Rescue Tabby Gets All Cleaned Up

Mr. Lucky Bojangles the kitty gets a bath and all cleaned up after being rescued from a certain fate.

This is Mr. Bojandles after he was found. His eyes just started to open at the time:

cute rescue tabby kitten eyes open

After some time, his eyes were completely opened and the little tabby boy was all clean and happy:

cute rescue tabby gets cleaned up

cute rescue tabby gets cleaned up

Photos by ©Flowermama.

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Cat Gives His Human Shoulder, Lower Back Massage

Bubba the cat gives his human a shoulder and lower back massage. He could be a certified masseuse!

Tiny Ginger Orphan Lost but Found

Food, a warm home and some tender loving care make this ginger fuzzball a very happy kitty. He was once lost, but found.

Oliver was picked up as an orphan. “My wife found this kitten where she works. We figure the momma cat was in the process of moving the litter and was not able to get back to this one. Being the animal lovers that we are, my wife brought it home. We estimate from what we can find he was about 2 – 3 days old when we got him,” said Dough Bradley. Oliver grew so fast that the family could barely keep up with him. He got along with the family dogs and stole everyone’s heart.

cute orphan ginger kitten getting kitty formula

Nom nom nom...

cute orphan ginger kitten

Happy to have a full belly!

Photos by Doug Bradley Photography. As a handsome man cat today, he is very loved and spoiled as the king of the house.

Teeny Kitten Bottle Feeding

After a few feeding sessions, little Ohagi the kitty has learned to hold onto her bottle while feeding. She wouldn’t let it go until she finishes the last drop of noms.

Kitty Clings to Human Mom’s Back

This ginger kitty always clings to his human mom wherever she goes. Do you sometimes feel like a servant to your cats?

Kitty Inspires Human to Create Art

When cats sleep on our beds, they may be up to something greater than just a nap.

Huzi the kitty not only owns his human’s bed, but also inspires his mom to create art with his natural poses. He’s his mom’s little muse, training her artistic talents. “Huzi is a cat with many dreams,” said Cui who tries to make those dreams a reality in the form of art.

cute kitty swims with fish in ocean bed art

cute kitty swims with fish in ocean bed art

cute kitty swim with fish in ocean bed art

cute cat goes fishing on the sea

cute cat goes fishing on the sea

cute cat angel with wings

Photos by Cui.

Little Fuzzy Furry Family

Who can possibly resist the roaring kitty and the cute puddle of cuddly fuzzballs?

This litter of itty bitty kitties had a blast at their foster home. The roaring little tiger is the black sheep of the family. “She is actually the runt of the litter, size-wise, but not personality-wise,” said Jazifish.

It was a labor of love for their foster family and definitely the hardest thing for them when the little ones left for their forever loving homes, but totally worth it.

cute litter of sleepy kitties foster kittens


cute litter of sleepy kitties foster kittens

Cuddle puddle

Photos by ©Jazifish, more photos of the kitties here.

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