Team of Eight People Free Little Stray Kitten from Car Engine

A tiny stray kitten somehow ended up in a car engine compartment. When Victoria Feldman heard meowing coming from her car, she knew something wasn’t right.

According to, Victoria said: “As I was arriving at the college campus, I heard a terrible bloodcurdling meowing coming from under the hood of my car…. I immediately stopped the car but was too afraid to look under the hood. I had heard of stories of cats getting caught up and cut up to death in fan belts of cars and was scared of what I might discover under the hood.”

stray kitten rescued from car engine compartment

She asked for assistance from a safety officer, Gregory Rodriguez, who happend to be on duty at the time.

“I looked in the engine compartment and there was a dirty little tiny kitten looking up at us and meowing for help,” Rodriguez said via It wasn’t an easy task to free the kitten, so Rodriguez called backup. Six showed up and were ready to start the rescue work.

“The car was jacked up and some of the tires were removed as the rescuers tried from underneath and other angles to grab the kitten that had somehow clawed its way to the back of the car and was lodged up behind the gas tank,” reported They finally got hold of kitty’s leg and officer Rodriguez was able to get the little one out unscathed. The kitten was dirty and terrified. Officer Rodriguez gently wrapped him in a towel. The entire rescue took approximately two hours.

Since no one claimed the little kitten, Victoria decided to keep him. She named him Chassis. Initially, the kitten was scared and took refuge in small spaces at his new home, then slowly, Chassis came out of his shell and accepted his new family and his 6 year-old new sister Allie.

Officer Rodriguez wrapped the little stray in a towel after the rescue:

stray kitten rescued from car engine compartment

Chassis at his forever loving home:

stray kitten rescued from car engine compartment

Chassis the stray and his new human sister: Read Full Story »

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Furry Purry Engines Collective

These foster kitties are blaring their purrs like motors. It’s a den of fuzzy snuggly furballs.

These 6 adorable foster kittens were rescued by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assoc (VOKRA).

Denis the Klepto Kitty from England

A while ago we met Dusty the Klepto cat from San Mateo, California. On the other side of the globe in Luton, England, there is another cat who is committing the same “crime.”

denis the kelpto kitty burglar cat


His name is Denis, an one-year-old cat burglar who doesn’t tire barging into his neighbors’ homes and taking whatever possessions he sees fit.

Dennis roams around his territory and brings home toys and other people’s belongings which he mistakes for prey or food. He goes around the neighborhood and isn’t picky about what to nab. As long as he can carry it, he takes it. Some of the items seem as large as his body, but it’s no trouble for the little cat burglar who works in stealth at night.

From Luton Today:

One-year-old Denis brings home all sorts of things from socks and sandals to Barbie dolls.

The tiny kitty once even brought home a two-and-a-half legged real-life cat who now comes and visits on a regular basis.

Owner Lesley Newman, who works at Vauxhall, said: “He doesn’t steal, he is cleaning the neighbourhood up. Ever since he first started going out he’s brought things home. He is very small for his age but that doesn’t stop him. He comes and wakes us up in the morning making such a loud noise until we acknowledge what he’s brought us.”

Finally they set up a CCTV camera and GPS to track Denis’ whereabouts, so they could return the items to their rightful owners.

Source via Luton Today.

Spike the Cat Who Has Thumbs and Extra Toes

Spike came to his foster home along with his three other siblings. They were in need of their forever homes. William H. and his wife took them into their foster home. They have fostered hundreds of kittens, but Spike is one of those that just steals your heart instantly. One thing that sets him apart from the litter is his big adorable mittens. Spike has extra toes on each of his feet which makes him quite dexterous with toys and other things.

“Spike is polydactyl which means that he has extra toes. It looks like he has little thumbs on his front paws,” said William H. With cute mittens like his, it is no surprise that he was the first to be adopted. He is happy for the second chance he was given and now sharing his polydactyl fun and antics with his forever family.

Spike showing off his big mitten

cute polydactyl foster kittens with many toes

It’s hard work cleaning all the toesies

cute polydactyl foster kitten cleaning big mitten

Cute attack with extra toes

cute polydactyl foster kitten cute attack

cute polydactyl foster kitten playing

Spike and those big mittens!

cute polydactyl foster kitten

Photos courtesy of ©Williams Haas who has fostered over 300 kitties for SPCALA.

Many Little Things Maru Does

Many different things that Maru does for fun!

More Maru:

Maru sees an oven mitt

maru sees orange oven mitt

Sniff sniff

maru investigates oven mitt sniff


maru licks oven mitt clean

Photos by Mugumogu.

Cat Adopts Orphan Weasel

They say cats and rodents are natural enemies, but this cat not only doesn’t mind a little rodent, she has adopted a weasel and cared for it as her own.

A pregnant cat from Xinjiang Autonomous region in China found a little orphan weasel. “The [weasel] was brought home July 21…. Even after the cat gave birth to a litter of five kittens on July 23, they got along well with each other,” reported China Daily.

According to Sina News, when the cat mama was giving birth, she cuddled with the little weasel whenever it bumped into her belly. She never let it out of her sight wherever she went.

Cat mama nursed and cleaned the little weasel the same way she would with her own kittens.  The little weasel played and got along well with the kittens. It might just think it is a kitten itself too.

Cat mama adopts an orphan weasel

cute cat mama adopts Weasel kit

cute cat mama adopts Weasel kit

cute cat mama adopts Weasel kit

Photos via China Daily, Sina News and Cuteoverload.

Teeny Kitty Susie Q Says Hi

Little Susie Q says hi to the world!

cute tabby kitten palm size

cute tabby kitten palm size

Photos by Blue-Monday via reddit.

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