My Tiny Paw Reaching for Yours

Little kitty from the street gives his new hooman a big happy high five.

“High Five!”

photo via Daily Squee

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Teeny Tiny Handful of Cute

Tiny little handful of kitty waves with her little paws in the air and can’t wait to grow up!


cute palm sized kitten rawr

cute palm sized kitten rawr

Photo via.

Sharing Water, Not

Kitty wants all the water to himself. Sharing is so hard sometimes.

Bad Day? Here I Fix It!

“Bad day? Here I fix it!”

Benji and Nicky at 2 days old. Totally irresistible!

cute calico kitten giving kisses

A month later…

cute kittens best friends

Thanks ©Ruud Schreuder for sharing.

The 7AM Kitty

Kitty wakes up her hooman every morning at 7am sharp. Even after breakfast, she stays by him to make sure he stays awake. Doesn’t it all look so familiar? :)


If only all families could get on together like this…

cute kitties and doggie getting alongcute kitties and doggie getting along

We can all learn something from these lovely furry creatures. Photo courtesy of ©Kevin Denham.

Odd-eyed Rescue Kitty Purring in Happiness

“Purr.. purr.. You are my hooman now!”

Little odd-eyed rescue is happy to have a safe home and a hooman that he can cling to. Those quotes on his forehead scream cuteness!

cute rescue white odd-eyed kitten with quote marks


cute white odd-eyed kitty with quotation marks

cute rescue odd-eyed kitten with quote marks


Photos by Eeelvia.

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