Little Tux Kitten Hiding from Big Kitty

Linen the tux is playing hide and seek with her big kitty friend… Who knew the big kitty could be so sneaky!

Linen was just 4 weeks old when she was found in the basement by Amelia while she was doing her laundry. “She is an absolute sweetheart and cracks me up with her personality.”

cute hidey tux kitten

Linen is hiding...

cute tuxedo kitten playing hide and seek

Where is big kitty?

cute cat finds tuxedo kitten catch ya!


Photos courtesy of ©Amelia (Kitty Mafia Rescue Blog).

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Foster Kitten Finds a Canine Couch Buddy

A tiny kitten found a big companion to share the sofa with in his foster home. He is loving his big doggie friend, and often plays with his tail and gives him occasional love nips.  The dog named Hoss does not mind any of his antics. In fact, Hoss was formally feral himself according to his owner Patty P. “He now loves and is very protective of (his kittens).” The little foster kitten came from a similar background as Hoss, both needed a home and now they are living under the same roof. The little kitten is eager for love and comfort, and Hoss has a big heart for those kitties in need. They are often seen snuggling up together on the sofa, keeping each other company.

cute foster kitten sharing sofa with dog Hoss

Hoss and his new foster kitty

cute kitten snuggling with doggie friend


cute shoulder kitten foster

Would you take me home?

Photos courtesy of ©Patty Paine, foster mom (flickr: expatty).

Kitty Standing Up While Doggie Chillin’

Ohagi stands up into her meerkat position when she sees an invisible intruder. In the meantime, her buddy the dog is chillin’.

“Detect strange moving object. Alert! Alert!” kitty says.

Kitty Turns into Ball of Fluff

At day 44, Okaki the kitty made a wonderful impersonation of a duster.

cute ball of fluff kitten

Where is the kitty?

cute tiny ball of fluff kitten

Okaki turns into a ball of fluff

cute ball of fluff kitten measurement

Measuring in at 25cm, not including the tail

cute ball of fluff kitty snoozing


Photos by Kachimo.

Story of a Loving Mama Cat and Her Only Son

A sweet rescue mama cat gives every ounce of her love to her only son. This story will melt your heart.

A cat mother and her kittens were found in a school parking lot. “One of the kids in the building I lived in told me about them,” said Amelia. There were two kittens but when Amelia found them, Oscar the ginger was the only one that made it. She brought them home to foster. “The mom (Delilah) was the best mom and she was so good with him. She was a doll also and let me do whatever I needed to take care of them.”

With only Oscar, Delilah put all the love and attention on her little baby. She is an amazing mother who is tolerant to Oscar’s every antic. She never lets him out of her sight as he gets bigger and more curious about the surroundings. She teaches him how to use a scratcher and a litter box and all the skills she can pass onto him. By the end of the day, she always cuddles up with her ginger boy, sharing a bed together.

cute kitten snuggling with mama cat

Oscar and Delilah

cute cat mama teaching kitten to scratch

Mama Delilah teaching Oscar how to use the scratcher

cute cat mama teaching kitten to scratch

Now he's trying it

cute cat mother cuddles her kitten


Photos courtesy of ©Amelia (Kitty Mafia Rescue Blog). Amelia wanted to place them in a home together and luckily they were able to find a family that are happy to take both in. “They were very lucky and went to an amazing home. I still get occasional updates and pictures of them!” Amelia added. More cuddling moment of Deliliah and her ginger boy: Read Full Story »

Kitty Loves Lettuce

Gimme lettuce! Nom nom nom!

Ohagi the kitty is fighting for the lettuce off her dad’s hand. She lets her dog buddy have a little too. Lettuce is like cat grass to some kitties. Ohagi certainly loves it with a passion.

Lettuce is safe for cats to eat.

Kitty Contorts into a Pretzels

Little kitty contorts herself into a pretzel. Her human parents feel the need to un-pretzel her. Cats are extreme contortionists.

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