru Never Leaves His Box

Maru wants to catch his mouse, but he never leaves his box.

cute maru in box big paws

cute maru in box big paws

cute maru in box big paws

Photos by Mugumogu.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother like daughter. Even though the kitten has the spitting image of her mom, their personalities are completely different according to Fioleetka.

cute calico mom cat and daughter kitten

cute calico mom cat and daughter kitten

cute calico mom cat and daughter kitten

Photos by ©Fioleeetka (more photos).

Liam the Rescue Black Kitten Grows into Mini Panther Kitty

Liam a tiny black kitty was spotted on a Sunday night. He was only 5 weeks old at the time, tiny as a furball. He quickly adjusted to his new home. Though he didn’t get adequate care from his own mother, little Liam is always adventurous. When he practiced walking, he started with a pounce. Liam’s human dad, Christian fed the little one round the clock.

Initially, they considered to adopt Liam out when he was big enough, but that simply didn’t happen. As Liam grew bigger, the family grew more attached to the little clingy boy who aboslutely loves lap time with his humans.

Liam is a squeaker. “Meep is his nickname as he squeaks more than meows…” said Christian.

Today Liam is all grown up. He’s come a long way from a little rescue to a beautiful black panther kitty today.

Liam found a place to call home

cute rescue black kitten liam

They fell in love with him and couldn’t part with him.

cute rescue black kitten liam

Little Liam

cute rescue black kitten liam

Liam all grown up today!

cute rescue black cat liam

Photos by Christian (flickr: M.Christian).

Casper and Wendy, Little Backyard Survivors

A litter of tiny kittens were left behind in a backyard. Two of them, a calico and a cream kitty survived and thrived. This is their rescue story!

“Casper and Wendy were rescued by a couple who found them in their backyard. The mom had abandoned her kittens so they took them in and cared for them until a cat rescue volunteer brought them to us. While their three siblings did not make it, Casper and Wendy thrived to become the cuddliest and snuggliest kittens! Wendy is the ‘momma’s girl’ and is the first to rush to greet me. Casper takes his time to come over–he needs to stretch and yawn first–then loves to be kissed and cuddled and rolls on his back for tummy rubs. They both adore their foster sibling, Annie,” wrote Michelle Peters Spivack, volunteer for 13th St. Cat RescueIBOK Rescue and Paws for SJACS in San Jose, CA according to Good Morning Kitty.

Today Casper and Wendy are living happily at their forever loving home.

cute foster kitten casper and wendy

cute rescue kittens Casper and Wendy

cute rescue kittens Casper and Wendy

cute rescue kittens Casper and Wendy

Photos by ©Michelle Peters Spivack via Good Morning Kitten. More photos of Casper and Wendy.

Bookstore Cats from Bangalore

In Bangalore, India, there is a bookstore where kitties call the shots. Everyday they pick a spot of their choice at the store and nap on a stack of new books or magazines. When people come by to pet them, they’d gladly turn around and offer their belly.

“I took these photos in my friends bookstore in Bangalore…. These two lovely, white and brown kittens were sleeping when I was strolling around this Book Shop and it was a coincidence that this cat came at the right time and sat near them,” said Najeeb Khan.

These cats at the bookstore may just be that extra motivation for many people to pick up a book and read. See Bookstore cats from different parts of the world.

cute bookstore kittens in Bangalore india

She is the star at the bookstore with those beautiful odd eyes

cute bookstore kittens in Bangalore india

Photos by najeebkhan.

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