Fluffy Ginger Keeps Guinea Pigs Warm

Beaker the ginger cat breaks the stereotype between cats and rodents. He lets his guinea pigs rest on him, keeping them warm and cozy with his fluffy coat.

cute ginger cat and guinea pigs

cute ginger cat and guinea pigs

Photos by ilovebutter.

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Tabby Kitty Adopted by Dog, Best of Friends

Franklin the tabby kitty was adopted by a dog named Molly since the day they met. They have been together inseparably ever since.

Molly cradles Franklin the kitty on the first night:

cute dog cuddles with rescue kitten

Molly gives Franklin a bath:

dog gives kitten a bath

They snuggle together for a nap:

cute tabby kitten and doggie cuddling sleeping

Franklin all grown up, they are still best friends today:

cute cat playing with doggie best friend

Photos courtesy of ©Terry (flickr:Digimager).

Fluffy Kitty Foot Warmer

“I’d be your foot warmer if you give me massages!” Rara the fluffy Ragdoll is happy to keep her hooman’s feet warm, only if her hooman does it right.

Kitty Plays ‘Fruit Ninja’

This ginger kitty doesn’t have a game that he can’t ‘beat’. He plays Fruit Ninja like a true ninja.

Kitty Cuddles Pet Bunny

Howl the cat has a pet bunny named Salvador that he cuddles and snuggles like his most precious furiend. He doesn’t let go so easily!

“You are my precious!”

cute cat hugs and cuddles black bunny rabbit

Photo by ©Tracy T. via Cuteoverload.

Interspecies Ginger Love and Snuggles

When these 2 gingers get together, it’s love and more love. Who says cats don’t know how to love?

“(Ginger) was a previous foster kitty of mine that I ended up keeping, she loves Murkin and they cuddle and snuggle on a daily basis,” kitty’s hooman said.

Little Ginger Hunter After His ‘Prey’

Little furry hunter is wrestling with his mousy, then going after bigger ‘prey’ – our heart!

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