Kitty Cuddles Pet Bunny

Howl the cat has a pet bunny named Salvador that he cuddles and snuggles like his most precious furiend. He doesn’t let go so easily!

“You are my precious!”

cute cat hugs and cuddles black bunny rabbit

Photo by ©Tracy T. via Cuteoverload.

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Interspecies Ginger Love and Snuggles

When these 2 gingers get together, it’s love and more love. Who says cats don’t know how to love?

“(Ginger) was a previous foster kitty of mine that I ended up keeping, she loves Murkin and they cuddle and snuggle on a daily basis,” kitty’s hooman said.

Little Ginger Hunter After His ‘Prey’

Little furry hunter is wrestling with his mousy, then going after bigger ‘prey’ – our heart!

Tiny Ginger Finds Protective Canine Furiend

This tiny ginger fuzzball bonds with a big dog who helped rescue her from a grass hut.

It was a summer day, Irina M. and her dog Collie were out on a walk. They spotted a small hungry kitten in a hut. “Veterinarian did not give assurance that it will survive. But she really wanted to live and quickly recovered,” said Irina. Collie took to the little kitty and became a very protective friend.

Kitty is a bit shy at first:

cute timid scared ginger kitten meets dog

“Don’t worry. I will protect you.”

dog kisses tiny ginger kitten

They soon become close furiends.

cute ginger kitten snuggles with sheepdog

“You are MY doggie now!”

cute ginger kitten cuddling with doggie friend

They found her a permenant home and named her Bree.

Photos by ©Irina Makushina via Good Morning Kitten.

Online Pet Shelter

Now you can interact with shelter cats online. set up a web cam where you can play with the abandoned animals remotely with simply your mouse.

Here is the link to the webcam.

Kitty’s Lifelong Plushy Companion, Then and Now

“This is my baby named Teddy-Bear. The first pic is of him on the day we brought him home (at about 12 weeks old) sleeping next to a toy cat I have. The second is of him with the same toy in August this year, just a few months short of his fifth birthday. I can’t believe he used to be that small!” said Teddy’s hooman.

His toy cat has always been there with him:

cute ragdoll kitten sleeping with plush cat toy

cute ragdoll cat sleeping with plush cat toy

Photo by teddydoll10 via Daily Squee.

Teeny Calico Curls Up for a Cat Nap

It’s moments like this makes all the hard work of raising a kitten worth while.

Itty bitty calico curls up into a fuzzball for a cat nap:

cute calico kitten having a sweet dream

cute calico kitten having a sweet dream

Photo by ©Kestas Balciunas.

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