Teeny Tiny Bottle Kitty

Teeny tiny kitten was given a bottle of warm kitty formula and lots of love and TLC. Little orphan kitten was found by Save A Pet and brought to foster care when she was only a few days old.

Her eyes weren’t even opened, but as soon as she smelled the bottle, it reminded her of her mommy.

cute tiny teeny rescue kitten bottle feeding

cute itty bitty orphan kittenc

Photos by Andi.

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Meowy Kitty

One of these tiny kittens has a strong perpetual meow that will melt your heart! Who can possibly resist that face?


Cute Kitty Gets Interrupted by Nap

Playful little kitty gets interrupted by a nap while playing. Zzzz…

Tiny Orphan Kitty Found in a Bush Nuzzles with Teddy

Little Timmie has a story that warm hearts! The little seal-point kitty found his human when he was in a bush, and the rest is history.

cute rescue kitten and teddy bear

“He was found outside a VCA Animal Hospital on October 10th by my daughter, who joined the staff of VCA Monte Vista Animal Hospital, last April. She went to empty the trash outside and an employee from the nearby dental clinic was also outside and said she heard a kitten crying. They found Timmie in a bush with no signs of a mother or other litter mates, so my daughter immediately brought him into the hospital. One of the vets estimated he was no more than 2-1/2 to 3 weeks old. He was dirty, hungry and dehydrated. My daughter volunteered to take him home and bottle feed him. The family set up a round-the-clock schedule to step in, taking care of all the needs his real mother would normally handle,” said Kathi Hennesey.

“The stuffed bear behind him is his crate-mate, part of his ‘nest’ and suggested by one of the vets. The day we took the photo we set Timmie up with his bear in a bedroom. With the help/input of the hospital staff, Timmie is thriving and growing rapidly. He’s our adorable little orphan!”

Photo by ©Kathi Hennesey via VCA Animal Hospital.

Irresistibly Cute Lap Kitty!

This tiny little fuzzball will make you go squeeee!


Maru Deluxe!

Maru doing his unthinkably cute chin-up look with double high-fives!

“Hello! I am Maru deluxe!”

cute chubby maru double high fives

Photo by Mugumogu.

Little Ginger Strays into a Loving Home

A tiny ginger kitty was found by a ventilator at a construction site. He was not yet 20 days old.

The little one was picked up by a kind person who took him into her home. He may be very small, but he has a big heart and lots of love to give. Today he is living happily at his forever loving home.

cute rescue kitten gives kiss on nose

Love nips

cute rescue ginger kitten

Itty bitty ball of cute!

cute rescue ginger kitten red ball

cute ginger kitten plays in shoe

Inspecting mommy's shoe

Photos by Rainbow Vision.

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