6-toed Kitty Catches Treats in His Mittens

Pee Wee, a beautiful feral kitty, loves to play catch with his 6-toed big mittens.

“We have since adopted him and are astounded by his ability to learn and the willingness he exhibits in his efforts to please us. Pee Wee’s ‘super thumbs’ are truly a sight to behold!” says the hooman.


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Curious Little Rescue Tortie Investigates String

“Must investigate!!!”

Diamond shows a tremendous amount of concentration when she discovers a string hanging down the door key. She is trying to reach it. So close!

“Diamond, her sister Ruby and brothers Fluffball and Frosty, came in to (our) rescue centre because their owner couldn’t afford to keep them,” according to Helen H.. Diamond and her furry family are in good hands now and can’t wait to start their adventures in their forever loving homes.

curious rescue tortie cute face checking out string

"Must investigate!"

cute curious rescue tortie kitten stands up checking out string

Photos by ©Helen Haden (flickr: hehaden).

Burmese Cats Guard Their Little Human Friend

Two Burmese cats curl up against their little human, guarding her while she snoozes. It just doesn’t get cuter than this :).

“Erin is now 4, and the cats still adore her. They sleep on her bed at night and she will cuddle them like dolls. Erin has a younger sister who is 2 and the cats are totally besotted with her too,” said Tony.

Kitty Gives Baby Goat a Bath

Little kitten is giving a baby goat a bath while both sharing lap time with their hooman. “You are my goat now and I take care of you!”

A Kiss Will Fix It!

Don’t be sad, a kiss will fix it!

At 9 days old, their eyes started to open and their curiosity about the world began to grow.

cute tiny bitty kittens new born

Don't be sad, a kiss will fix it!

cute kittens giving kisses

Kiss! ♥

Photos by ©Ariana Jordan.

Unlikely Friendship of Cat and Dog, Then and Now

Oreo the kitty and Pixie the dog grew up together since they were young. Oreo a rescue kitty has been entranced by Pixie since the day they met.

When they were kitten and puppy:

cute cat and dog snuggling best friends

Oreo the kitty fell in love with Pixie on day one

cute oreo the cat and pixie the dog best friends

Now they are all grown up:

cute oreo the cat and pixie the dog best friends

cute oreo the cat and pixie the dog best friends

Oreo still loves his doggie to bits

Thanks ©Candi for the lovely photos. (flickr: loveberries).

A Hug Makes Kitty Happy

What makes this kitty happy? A little cuddling will do!

Have you hugged your kitty today?

Me want a hug…

cute persian kitten curls up

Hugz! Happy!

cute persian kitten smiles happy for a hug

cute smiley happy persian kitten

Photos by ©Catherine (flickr: catherine.caf).

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