Kitty Gets Mail

Everyday around lunch time The Baron the cat (Captain Doctor Mr. Nibbles II esq.) awaits USPS to drop off the mail aka his toy for the day. “Sometimes we actually get to read out letters,” they said.

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Spangles the Cross Eyed Kitty

Meet Spangles the cross-eyed kitty who is quite a charmer.

“He was born on July 4. So i came up with his name, Spangles! Spangles loves to take photos. He will pose for me, and let me know when he’s in a glamorous mood. He has one cross eye, and he was born that way. He can see perfectly fine. He loves to go on walks wearing his harness, watch birds, and play with our 2 small dogs, and other 2 kitties,” Spangles’ human wrote on his Facebook page.

cute cross eyed cat spangles

cute cross eyed cat spangles

cute cross eyed cat spangles

cute cross eyed cat spangles

Photos via Spangles the Cross Eyed Cat. Follow him on Facebook.

Magilla Glub Glub

Meet Magilla Glub Glub! He is a little cutie who often forgets to put his tongue away.

Nathan G wrote via Cuteoverload: “We live in Kigali, Rwanda and he is a stray, a local vet found him as a few week old kitten and gave him to us. He was very tiny when we got him and he had to be fed from a syringe, but he’s on to solid food now and has porked up nicely. We really like his bug eyes and when his tongue hangs out.”

cute kitten with tongue out

cute kitten with tongue out

cute kitten with tongue out

cute kitten with tongue out

cute kitty acrobat

cute kitten cuddling bear

Photos by Nathan G. via Cuteoverload.

Journey of a Little Rescue Orphan Kitten

This is a beautiful story of a rescue kitten from the day he was found to today. See how far he’s come…

“I’ve always said that the cat I was meant to have would come to me. Well, Boosie came a two day old cold, wet, ant and flea-ridden little bundle of hope,” said Boosie’s mom.

“I was up every 2 hours for the first 2 weeks making sure he was fed, warm, and stimulated.” When she needed a break, her boyfriend would take over some shifts so she could get some rest.

Over time, Boosie grew and thrived.

Day 1 at his forever loving home. He was cold, wet and flea-ridden

cute rescue orphan kitten

They bottle fed him every 2 hours. This is him sleeping with a full belly

cute kitten sleeping after bottle of kitten formula

Eyes completely opened

cute rescue kitten gets bigger

Boosie’s favorite toy. “It’s mine!”

cute rescue kitten's favorite stuffed animal

Litter box training. Success!

cute rescue kitten litter box training

He finds out that boxes and baskets are a load of fun

cute rescue kitten develops a liking in boxes

Boosie today!

cute rescue kitten today

His growth process

rescue kitten growth process

Photos via imgur.

Kitty Gives Dog a Love Bath

Kitty loves his doggie. Love has no boundaries.

Little Furry Stalker

Even as a kitten, he knew how to stalk his mom…

“He was only 5 weeks old at this point and could only eat wet food. He always had food around his little mouth that was terribly hard to clean off after every feeding,” said Lindzoo via reddit.

Little furry stalker at 5 weeks old

cute furry little stalker kitten

All grown up today!

cute furry little stalker kitty all grown up

Photos via reddit.


‘Someone Else’s Trash is Now My Treasure’

This beautiful kitty has been given a second chance at life. Someone didn’t want her, but she found another person who loves and adores her to bits.

“Her pregnant mother was left in a paint container that was nailed shut on the footsteps of the SPCA while I worked there. She was the only kitten that had markings. The mother and all 3 of her siblings were pure white. I couldn’t leave her there, so now she’s mine! Here’s a more recent picture of her,” said kitty’s human via reddit.

After being rescued…

cute adopted kitten then

All grown up now

cute adopted kitty now

Photos via reddit.

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