Happy Bottle Kitty Ollie

Ollie the kitten has grown to enjoy being bottle fed. This little furball was rescued in a park when he was 2-3 weeks old.

Feed me!

cute rescue kitten ollie bottle feeding

Nom nom nom…

cute rescue kitten ollie bottle feeding


cute rescue kitten ollie bottle feeding

Photos by ©Tracy T. + Ryan G. See more of Ollie at his blog.

Rescue Kitty from Hopeless to Hopeful

This kitty has had an amazing transformation from a hopeless stray to a kitty that is very spoiled and loved by her family.

cute rescue calico kittenShe was found by a stroke of luck. Kitty’s dad said: “I was having dinner with my girlfriend a few blocks from where we live in Makati, Manila, at a nice Italian joint. While walking there we heard a small animal squeaking incessantly… it sounded like a bird, it was so high pitched. My girl thought it was a cat, but I scoffed at the notion, I’ve never heard a cat sound like that!”

After dinner they went back but on the opposite side of the street. The sound got louder as they walked and finally they saw a teeny little thing. “It was a cat, a very very tiny little kitten (2 weeks old, according to the vet who treated her the next day). I have had 2 cats already but both were older than 6 months when I got them, I’ve never even seen a cat this small in person before! It was soaking wet, completely filthy, severely dehydrated and underfed,” he said via reddit.

They fed the kitty water and some food. “The first photo [on the left] was taken right after that. We were extremely fortunate to locate a 24 hour animal clinic just 10 minutes walk from our place, which really made the difference. There we found out ‘it’ was a ‘she’, and she was dewormed, prescribed antibiotics, vaccinations, and basically got a new lease on life,” kitty’s dad wrote via reddit.

Tiny kitty after the rescue

cute rescue calico kitten then

All grown up now! Happy and spoiled!

cute rescue calico cat now

Photos by indorock via reddit.

Devoted Rescue Cat Mother’s Love for Her Only Ginger Boy

Update: We are happy to report that they were adopted together to a loving home.

Lida is a rescue cat mama who loves her kitten like no other. She only has one kitten and this makes her baby extra special for her.

A few months ago, Lida a calico kitty was spotted and taken to a local animal control agency as an “unclaimed” pregnant stray cat. She was then rescued and placed in the care of the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

“At her first medical exam, it was determined that she had three kittens developing,” said the shelter, but when she began to labor, it was not an easy task for the new cat mama. After trying everything possible to promote contractions with no luck, they decided to take her to veterinary care. “We felt it was in the best interest of mom (who was exhausted at this point) and unborn kittens to be examined immediately. We transported her to the after hours veterinarian who agreed that Lida was unlikely to deliver naturally. We contemplated waiting until the morning to perform a c-section at our veterinarian but the risk was too high,” the shelter wrote.

“After detecting just one heartbeat on ultrasound, we authorized an immediate c-section.” Then the little ginger boy was born and became the only survivor.

Lida hugging her new born baby

cute calico cat mama hugging her ginger kitten

It was an immediate plethora of love from Lida to her new born. She started nursing the little guy despite just coming out of the surgery and recovering. She cuddled with her only kitten like her most precious thing. “Everyone caring for these two are just in awe at their bond; Lida has completely redefined ‘devoted mother’ and Thomas is just precious and very much in love with his mother,” said the shelter.

There is not too much time where the two aren’t together. Today baby Thomas is thriving and Lida is improving day by day. Thomas just got fixed today and the first thing he did after the surgery was to snuggle up with his mom in a comfy bed.

 Mom’s love!

cute calico cat mama cuddles with her kitten

Thomas is very attached to Lida

cute ginger kitten loves his cat mama

“He is resting on her paw, and she is resting on his paw…they are completely intertwined from nose to tail…”

cute calico cat mama and ginger kitten snuggling

Pure love!

cute calico cat mama cuddles with her kitten

Photos by Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center.

Orphan Kittens Shopping for Good Homes

Joey the kitten became an orphan at two weeks old, and is now shopping for a new home along with his new friend Chesney who is helping him on his way.

Accoridng to Daily Mail, “Joey’s mother was killed crossing the road near Exeter, Devon leaving Joey homeless until he was accepted by a mother with six-week-old kittens at a cat adoption centre.
But with the three older kittens already there’s not enough room for little Joey to stay too long so he’s on the lookout for a new home just like his new ‘step-brother’ Chesney through Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre.”

cute ginger rescue kittens go shopping

cute ginger rescue kittens go shopping

Photos by ©Richard Austin via Daily Mail.

Hermitage Museum Run by 70 Cats

70 cats live in this historic museum in Russia. Cats have been working for the Hermitage as mousers since the 18th century. “Now the cats have their headquarters in the basement. They are fed, cared for and given medical attention.”

Each cat has its own personality. They are even considered to be good luck. It’s really a Meowseum.

Dusty’s First Litter Box Experience

Dusty is sitting in his litter box, trying to learn to use it…


cute kitten uses litter box first time

… he falls asleep…

cute kitten uses litter box first time

Photos by ©Betsy Cole. Betsy’s photography website.

Cat Mama Reunited with Her Kittens Separated by House Fire

A house fire separated a cat mama and her six kittens. Five kittens survived the fire and were saved by the Red Paw, a rescue group that responds to house fires and other disasters providing temporary shelter and vet care for animals involved. They went on a search for the mother. The building burned to the ground, but they didn’t stop searching. Three days later, miraculously the cat mama was found and it was an emotional reunion.

 Cat mama reunited with her kittens

rescue cat mama reunites with her kittens

Story by Red Paw (follow them on Facebook):

Monday morning around 1:00am Red Paw was called by the Red Cross to respond to a house fire in “South Philly” for six kittens! When we got there we were told the momma cat ran off and was unable to be caught. Sadly, one of the kittens died in the fire and we searched for the mom for three days with no luck.

[On June 28] we were called by the Red Cross again. They had gotten a call for a cat who was in a house fire in “Southwest Philly “and abandoned in the burnt out building by the owner. A good Samaritan named AJ, rescued her from the home and had her in his car with the air running for 3 hours while he was at work! After speaking with him and hearing his concerns for her health, he drove the cat to Red Paw where the kittens are staying.

This cat had obviously just given birth. Not putting two and two together right away, or ever thinking it would be possible, we joked about how we had a mom with no kittens and kittens with no mom.

As we talked out all the details further we realized that the area where the kittens were rescued is sometimes refereed to as “Southwest Philly” and that the new cat fit the description of the missing momma. We quickly called the owner to see if her missing cat had been wearing a flea collar, she was! And it was green! After confirming white paws and a white strip on her nose we knew it had to be true!!

Watch as this displaced feline family is reunited after three days apart!

Now they are all up for adoption. Paw Red is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Feeding time

cute rescue cat mama nursing her kittens

Sweet mama

cute rescue cat mama nursing her kittens

Hungry babies

cute rescue kittens nursing

Photos by Red Paw (follow them on Facebook).

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