Reynard the Odd-eyed Kitty

Reynard came from a violent home. “While they’re sorting their lives out, the rescue centre fosters their pets. When it’s safe, their pets are returned to them. It means a lot to the families – especially the children – to know their pets are safe and that they’ll see them again,” said Helen H. He’s very jumpy and nervous, but also incredibly affectionate. He Gives a lot of nose kisses! When people walk away, he cries and looks pleadingly at them with those gorgeous big eyes.

cute rescue odd-eyed cat

cute rescue odd-eyed cat

Photos by ©Helen H.

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Maru and Large Thin Box

Maru got a large thin box. Naturally he must jump and fit himself in it.

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Tiny Kitty Saved from Freezing Cold and Brought Back to Life

It was a freezing cold night. A small defenseless kitten was out by himself hopelessly until a man who happened to be there, found him. He thought the kitten wouldn’t make it that night, but this little fuzzy kitten is a fighter.

Groots wrote on reddit

Friday night it was less than 20 degrees (farenheit), and when I took the dog outside I heard crying. Found this tiny ball barely moving, laying on it’s side slowly moving it’s legs and its mouth barely able to open… basically freezing to death. Another 10 minutes and the kitten probably would’ve been dead.

[I] brought him inside and wrapped him in a towel/heating pad, fed him warm sugar water…. His mouth was frozen solid, tongue frozen to the top of his mouth and his fur had frost in it…. [It] took about 4 hours of warming up for him to take some milk, when he was showing signs of life and falling asleep, [I] put him in a box with the heating pad and left him overnight.

When morning came around, he was acting just like a kitten, playful, happy, mewing, and eating. He was about 5 weeks old (checking teeth) and I knew a vet assistant that adopted him the next day.

The kitty started eating more and more under the 24 hour care in his new family. He was given a second chance to live again. “We gave him a chance to be happy, just like someone gave our pets a chance to be happy when they rescued them,” said Groots.

Resilient little guy

cute black kitten rescued from cold

A warm place to sleep in

cute black kitten rescued from cold sleeping


cute black kitten rescued from cold sleeping

Photos by Groots via reddit.

Ollie the Kitty Noms Foot!

Ollie the kitty thinks the foot is yummy. Nom nom nom!

cute ollie noming foot

cute ollie noming foot

cute ollie noming foot

Photos by ©Tracy T. + Ryan G. See more of Ollie at his blog.

Love Will Keep Us Together

Shorty met her adopted brother 3 months ago. They have been sharing a cat tree since they became best friends.

“I knew this day would come when they couldn’t fit together in the top of the cat tree. Perhaps a new purchase or reno project is in my future. But as you’ll see, they’ll still find ways to be together,” said their dad.

Rescue Kitty from Ragged to Fluffy Happy Boy

It was an early morning, Sophia spotted a tiny kitten covered in dirt, ticks, feces, and was homeless. She brought him to her best friend’s and said: “I have a surprise. We must wash him now and cuddle.”

They named him Roo. He was a ratty little guy when he was found in a box on the side of the road. “He was really sick when I found him and well, he had diarrhea that got all over his beautiful fur, but nevermore! Solid poops came soon after some sleep, yummy kitten food, and a warm bath,” said Sophia via reddit.

“He’s happy and healthy (after a trip to the vet). Growing into a big, bouncing boy,” said Em, Roo’s new mom. “He is actually ‘big brothering’ another litter of rescued kittens at the moment,” and Roo is giving those kittens the motherly love he never had until he found his forever home.

Roo the little rescue

cute rescue ginger kitten roo

After the stinky bath, sharing noms with a new furiend

cute rescue ginger kitten roo eating with dog

He was tiny and fluffy

cute rescue ginger kitten roo tiny

Napping with his new mommy

cute rescue ginger kitten roo cuddling with new mom

Roo grown up today, helping his mom with their foster kittens

cute rescue cat roo helps out with foster kittens today

Photos by Sophiase via reddit.

Bottle Feeding Time!


Two rescue furballs love their bottles. They are both girls and quite demanding when it comes to feeding time. At that age, they were fed every two hours around the clock.

Gimme! My turn!

cute rescue kittens bottle feeding

Rescue sisters, happy with full bellies

cute rescue kittens bottle feeding

Photos by nyankoseek.

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