Stray Tabby Cat Mama and Her One White Kitten

A stray tabby cat mama gave birth to a little white kitten. They were found in a cabin by a kind person who goes by wingswing on reddit. He has been feeding and caring for the two since the stray tabby first came to him.

“This stray cat would always find a time to see me because I would give her food and stroke her. She was gone for more than one month and then I found her and her baby in the cabin. I heard the landlord said that the kitty was born by another stray cat in the same place. The kitty is very protective. I remember last year I spent a few weeks (starting) from giving food, touching to finally catching her, though it was almost the first time I caught a cat. I will get the kitty spayed and try to find her and her kitten a home,” said wingswing.

Stray tabby mama and her little white kitten

cute feral cat mama and baby kitten

Where they were found:

stray cat mama and white kitten in cabin

cute stray cat mama and kitten

Kitten exploring…

cute white kitten exploring world

Toesies are yummy

cute white kitten adopted in new home

Happy to be safe

cute white kitten adopted in new home

Photos by wingswing via Reddit.

Hammock Kitty, Then & Now

There is one thing that never changes for this kitty. It is his love for his very own hammock.

He loved his hammock then…

cute hammock kitten then

He still loves it today…

cute hammock cat now

Photos via.

Stray Cat Receives Employee Badge from IBM

This stray cat who lives in the IBM offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, just received his very own badge, which makes him an official IBM cat.

Clashloudly from reddit wrote: “He’s a stray cat, but very well taken care of by the employees…. He practically lives at the cafeteria, and gets fed, given water, and sometimes even brushed regularly. He also gets petted all the time, and loves it. And he has all his shots. He’s as happy as he can be.”

The IBM employees thought he was part of the corporation, so made him his very own badge.

cute IBM cat with badge in Argentina

Edit: According to Clashloudly: “there was a mix-up at corporate and he got a different cat’s badge…. However, don’t worry about him not getting past security with that badge! He’s always had free access.”

Photo by Clashloudly via reddit

Lucky the Kitty, His Road to Recovery

Lucky the kitty is a survivor who has gone through the worst, but it all changed when he was found by the very person who became his human for life.

rescue kitten lucky


Phayze87 via reddit says: “I live in Alberta, I also live in an apartment complex. I was taking the garbage out to the communal garbage bins. After throwing my bag into the bin I heard something, waiting patiently for minutes I finally heard the noise again… Something was in the dumpster. For my neighbourhood, risking some serious health risks I decided to carefully hop in and remove garbage until I discovered the source of the noise.” He discovered a little kitty who was the only survivor in his cat family.

“The first photo taken he was about 1 and a half weeks old, he is now 9 months and larger than our original cat, who is 2 years old. Our original cat Fedor has been an amazing help in teaching lucky how to be a cat, and it was an amazing journey for me to be able to save this beautiful cat’s life,” kitty’s dad added.

“After I brought him inside and made sure my other cat Fedor was locked upstairs (Initially all cats are territorial and might attack) I cleaned him up and made up the spare bedroom into a play pen. I googled as much information as I could about caring for new borns and took him to an emergency vet hospital. Found out he was near moments from death, devastatingly dehydrated and probably going to be blind from a horrible sinus infection that was halting the development of his eyes. After I was cleared to take him home I got all the necessary tools for being a momma cat, and did my best. Waking up every 3 hours to feed him, training him to eat, then instigating bowel movements (at that age they are too young and weak to use the bathroom on their own, especially since this one was abandoned) it was an incredible learning experience and created such a bond with him. Even now in the older pictures you can see a bit of discoloration and “gunk” around his nose, his body never finished developing and the infection caused some complications so his nose never stops leaking, it’s like a 24/7 runny nose, it’s weird, but funny to watch because he never stops licking his nose and mouth.”

Today Fedor has become Lucky’s protective brother. And Lucky thinks he is the happiest kitty in the world.

Getting cleaned up after the rescue

cute rescue kitten gets first bath

All clean and fuzzy!

cute rescue kitten all cleaned up

Meeting Fedor the first time

cute rescue ginger kitten meets cat fredo

Lucky and Fedor today!

cute rescue cat lucky and fredo best friends

Photos by Phayze87 via reddit.

Kittens Befriend German Shepherd

Ragdoll kittens meet a gentle giant, a German Shepherd.

kittens befriend german shepherd dog

Little Gem Found in Park Gets His First Bottle

This little gem was spotted in a park by Tracy and Ryan. “Kitten is set up in a warm safe place, made in a shoebox found in my car.” After a trip filled with exhausting cries, Ollie finally calmed down when they arrived home.

They took Ollie to the vet. “She told us that kitten was a little boy, about 2-3 weeks old.”

Feeding Ollie isn’t an easy task. “Ollie employs sneaky tactics to avoid drinking the bottled KMR kitten milk replacement formula,” but after several attempts, he finally had his first bottle down and was happy with a full belly.

Ollie trying his first bottle

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie bottle feeding

Sleeping with a full belly

cute rescue kitten ollie sleeping after eating

Ollie at the vet

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie

Ollie building his little fortress!

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie wrapped up in towels

Photos by ©Tracy T. + Ryan G. See more of Ollie at his blog.

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