Purring Sleepy Kitty

Little kitten Buckwheat cuddles up in his mom’s arm, snoozing and purring like a little baby. So sweet!

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Poly Paws Up

Poly kitty Amerigo is showing off his big, adorable mittens. This little foster is ready to start a new adventure into a loving home :) .

Here is Amerigo’s story. (update: Amerigo has been adopted! Yay!)

cute polydactyl kitten paws up surrender


cute polydactyl paws up surrender hemingway cat

Big poly mittens!

Here is a poly hello from Amerigo.

Amerigo, his siblings and mama cat are located in New Prague, Minnesota. Photos courtesy of ©Jean (More updates at flickr: wee3beasties)

Silly Tortie Paws Up for Attention

Four foster kittens are taking a snooze on the lounge, but one little tortie stands out. Her big eyes are so full of mischief!

Precious Moment of a Bottle Kitten

Little rescue baby holds the bottle with his tiny paw while eating and singing the nom nom song :) .

cute foster kitten bottle feeding

The bitty little baby is one of the many kitties rescued by the Best Friends Animal Society. Photo by ©Troy Snow.

From Kitten to Cat, Dio the Ginger

Little Dio was born to a stray cat mama with five other siblings. Though he is not the fastest, he sure knows how to pull at his humans’ heartstrings. This little fluffy boy has transformed from a itty bitty munchkin to a handsome ginger boy today.

cute new born ginger kitten hand held

Dio just came to this world

cute ginger kitten

In week 3, eyes wide opened, playful & mischievous little Munchkin

Dio and his sister Isis have been adopted into their foster home and are very loved by humans and several canine buddies. The rest of the furry family Read Full Story »

Kitty Back Massage

Kitty is giving his best buddy a back massage. It looks sooo comfortable!

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I Heart You!

When two hearts become one…

cute kitten love heart

I Heart You!

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