Mattie the Fuzzy Little Foster Kitty

cute rescued foster kitten licking tongue

Mattie the foster

Mattie was found by the shelter when he was still a teeny wee baby. He came to his foster home with his brother Ben. His new life just started from there.

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Kaos the Little Monkey Cat

cute rescued ginger kitten

Kaos loves to climb things like a little monkey :)

Written by ©Ida Braaten (flickr: runya).

Our ginger kitty is approximately 7-8 months now. His name is Kaos (Chaos in English) was found very thin and lonely in a garage. He grew up with a white kitten named Blondie at a local animal shelter. That’s where I met him and knew right away that he and Blondie would come home with us.

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Snuggly Cuddly Kitties

This video goes to show how loving and affectionate cats are. :) The cuddles and snuggles shared by these two rescues are absolutely infectious! Don’t you just love meow? :)

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Mickey the Foster Cat Running the Store

cute rescued cat foster at pet supply store pets on the run

Mickey loves to stand up against the door, greeting customers

“One year old gentle cat (12.2lbs) surrendered to the shelter for the lack of time on his owner’s part, Mickey was adopted almost in a heartbeat… fostered in a super friendly pet supply store,” said Eva Prokop, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn. The store has been helping many local animal shelters fostering and adopting out cats and kittens. Mickey loved ruling the roost in the store. In fact, when you visit there, there are usually a couple cute foster cats patrolling around.

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Little Alta Finds New Home and Forever Friend

cute seal point kitten Alta

Alta the new kitty

Written by ©Liz (flickr: C and LB).

We have two young cats in the household, both boys, both named after ski resorts out west (Grand Targhee in Wyoming and Alta in Utah). We adopted Targhee in June at about 2 months of age. We decided a dog was difficult with our work and so we got a cat despite my allergies (very allergic to cats). We thought Targhee must be lonely when we’re away so we decided to get him a playmate.
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Little Kitten Being Irresistibly Cute

This little ginger baby will melt your heart into a sugary puddle. Beware!

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A TNR Story of 2 Little Feral Kittens

cute rescued feral kittens

Kiley and Stellan

Written by ©Margaret (flickr: Margaret and the Beasts).

Two feral kitties showed up in our back yard in Feb and we caught them the same day (through our Trap-Neuter-Return or TNR). We kept them in hopes to get them adoptable. However, they were a little tricky. Neither really made much progress in their first month, which was interesting considering they were quite a bit younger than the other group of older kittens we’d trapped in September. (Just goes to show how genetics plays a huge roll in sociability and the importance of socializing kittens as young as possible.)

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