Kitty Demands His Bottle Immediately!

Okaki the kitty is meowing for his bottle of nommies. He is very demanding.

Gimme the bottle NOW!

cute kitten wants bottle of milk

Nom nom nom…

cute kitten having bottle of milk nom

Photos by kachimo.

Zoo Handrears Black-footed Kitten Back to Health

A black-footed cat born on Feb 14, was a first for Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. “Hours after his birth, Animal programs staff became concerned about the male kitten’s well-being… To ensure that he had a chance for survival, staff quickly decided to intervene and handrear the kitten at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Animal Hospital, where he received round-the-clock care,” said the zoo.

Just hours after being born:

cute Black-footed kitten rescued at Brookfield Zoo

Dr. Mike Adkesson at the Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo, administers care to the kitten:

cute Black-footed kitten rescued at Brookfield Zoo

At six weeks old, the black-footed cat gets his food from a zookeeper:

six weeks old, the black-footed cat being bottle-fed at Brookfield Zoo's Animal Hospital

His beloved penguin toy:

Black-footed kitten plays with penguin toy at Brookfield Zoo.

Photos by ©Brookfield Zoo (flickr). More photo:

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Kitty with the Purrfect Mask

Ada the kitty wears the purrfect mask.


cute tuxedo foster kitten smiling

Eyes opened to see the world the first time:

cute tuxedo foster kitten eyes open

Getting fuzzier, cuddling in a little blankie:

cute tuxedo foster kitten getting fuzzier

Sending meows and purrs to Ada. Get well soon.

Photos ourtesy of Lindsey. More at Diary of a Foster Cat.

Teeny Bitty Kitty’s New Home and Canine Furiend

Kitty settling into her new home. “My cousin found a stray kitten. The kitten also became fast friends with their St. Bernard,” said Ilikebabyanimalswee via reddit.

That face…

cute tiny stray kitten with the face

Kitty got a bath from her canine furiend:

cute rescue kitten befriends saint Bernard dog

Happy and loved.

cute tiny stray kitten with the face

Photos by Ilikebabyanimalswee via reddit.

Smart Fetching Cat

Kitty fetches like a pro. He can fetch as well as any dog if not better.

Tiny Kittens Got Second Chance Over Easter Weekend

Tiny kittens got a second chance over the Easter weekend.

“My mom said this is how she spent her weekend. This is the first picture of newborn kittens she’s sent me. Usually its more rounding up feral cats and stray dogs, getting them spayed/neutered, rehabbing them into being adoption ready, finding them homes, etc,” said GreatestGatsby via reddit.

She loves the bottle:

cute foster baby kitten getting bottle feeding

Food coma after eating:

cute foster baby kitten sleeping after having a bottle

Photos by GreatestGatsby’s mother via reddit.

Foster Tabby and Her Biggest Fan

Little tabby foster got a second visit from a big kitty fan, Oscar who traveled all the way from another neighborhood just to hang out with the kitty. Tabby absolutely loved being in the arms of her biggest fan.

This is the reason why Oscar stayed for the entire 4 hour adoption event:

cute rescue foster kitten cradled in jacket

cute rescue foster kitten cradled in jacket

“Oscar talks to the kitten and tell us very funny stories about his own big cats (who are a little jealous when he gets back home so he bribes them with tuna fish),” Eva wrote on her flickr.

Photos courtesy of ©Eva P. (more rescue kitties and fosters: evapro).

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