Kittens Love Figure Skating

These kitties are watching a figure skater spinning and twirling about on the screen.

“We will get you, little man!”

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Fluffy Kitty Loves Laser

This fluffy kitty loves the laser pointer.

He maybe very very fluffy, but he is nimble, light on his paws and has excellent reflexes.

Little Kitty Bottle Champion

“I am a big kitty now and I can hold my own bottle!” ginger kitty says.

Rosco the kitty was found at 2 weeks of age when he became an orphan kitten. At 5 weeks old, he can hold up the bottle himself, chowing down the noms like a champ.

cute ginger orphan kitten drinking bottle of kitten formula

Bottle feeding like a champ!

Photo by ©J-A NZ.

Don’t be Sad, Here is a Hug for You!

Don’t be sad, I will fix it for you.

cute kittens cuddling don't be sad I fix it for you

Don't be sad, I fix it for you!

Photo by ©Jess Lilley.

Kitten Bonds with a Retired Military Dog

Little white kitten meets a retired military dog for the first time. They quickly bond with each other.

“You are my doggie now!” tiny kitty says.



Two Inseparable Cuddle Buddies

A cuddle a day keeps all the blues away. These two best of friends share every moment together, totally inseparable.

It was love at first sight when these two furry kitties met. Not only did they become great friends, they are never out of each other’s sight. They eat, play, and sleep together. Whenever they snuggle up for a nap, they cuddle in a puddle. It’s as sweet as it can be.

cute kitty best friends scottish fold and siamese

A cuddle a day keeps all the blues away

cute kitty best friends cuddling and sleeping

cute kitty best friends cuddling and sleeping

cute kitty best friends cuddling and sleeping


Photos by Holly.

Tiny Bitty 4 Day Old Bottle Kitten

Tiny 4-day-old kitten is nursing from the bottle. This so cute that it will give you a sugar rush.

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