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7 months ago, little Harvey was found in a park homeless. “My brother saved this cat…. He was in bad shape when my brother found him. Really dirty, scared and hungry,” said asator2 via reddit. It took a while for little Harvey to come out of his shell. He didn’t trust people at first, but with a lot of love and TLC, Harvey grew to love his new family and was brought back to health.

“We are so happy to have him here. He is such a beautiful and loving cat.”

Harvey on the day of his rescue

cute rescue kitten harvey

Harvey today

cute rescue cat harvey all grown up

Photos by asator2 via reddit.

It’s no secret – spaying and neutering improves the quality of life for both cats and their owners – providing America’s 76 million pet cats with longer lives, preventing unwanted litters and creating a friendlier disposition.

Royal Canin is launching a national campaign called You Share, We Give, which benefits the American Humane Association. The program, found on Facebook.com/RoyalCanin.us, encourages cat owners to “share” information about spaying and neutering, in exchange for free SPAYED/NEUTERED food samples. Beginning today, each time a fan “shares” the Royal Canin infographic, the company will provide the owner with a free sample of the SPAYED/NEUTERED canned formula (up to 25,000 cans), and also is donating $25,000 to the American Humane Association in support of feline health research.

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A tiny cow kitten came to Matt Mets when she was still a baby. She was rescued by the Valley Cats in Phoenix, Arizona. Before her eyes were even opened, she was already a bundle of energy for being such a young creature according to Matt.

They named her Robochan. She grew from a teeny furball into a gorgeous kitty with a lot of fluff in her ears.

Still a baby, she was already a bundle of energy

cute rescue cow kitten fostering

Finally resting, after having a full belly of food

cute rescue cow kitten fostering

A little lovebug

cute rescue cow kitten fostering

All grown up, captain of the chair.

cute rescue cow cat caption of chair

Photos by ©Matt Mets (flickr: cibomahto)