Firefighters Rescue Kitten From Rusty Pipe

Firefighters from City of Redding, California rescued a tiny little kitten that was stuck in a 2-inch wide rusty pipe.

redding firefighters rescued kitten stuck in pipe

Piper all clean and warm now

According to, a man was doing some work outside his parents’ home and kept hearing cries of a kitten from a pipe, so he took it down and brought it to the fire station, hoping they would be able to free the little kitty.


Mike Anderson and John Clark were on duty at the time. They didn’t have proper tools available for the rescue, so they made a quick phone call to the Redding maintenance shop and had Ralph White and Gary Brown assist them to free the little kitten. They gently released the kitten from the pipe and placed her in a box, used the lid to help her calm down.

According to Anderson, it was most likely rust that caused the little kitten to get stuck inside, but no one knows how she got lodged in there. Everyone is relieved that the kitten made it out unscathed. They named her Piper and she was adopted by “a production manager at KRCR TV” in Redding, California.

Clark documented the rescue in his videos.

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cute ginger and white kitten tugged in jacket

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cute kitten kisses


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cute rescue kitten getting kitty formula

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cute kitten wrapped in towel

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