Kitty and Deer, Friendship Starts with a Kiss

This lovely friendship starts with a little peck on the nose. A tabby kitty meets a deer and greets her with a kiss and a sniff.

“You are my deer now!” Kitty says.

cute cat kisses deer

Friendship starts with a kiss

cute deer kissing kitten love

"You are my deer now!"

Photos courtesy of ©Kreative Capture.

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Pokke the Funny Kitty

Pokke the kitty does his daily antics around house. He and Maru could be best friends :).

Tiny Calico Grows Bigger with Love and Cuddles

Castella, the teeny calico found inside a wall, has grown to tail length. 30cm to be exact according to her hooman. Her favorite pastime is to laze around the house with her older kitty friends.

Castella is as big as another kitty’s tail:

cute calico kitten tail size

cute calico kitten tail size

cute calico kitten tail size

Castella is very loved by her brothers and sisters from different mothers:

calico kitten cuddling with older kitty friends

Photos by Kachimo.

Cats Give Hooman Dad Love, Kisses and Headbumps

Theo and Thea the cats see their hooman dad again after a month of being away. They shower him with lots of love and affection. This is absolutely heart-warming :).

Ball of Fluffy Cute, Then and Now

Little Alex the fuzzball turned into a fluffy adorable man cat.


cute fuzzy tiny kitten cat toy


cute fluffy kitten relaxing

Photos by Alexsandr Gray.

Maru Gives High-5

Maru gives his hooman high-fives! Too cute for words!

cute maru mirror reflection

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Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother like daughter! Mini Thais got the look from her mother, Thais. The cat mama cradles her baby calico like a gem. There is nothing more beautiful than the love between a cat mother and her babies.

like mother like daughter cute kitten and cat mama

Like mother like daughter


A month later…

like mother like daughter cute kitten and cat mama

This is love ♥

Photos by ©Jessica Lopez.

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