Father Cat Loves and Protects Little Ones

Cat father is cuddling with his kitties to sleep. It just doesn’t get cuter than this.

Nuzzling in with daddy, feeling loved and protected

cute tabby father cat cuddles baby kitten

They always cling to him.

cute cat father taking care of kittens

Photos Courtesy of Wu You.

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Kitty Loves Dad’s Clothes

Rara the kitty doesn’t need catnip, her dad’s clothes would do :).

Teeny Rescue Cow Kitty, Bundle of Joy

Elliot the rescue kitty touched the hearts of a family and was brought to his forever home when his eyes weren’t even opened. He was so tiny that you could hold him in your palm. Isn’t he such a precious little thing?

cute orphan rescue kitten cow kitty


A few days later, Elliot opened his eyes to see the world for the first time:

cute orphan rescue kitten cow kitty

Learning how to walk!


All grown up now!


Photos by ©Flamacue.

Stray Kitty Adopted by Loving Big Dog

Little orphan kitty is adopted by a Bull Mastiff. The former stray kitten gives her big doggie friend a headbump and the dog returns with a kiss.

“Kai and Chloe …they love each other,” said Shannon.

cute rescue kitten gives doggie headbump

cute rescue kitten gives doggie headbump

cute rescue kitten and doggie

Photos by ©Shannon (flickr: shannonsl).

Tiny Sleep Talking Kitty

Itty bitty rescue kitten is talking in her dream. …wonder what she is dreaming about. :)

Cute Smiley Cuddly Foster Tabby

Happy smiley foster tabby cuddles his furiend to sleep. What a sweetheart!

Charlie the foster was found under a car, wet and shivering, but today he is one happy kitty who can’t wait to find his forever loving home! :)

cute foster kitten sleeping happily


cute foster kitten snuggling sleeping

cute foster kitten snuggling sleeping hugging

Big hug!

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson, Robyn’s blog: Love and Hisses).

1 Day Old Rescue Kitten Found Happiness!

A tiny 1 day old kitten was found abandoned on a large farm. Not only did he make it through the first night, he found happiness and a place to call home.

“We were stalking a peacock at the farm a couple of days ago (trying to take it’s picture) and ended up finding a 1 day old kitten. We took it home and kept it alive through the night . The next day, we found it a home with the nicest lady,” said anirandom.

cute 1 day old rescue kitten

On his way to a new home!

cute 1 day old rescue kitten

cute 1 day old rescue kitten

Photos by ©anirandom.

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