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Little tabby falls asleep in mommy’s hands and dreams away. “Someday I will be a big kitty!” Photos by ©Justine (flickr: crownofstorms).


Milk and Cocoa are purrfect for each other. They are “like Romeo and Juliet,” said Ryusuke, their human dad. Milk has…

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Kitty is sucking on her toes and waving her paws in the hair. Too cute for words!


Shiro is suspecting an impostor in the house. I sense someone near me has my resemblance… This kitty even has…


Kitty finds eggs sitting on the counter and he thinks he can help. I got eggs. Must hatch them. Photos…


Siamese kitty grabs his little bunny toy and gives it a big squeeze. “It’s MY bunny!”


At four days old, this teeny bitty one hasn’t opened her eyes yet, but she is ready to take the…