Bogey the Cat with Forgiving Spirit, Turns Past into Helping Children

Bogey Mack, a petite marmalade-colored Manx cat has a forgiving and loving heart that touches people. He has gone through the toughest period in his life. Not only has he never lost trust in humanity, he has taken his past and turned it into an opportunity to inspire others and teach children the importance of love and care for their furry companions.

Bogey was a hungry stray cat found on a utility box, rummaging for scraps. He “was a sweet but unfamiliar face amid the rough-and-tumble regulars that populated this feral colony,” wrote Fat Kitty City, animal rescue group from El Dorado Hills, CA.

The colony manager quickly realized that Bogey was abandoned and placed him in the care of Julie Zimmer, fosterer at Fat Kitty City, and soon Bogey was up for adoption. “Bogey thrived in his new home. Yet, one fateful day his owner left him in the care of a trusted family friend. That’s when tragedy struck. When his owner returned Bogey was lying limp on the floor and barely breathing.”

They rushed him to the veterinary clinic and he was diagnosed with multiple injuries. Bogey had been hurt and was in critical condition. “But, Bogey was destined to achieve greatness! After several touch-and-go days of intensive care he awakened… He spent time in rehabilitation while his body slowly healed from the massive trauma. Soon Bogey was gingerly walking.” He returned to his foster mom to continue his road to recovery. When Julie saw Bogey again, she knew there was no way that she would let him go.

Despite his journey, Bogey’s spirit never failed him. He is as loving and kind as he’s always been. His forgiving heart and resilience have inspired so many that they have made Bogey an Education Ambassador at Fat Kitty City to teach children about humane animal treatment, abuse awareness and prevention, and the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Bogey survives and thrives to tell his Tale of Greatness, making a difference in lives of people he meets.

Bogey the cat with a forgiving and loving heart

Bogey, the education ambassador at Fat Kitty City, has turned his past into an opportunity to teach children an important, lifelong lesson.

Bogey has found his lifelong companion, Julie

Julie talks about Bogey’s story:

Story by Fat Kitty City. Follow the on Facebook.

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Santa Claws Comes Early

Kodi the santa claws gets there early and shortie wants her present now! She stalks him.

The Recovery of Cheeto the Cat

A man spotted a hungry, dirty, flea infested kitty in Virginia. Though he was from out of state, and was there working on an independent film, it didn’t stop him from bringing the kitty to a safe place, cleaning him up, and nursing him back to health. This is the story of Cheeto’s recovery: from a little homeless ginger to a happy kitty who now has a place to call home.

Little Cheeto was found out in the woods. He was famished and “Battling the cold, starvation, dehydration, and covered in bugs, fleebies, and his own mess- the little guy is worn out. 1 lb 2 oz,” Reddit user Chasemburger wrote. “We named him CHEETO because his body was so skinny and his head was so big in comparison- like Chester Cheetah.”

“My mom adopted him- well, I let him stay in her apt. for one night and that’s all it took. Cheeto’s new home!” said Chasemburger.

He found the kitten out in the woods. Cheeto was a bag of bones. Reddit user Chasemburger didn’t have anything but a subway sandwich. “He liked Subway or really any food at that point.”

Exhausted. The little guy is worn out, weighing in at only 1 lb 2 oz

A nap time before bath time.

Chasemburger wrote: He was covered in at least a couple hundred fleebies and serious grime. That water was clear before we dunked him.

First time on all fours exploring

His safe place before they took him on a plane

They flew him home with them. 3 weeks later, he couldn’t stop playing

Now he has fully recovered at 5 lbs.

Photos by Chasemburger via reddit and imgur.

Kitty Confused by Video Game

Kitty is confused by a video game. “Where did it go? I can’t find it behind this thin box?”

Hurricane Sandy Cat Reunion and Rescue stories

Since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, there have been many unsung heroes and heart warming reunions and stories about people who share an unbreakable bond with their beloved pets.

Randy Lerner, who has been traveling from the Red Cross to the North Shore Animal League of America to visit his beloved cat Maximilian. “I live across the street from the ocean, and I watched the heavy waves as they pounded the shoreline. Around 8PM the water breeched and hit the streets. I watched as the cars became Tonka toys; they were tossed about and then finally floated away like something a kid plays with in the bathtub. Max slept under the sheets and only came out to sit on my lap a few times. He was so scared. We were in total darkness.”

Randy’s apartment lost power for a week without heat and electricity. The basement of his building was completely flooded. Worrying about his cat, he found North Shore Animal League of America, where offers emergency shelter for Sandy animals. They immediately provided relief to Maximilian the kitty. Randy continues his frequent visits between the Red Cross and the shelter. Full story here.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, little Austin the kitty found a second chance from Infinite Hope. “One of the residents asked us to take in Austin, a 5-month old tuxedo kitten who turned up on the beach before the storm. The resident was already overwhelmed with caring for almost 50 street cats, while trying to repair the damage to his flooded house, and he was relieved to give little Austin a chance at a loving home. Now this playful and very loving kitten is in foster care and ready for his forever home. Please help this sweet kitty find his safe harbor after the storm.”

Meet Thunder. She was one of Sean Casey Animal Rescue‘s first rescues after the hurricane. “Thunder’s family had to give her up after their Staten Island home was destroyed. Here’s a picture of Thunder going home with her new family. Although Thunder’s story has a happy ending, many other animals are still desperate for shelter. If you can, please consider adopting one of our many available animals,” said Sean Casey.

Some pets were left behind or lost in the evacuation process. Luckily, for this little tabby. He is one of the many furry animals rescued by the HSUS (source).

A litter of newborn kittens found their way in an Ocean Avenue alley in Brooklyn, New York during the harrowing Hurricane Sandy, but were saved by a man, named Spencer Service, who walked more than a mile in the brewing storm to bring the kitties to safety. See full story.

Cat mama and her newborn kittens found during Hurricane Sandy

The cat family safely arrived at Sean Casey Animal Rescue Read Full Story »

Protective Cat Mama and Her Tabby Baby

Since the day her little tabby was born, the protective cat mama has been there for him every step of the way. She sees her little child grow and become a handsome and healthy kitty.

Cat mama came to Junku (Jun Kumagai) as a stray with a pregnant belly. (Full story)

Cuddling with her newborn baby in sleep

Watching him grow and teaching him things

 Cleaning and grooming her baby

Tabby kitty gets bigger. He gives his mama a bath instead. This is love!

Photos by ©Junku (more photos).

Kitty: Must Get in Box

Kitty does whatever it takes to get into the box. He doesn’t quit.

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