Hidey Kitty Gets Caught

“I am hidded. You can’t find me. You can’t see me…” ”

“Oh no, you find me!”

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Ginger Kitten Found a Hand to Lean on Forever

Tiny orphan ginger went from the ghetto to living like a prince. There is no more worries about food and safety. His hoomans who rescued him will be right there for him every step of the way.

“I have you to lean on furever now”

cute tiny rescue ginger kitten sleeping on hand

cute tiny rescue ginger kitten sleeping

Photos by ©Wes Vasher.

Maru’s New Cow Friend

“Holy cow!” Maru meets a cow, and it’s love at first sight.

“When Maru met the cow, he smelled her buttocks and ears. And they became friends immediately. ” said Mugumogu.

Sniff sniff…

cute maru cat meets cow toy

More sniffs…

cute maru cat meets cow toy

Nom nom…

cute maru cat meets cow toy

Photos by Mugumogu.

The Face that Destroys All Defenses

A face like this makes all the hard work in animal rescue and fostering worthwhile. “My new job at an animal rescue treats me to things like this every day,” said Lauren.

“Would you take me home?”

cute rescue ginger kitten

“The Face will destroy all defenses; the Voice will command you to serve. One little ‘Mee-Ew!’ and it’s over!,” said Carol B.

Photo courtesy of ©Lauren (flickr: teenytinyturkey) from Animal Rescue League of Boston.


Bottle Kitten Ear Twitching in Happiness

Tiny rescue kitten having her first bottle of nommies. Her ears are twitching with joy.

We Are Cat People!

“We are cat people, young at heart, smart, and beautiful on the inside and out. We are cat people because we think that cats are the best pets in the world and life without cats feels empty.”

Are you a cat person too? Tell us what makes you a cat person.

Protective Force Field Called Mom

Cat mama wraps her tiny day old babies around her, holding them tight in her arms.

A protective force field called Mom:

cute cat mama cuddles sleeps with baby kittens

cute cat mama cuddles sleeps with baby kittens

Photos by Karen Blix.

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