Sleepy Kitty Being Cute

Happy sleepy Caturday! Zuzia the sleeping beauty is so sweet that she may give you cavities :) .

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Exhausted Maru

Maru is very exhausted from all the playing. With the hot weather in Japan right now, he’s found a way to chill out. Don’t you just want to rub that belly?

cute maru the cat stretching out big belly

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Cat Becomes Mom to Newly Hatched Chicks

When Kris had their newly hatched quail chicks, her calico cat Nishi started snuggling with them like a mother with her new born kittens. ”Our cat, Nishi, enjoys snuggling, and baby quail need to be kept warm all the time.  It’s a win-win situation.  These chicks are about two days old.  Nishi seems to think they’re her babies,” said Kris C..

cute calico cat babysits chicks

Nishi thinks these are her babies

cute calico cat cuddles her chicks

Nishi cuddles HER babies

cute calico cat snuggles cuddles with chicks

“The speckled ones look like they could actually be her babies.”

“Check out the tail snuggling action going on here.  None of these photos were posed, and Nishi was totally calm to the point of almost Read Full Story »

True Friends Always Have Each Other

This kitty and puppy always have each other no matter what. They are inseparable friends. It’s true that cats and dogs can get along. We humans can learn something from our furry friends.

cute cat and dog best friends

cute cat and dog best friends share water

cute cat and dog best friends give kisses

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Precious Bundle of Joy

Meoawwwww! What’s more precious than having a tiny bitty fuzzball fall asleep in your hand? Those teeny toesies are grabbing onto your finger, cuddling your hand to sleep.

cute precious bundle of joy new born kitten

cute baby ginger kitten sleeping in hand

Kudos to Babe for the lovely photos.

Two Genies in a Bottle

Two adorable kittens are fighting over a vase. Both want to get in there, but neither wants to share. Don’t you just love kittens at that stage?

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Kitty Catching Some Zs

Little foster kitten passes out on his human’s lap.

“Too much fun time, I am out… Zzzz…”

cute foster kitten naps on lap cat

Thanks Toni’s Kitty Rescue for giving this little guy a second chance at life. Photo courtesy of Marta Crowe.

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