Rescue Kitty Finds Canine Brother to Look up to

Rescue kitten finds a big canine brother to look up to.

“After lunch, Bogart (dog), the kittens, and I accompanied the momma cat (Honey aka Zinnia) to the vet to get her checked for feline leukemia. The kittens scurried around the place, gravitating toward the familiar and comforting presence of Bogart. They utterly adore him, but no need to put that in words. It’s written all over this wee kitten’s face,” said Jane, the foster mom.

cute rescue kitten loves big dog

Best friends!

cute rescue kitten loves big dog holding paws

Photos and story courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

Kitty Likes to Sit in Small Bowls, Like a Boss

It doesn’t matter what cat beds there are, kitty prefers the small bowl. “My cat likes to sit in small bowls,” said cpork1.

Like a boss!

cute cat likes to sit in small bowl

Photo by cpork1 via Reddit.

Furry Purry Pile

As soon as one kitten starts lying on the other kitty, the rest follow suit. It’s a furry purry pile.

Lambert, Truman, Fiona and Irving snuggle up in a purr pile

cute foster kittens pile up sleeping
cute foster kittens pile up sleeping napping

cute foster kittens pile up sleeping

These cute fosters have been homed by ©Laurie C. from Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (Tacoma, WA).


Cat Mama Adopts and Nurses Orphan Squirrel

Oreo the cat mama adopted a tiny orphan squirrel and is nursing it along with her own 5 kittens. The baby squirrel was found crying “among the leaves and pine needles on the ground” out in a wooded area. They placed it next to the cat mama and her kittens, hoping they would accept the little guy. They did!

Oreo nursing her kittens and the little squirrel

cute cat mama adopts squirrel into her litter

cute cat mama adopts squirrel

cute cat mama adopts squirrel

Photos and story via mlive. More photo: Read Full Story »

Cat Mama: I Protect and Love You!

Cat mama put her baby to sleep in her arms, creating a protective field called mom.

I protect and love you!

cute cat mama loves and hugs baby kitten mother's day

 Photo by ©Val (flickr: magnum_lady).

Maru Puts a Paper Bag on His Head

“Maru puts a bag on his head and patrols,” said Mugumogu.

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Moses the Rescue Loves His Bottle

“This is Moses, filling up on kitten formula. He was orphaned just a few days after birth, and just opened his eyes the day before this,” said kitty’s family.

“I can hold it myself!”

cute rescue kitten

Photo via Moses the Cat.

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