Happy Life of a Rescue Kitty

Ohagi the kitty has come a long way since the day she was found near a shed by a kind person in Japan. In the past few weeks, the little kitty has become a rascal, running the house like she owns it.

The second chance she got has made her a very happy kitty today.

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Itty Bitty Calico, Bundle of Cute

I am sleeping on your hand, stealing your heart.

At almost 2 weeks old, this teeny tiny calico baby has already learned to nap with her humans and swooned many hearts. According to Anna, the little kitten still needs a name. Any suggestions?

cute calico kitten sleeping in hand

I am sleeping on your hand, stealing your heart.

cute itty bitty calico kitten

Photos courtesy of ©Anna.

Kitty’s Favorite iPad App

Murray the ginger kitty just found his favorite iPad app. It squeaks :).

Dexter the Cat Gives Love and TLC to Little Foster

Dexter an one year old fluffy cat has a big heart for little foster kittens. Ever since Finn and Dash came to their foster home, Dexter has taken to them with open arms. He is like the furry dad that the two orphan kittens never had [edit: their cat mama Norma is in the foster home too]. Dexter is teaching the kitties how to be a man-cat.

Here is Dexter snuggling with Finn and sharing a precious moment together:

cute house cat dexter cuddling foster kitten finn

cute house cat dexter cuddling foster kitten finn


Photos courtesy of Lindsey (flickrLindsey’s kitty blog). Finn looks up to Dexter like a son to a father: Read Full Story »

Sleepy Kitty Forgot to Put Tongue Away

Ohagi the kitty forgot to put his tongue away before he fell asleep. Isn’t it just adorable when cats do that?

Tiny Black Kitten Found Canine Brother

A teeny tiny kitten was found by a dog who became her protective canine brother. They have never parted since that day.

It seemed to be just another day when Randy Rundio took his dog Scooter out for a walk and exercise, but when Scooter returned to his owner, he brought back a tiny 2 week old kitten who could barely walk at the time. According to Randy, they started feeding the kitten out of a bottle and trying everything they could to keep her alive. She was then named Peanut.

cute fuzzy black kitten

Before Peanut felt acquainted with her new tail wagging friend, her guard was up as she hissed at Scooter when he tried to come check on her, but everything seemed to change so quickly as the next few days ensued.

Peanut came out of her shell and tugged herself under Scooter’s arms. Scooter became her big protective brother. They are nap buddies and partners in “crime” as they conspire mischief around the house. Peanut seems to have taught Scooter a few antics herself. Scooter would share his rope with Peanut even though it weighed more than her when she was a kitten. Sometimes Peanut turns his rope into a pillow and other times they just tucker out next to each other after a long day of playing.

cute scooter dog meets peanut the rescue kitten

cute black kitten cuddling with big doggie friend

cute dog and cat sharing food

Photos by ©Randy Rundio. Today Peanut is all grown up and the two buddies remain best friends for life: Read Full Story »

Kitty Taking a Broom Ride

This may just explain the extra cleanliness of the floor. Little kitty loves wrestling with the broom while taking a joy ride.

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