Kitty Plays Dead on Command

Kitty plays dead on command. This is too cute for words!

12+ Year Old Stray Cat Comes to PurrEver Ranch for Help

A 12+ year old ginger cat came to PurrEver Ranch Cat Sanctuary one day, and “This ginger gentleman found me as I was sweeping our front steps Sat. He is road weary. Paws are blackened from being on the streets, thin but exceptionally sweet,” said Rita Wood, founder of PurrEver Ranch, cat sanctuary for senior, special needs cats.

“Finally setting in but has been hungry for so long that he gets nervous when he hears food and have to give him small portions because he wants to fill his mouth. Still, bless his heart,” she added on Facebook.

They named him Curtis and took him to the vet for microchip, getting tested and vaccinated. He was tested FIV+ and at least 12 years old. “We do not believe this is a death sentence. He is isolated until he is neutered but is so mild mannered. We do not worry about fights with other cats,” Wood wrote. Curtis will live at PurrEver Ranch unless they can find someone that is open to adopting FIV+ cats.

Today Curtis is happy in his soft blankies. “Going to the vet really worked up his appetite. He is quickly gaining weight as his ribs no longer stick out. He was so very hungry when he appeared on our doorsteps. Right now he is making biscuits getting ready for a nap then yummy wet food for all,” reported PurrEver Ranch.

Curtis the senior stray cat came to PurrEver Ranch cat sanctuary

old stray ginger cat found purrever ranch cat sanctuary

old stray ginger cat found purrever ranch cat sanctuary

They rescued him and brought him to the vet. He was tested FIV+.

old stray ginger cat found purrever ranch cat sanctuary at the vet

But that is ok. He is very loved, has lots of food to eat and a place to call home.

old stray ginger cat found purrever ranch cat sanctuary kiss

Photos courtesy of PurrEver Ranch (like them on Facebook).

Overly Attached One Eyed Cat

“My fiancé rescued a one-eyed cat who is so overly attached that she demands sitting at his computer, holding his face and licking his nose… This cat just has so much love for him and attempts to show him this way,” said reddit user meow315.

It is like her way of telling him “thank you for saving me.”

One eyed kitty gives nose kisses to her human dad who saved her and gave her a forever home

one eyed cat attached to human dada

Cuddling with her dad for a nap

one eyed cat attached to human dada

The one-eyed kitty!

one eyed cat attached to human dada

This is how they hold hands in their house now.


Photos by reddit user meow315.

Kittens and Box

With a box like this, these kittens fight to get in.

Cat Mama Plus 5 Journey to Forever Homes

Ripley was found as a stray and taken to a local shelter. Purrfect Pals pulled Ripley and her 5 newborn kittens from the shelter so they could get a second chance at life. The 5 kittens are Bishop, Newt, Parker, Dallas, and Ash.

John Bartlett, their foster dad put them on a kitty cam. See their journey here.

Ripley is a good mom, caring for her 5 very demanding kitties

rescue cat mama and kittens

It’s a cuddle puddle.

rescue cat mama and kittens

5 fur balls when they were just newborns.

rescue cat mama and kittens

They are today, all have been adopted to wonderful forever homes.

rescue cat mama and kittens

Photos by John Bartlett (like his facebook page the Critter Room)

Cat with Heart-shaped Nose

He was found in someone’s back yard and brought with him a heart-shaped nose.

“Found this little guy in my parent’s back garden. He has a heart-shaped black nose,” said reddit user.

cute cat with heart shape nose comes to garden

Photo via reddit.

How to Sleep Like a Cat

These are the ways to sleep like a cat :).

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