This is Why Kitty Loves Christmas

Kitty gets to train boxing and get a good workout on Christmas day.

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Kitty Supervises Hooman’s Dinner

Kitty climbs on his hooman’s shoulder, supervising their dinner time and giving demands!

Kitty: “Watcha eating?”

cute kitty demands food at dinner table

Kitty: “Yummm…”

cute kitty demands food at dinner table

Hooman: “No, eat your kitty food.”

cute kitty demands food at dinner table

Kitty: “Gimme yours!”

cute kitty demands food at dinner table

Photos by Kachimo.

Izzy the Kitty and Her Photo Journey

On day one, Izzy the mohawk kitty falls asleep on her favorite pink blankie.

This tiny bundle of joy found her hooman Natasha F. when she was still a wee kitten. Natasha bottle fed the baby round the clock. Izzy became quite attached to her hooman mom and always snuggled on her shoulder as a kitten.

“I am getting very very sweepy…”

cute rescue kitten getting very sleepy


cute rescue kitten napping getting pets

Izzy wants a hug

cute rescue kitten wants a hug

cute kitten izzy paw up talk to the paw

Playing hide n’ seek

cute izzy plays hide and seek

All grown up!

cute kitty izzy all grown up

Photos by ©Natasha Fialkov (flickr: luxefibre).

Maru Loves Catnip Ball

Catnip and a box. It’s like heaven for Maru :) .

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Kitty DJ Scratching Away on iPad

Iggy the kitty knows how to hold a beat. He makes a pawsome DJ.

Halp! I am Trapped by a Hug!

Castella the calico is confined in a cat bed by a hug from Okaki, her brother from a different mother. They have been hugging each other since day one.

“Halp! I am trapped by a hug!”

cute calico kitten gets a hug attack in cat bed cuddles snuggles

cute sleeping kitties cuddling in a nap

Castella the little orphan was adopted by a family of rescue kitties. Okaki is her best forever furiend.

Photos by Kachimo.

My Tiny Paw Reaching for Yours

Little kitty from the street gives his new hooman a big happy high five.

“High Five!”

photo via Daily Squee

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