I Wear My Heart on My Chest

This gem wears his heart on his chest. He is a real lovebug. Sending love to all the veterans, service men and women. Happy Memorial Day!

 I heart U!

cute cat with heart on his chest

Photo by R aka4irina via herekittykittykitty

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Zelda the Kitty Waits for TV Dinner

Zelda the 3 month old kitty is waiting for dinner at the table while watching tv.

She thinks she is a little person.

cute dinner table kitten watching tv

cute dinner table kitten watching tv

cute dinner table kitten watching tv

cute table dinner kitten watching tv sitting up

Photos by jlcgull via reddit.

Bit and Bolt the Lucky Ginger Brothers

Bit and Bolt have come a long way since the day they were rescued along with their mama cat Honey.

On day 5, eyes still closed, they snuggle in a pile

cute tiny new born ginger kittens

5 days later, exploring and seeing the world for the first time…

cute tiny ginger kittens eyes open best friends

Almost one month, somethings never change…

cute ginger kittens kissing

Photos and story courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beaties).

One Box, But Two Cats

There is a box in the house, but two cats want it. This happens…

I have the box!

cute cat in a box

No come in!

cute cat in a box black kitty wants in

What the…

cute cat in a box black kitty wants in


cute cat in a box black kitty squeezes in

Photos by bakemonster via reddit.

Daisy Has Experiences and Discoveries

Daisy the kitty explores and discovers new things for the first time. She runs the house like a boss.

Investigating her first bowl, purrfect size

cute fuzzy persian kitten hides in bowl

Sees herself in the mirror for the first time

cute persian kitten looks in the mirror doppleganger

Hopping around her first mouse toy

cute persian kitten plays with her first mouse toy jumping

Playing with her first feather toy

cute persian kitten plays with cat toy

Discovers the sky and birds!

cute beautiful fuzzy kitten angelic looking up

Photos courtesy of ©Ben Torode (flickr: torode).

Simon’s Cat in ‘Tongue Tied’

Simon’s cat explores the garden and discovers a toad…

Gimme the Bottle!

Aslan the foster demands his bottle of nommies. He can’t wait to find his forever loving home.

“Aslan is quite the lover boy. He’s so joyous, when he mews, you can actually hear his purr accenting his voice. I love him! But he needs a home… where he can get 100% attention so his personality continues to blossom. He has great potential to be somone’s one and only,” said Roxanne S., Aslan’s foster mom.

Gimme the bottle!

cute foster kitten wants bottle food

Nom nom nom!

cute foster kitten bottle feeding eating

I have a happy!

Photos courtesy of Good Karma Pet Rescue (Facebook).


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