Cow Kitty Gives Dog Buddy Hug Attacks

Mac the cow kitty fell in love with Gorby, a very loving and patient dog, on the day he moved into his forever home. They have been best friends ever since.

“Gorby and The Knife (Mac’s nickname) get on like a house on fire. Mac will wait and attack Gorby. Gorby patiently allows himself to get attacked by a 3 pound kitten,” their hooman said on flickr.

“Hug attack!!”

cute cat hugs dog look alike

“You are MY doggie!”

cute cat wraps around dog's leg wouldn't let go

Photos by ©everydaystranger. More photos of Mac and Gorby.

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Daniel the 26-toe Cat Helps His Shelter

Daniel the cat with 26 toes, nearly a world record, helped secure a new lease for his shelter and inspired people all over the country.

Tiny Bitty Bundle of Ginger Cute

A tiny bundle of joy, Humza, named after the man who found him all alone in his Greenpoint yard, was taken in and homed by the Empty Cage Collective in Brooklyn, New York.

cute rescue ginger kitten bundle of joy

“Hold my paw!”

cute ginger kitten bundle of joy

“You are my hooman now!”

cute rescue ginger kitten holds paws with human buddy

Photos courtesy of ©Michele Howley. Here is Humza in action. :)

Kitty Gives Doggie Love Attack

Luke the ginger tabby curls up to his Beagle mix buddy Tally and smothers him with love and cuddles before bed time.

Synchronized Kitties

Emmy and Ginny are not only best of furiends, they are totally in synch with whatever they do.

cute kitties cuddling in a nap sleeping

Synchronized hugs and snoozin'

cute synchronized twin kitties

Sitting in tandem

cute synchronized twin kitties

Cat, Copy Cat

Photos by ©Skitty Bitty.

Teeny Tiny Kitty Loves Tickles

Tickles on the belly make little grey kitty very happy!

cute grey kitten getting tickled

Tickle tickle!

cute peekaboo grey kitten getting tickled


Photos courtesy of ©Jessica (flickr: fenchurch).

Kitty Hugging Hooman Dad’s Lap

Kitty hugs his hooman’s lap with all fours like super glue.

“My cat loves me! Or finds me to be a comfortable cat pad,” said John.

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