Oskar the Blind cat Takes Daily Walk with His Best Furiend

Oskar takes a daily walk in the building with his best furiend Klaus. As soon as the door is open, Oskar goes charging into the hall and even does his famous spin move.

“Despite being blind, Oskar can navigate to the end and back,” said their hoomans.

Oskar was born 100% blind, but the kitty doesn’t think he is any different. He absolutely loves life. Klaus is also a rescue who became Oskar’s best forever friend.

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Teeny Tuxedo Bundle of Cute

After a full bottle of food, teeny tuxedo kitten is getting really really sweepy… He is falling asleep on a comfy white towel in his hooman’s hands.

Sweet little ball of cute:

cute teeny tuxedo bottle kitten wrapped

Photo by ©Andrea Ferenchik (flickr:ClickrLady).

Purrfect Kitty Lullaby

These two lovebugs have such incredible bond. It’s purrfect. This will give you cavities!

Kitty and His Doggie Bodyguards

Behind every successful kitty, there are often 2 dogs guarding behind.

Little tabby is very loved and protected by his siblings from a different species. They love and look after him like he is the boss.

cute kitten and 2 body guard dogs

Da Boss!

cute kitten and 2 body guard dogs

Kitty Feeding Frenzy

It’s a feeding frenzy. Sunshine the rescue cat mama has a litter of six very hungry mouths to feed. The diligent cat mama is literally buried underneath a pile of squirmy fuzzballs.

“Nom nom nom!!!”

cute hungry kittens nursing

foster kittens fuzzballs nursing on cat mama

cute busy cat mama nursing fuzzy kittens

cute busy cat mama nursing fuzzy kittens

Photos courtesy of ©Heather Christenson (flickr: CrackbonkersHeather’s blog).

Kitty Squack


That’s code for “Love me and pet me!” Who can possibly say no to this little quacker?

Shoulder is for Cat Naps

Teeny calico thinks hooman shoulders are meant for naps and cuddles. She passes out on her hooman’s shoulder after having a full bottle of nommies.

“My boss Sara and her roommate bottle fed this kitten since it was two days old. This is the kitten at five weeks….asleep on my shoulder. Caitlin, also from my office, ended up taking the kitten home as her new pet,” said Melissa.

cute rescue kitty sleeping cuddling

cute rescue kitten sleeping on shoulder

Photo by ©Melissa (flickr: Melijade).

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