Kodi Sees Snow For The First Time

Kodi sees snow for the first time. He is fascinated by the gentle falling of snowflakes.

Andy the Cat, Christmas Tree and Time Lapse

Andy the kitty loves his Christmas tree. Though his humans rarely see him play with it, they always find ornaments all over the room when they get home. So Griffin Hammond decided to set up a time-lapse camera to capture what Andy does when they are not around.

“Our Christmas tree looked great until our cat Andy started climbing it, but he never did while we were home, so I set up a time-lapse camera to spy on him all day,” said Hammond.

Watch what Andy does with the Christmas tree when his humans are not around:

When Andy’s humans are around, he sits nicely under the tree…

Once his humans are out, Andy starts working on the tree and playing with the ornaments

He even climbs the tree, all the way up to the top. “He does it right after we leave… it’s some sort of rebellion or something,” Griffin said.

When his humans are home, he sits back down under the tree, acts like a perfect angel.

Pete the Kitty Found in Park: Then & Now

Pete the kitty and his litter mates were found in a local park by a child from the neighborhood according to H. Sohei. They were taken to a local rescue group where Pete’s two brothers went to a foster home, and Pete and another littermate went to another.

“At the time I was signing up to become a foster parent, and that’s how I met Pete. He was very tiny and was only one month old,” said H. Sohei.

Now fast forward to today, Pete is almost 10 years old and has grown into a handsome fella. He never left his foster home because they couldn’t part with him and adopted him into their family.

Pete the kitty found in the park, fell asleep in his human dad’s hand


Sniff sniff


“I love you towel!”

cute rescue kitten pete sleeping hug towel


cute rescue kitten pete

All grown up now.

Photos courtesy of H.Sohei (flickr: hsohei, blog: the door into Pete and Delta).

The Fun a Plastic Bag Brings to Kitties

It’s amazing how much fun a plastic bag can bring to little kitties. They can’t get enough of it.

Shelter Cats Keep Rescue Dog Company

Shelter cats from Animal Friends Niigata (Animal Friends Japan, part of JEARS) in Japan brought love and warmth to a sick rescue dog as she slowly worked her way back to health.

“Nellie had been lying, unable to move, by the side of the road for two days before being taken in to the hokenjo,” said the shelter on Facebook. After the needed bath and treatment, the shelter cats came to Nellie and thought she needed company.

They continued to accompany the sick dog until she was brought back to health. Having the kitties there might just be the thing that helped her through it. Today Nellie is fully recovered and found her forever home according to the shelter.

Nellie fell asleep in her bowl while she was eating, and some of her feline friends joined her!

After the bath and treatment, kitties came to offer some love and comfort.

Word spread quickly amongst the cats – sick doggie in need of kitty love! [JEARS]

Photos by Animal Friends Niigata (Animal Friends Japan) and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Little Kitty Has Come a Long Way

Potsuchi the kitty is having his first Christmas this year. He came to his new home back in April. Little kitty has come a long way…

…arrived in his new home…

Taking refuge under the couch

All grown up today

Photos by Gohokatsu.

Maru and His New Box

Maru dives into a small box. It’s a perfect fit :).

More Maru Read Full Story »

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