Maru with Many Talents

Maru shows us what a talent he is in all sorts of ways.

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Cat Gives Foster Kitten a Love Bath

It’s a love attack that even Charlie the little foster can’t resist. “Charlie (the foster) was sound asleep, and Jake (resident cat) decided that he needed a bath. So he went to work. What, like he needs an invitation?” said Robyn A., a volunteer from Challenger’s House.

Jake gives Charlie a love attack!

cute cat kissing on the cheek

cute kitty licking on the face

cute kitty licking on the face sleeping

“Charlie was found under a car, wet and shivering. The people who found him frantically called the shelter, thinking he was 2 – 3 weeks old and needing to be bottle fed, and we agreed to take him. We picked him up and popped a bottle in his mouth – which he drank completely – before realizing that he was actually 5 – 6 weeks old.” He was in poor condition, but the little guy is fighter. Over the next few months, he recovered and doubled in size. Now what Charlie and his sister Patty need is a forever loving home.

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson, Robyn’s blog: Love and Hisses).

Kitty Wants to Rescue Laundry

“Must rescue my blankie out of the washer!” Kitty is trying everything to get the washer to stop spinning.

Interspecies Love Between Cat and Monkey

A cat has found himself a little unusual friend, a monkey who is so protective of his feline friend that they are constantly together wherever they go. It doesn’t matter what species you are, love transcends all boundaries.

cute monkey and cat cuddling best friends

cute monkey and cat cuddling best friends

cute monkey and cat cuddling best friends

cute monkey and cat cuddling best friends

cute monkey and cat cuddling best friends

Photos by ©Oleg Doroshenko

The Purrfect Pillow

Cat mama gives her baby the purrfect pillow for a nap. This is beyond cute!

Photo via thatcutesite.


Talking Siamese Kitty

Ollie the blue point Siamese kitten is quite a talker. That’s one BIG ‘Hello!’

Chronicling the Growth of Shoulder Kitty

A tiny rescue kitty was lost, but later found by a man whose shoulder became her favorite perching spot.

“This is Riot Prrrl. My girlfriend and I found her abandoned at a backwoods Texas liquor store on Christmas Eve. All her brothers and sisters were adopted except her because she was covered in mange, and infected sores,” said kitty’s hooman dad.

Riot the kitty was a shoulder cat from day one.

cute shoulder kitten rescued

After a full meal, kitty started to perk up:

cute tabby shoulder kitten rescued

Running around, destroying everything by this point:

cute tabby shoulder kitten rescued

Uninterested in dad’s affection:

cute shoulder kitten rescued

Kitty all grown up, still climbs up on her dad’s shoulder as soon as he walks in the door:

cute shoulder cat rescued all grown up

Photos via.

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