Two Furry Best Furiends

cute rescued kitten bites finger

Little grey rescue

cute tabby kitten superman pose sleeping


A fuzzy grey and white kitten was rescued on the street when he was only a couple months old. He was introduced to a tabby kitten whom he was not fond of when they first met, but things quickly changed. Day by day they got to learn about each other and realized they could play together and snuggle when they sleep. Today, they have become best friends, always cuddling each other when they snooze. The two boys are like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable.

They came from different places but ended up in the same home, and now they have each other for life.

Photos courtesy of ©araf-e.

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Itty Bitty Ginger Rescue Kitty

cute rescue orange kitten sleeping

cute rescue ginger kitten

Morakot a beautiful ginger kitten was found when he was still a tiny little munchkin. He was cleaned up and given lots of food, a warm bed to nestle in and tons of toys to play with. Then one day, a kind family adopted him and gave him all the love and attention that he wanted. He is turning three years old in a few months, but he is still a kitten at heart. Here are some of the photos of him when he was at his foster home.

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Fuzzy Kitten Chows Down

Little two week old kitten is chowing down a bottle of food like a champ. The kitty may be small, but he surely got a big appetite. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing to see a tiny little life begin to thrive and shine?

cute rescue kitten bottle kitten formula

cute tabby kitten chows down bottle of milk

Photos courtesy of Chris Goldberg.

Milo and Lyra and Their Forever Home

cute adopted kitten sleeping


cute adopted kitten in pocket


Milo and Lyra became the new additions to Dave’s family when they were around 2 months old. When they met their prospective human parents the first time, they were tiny squirmy little fuzzballs, still too young to leave their mom. The couple fell in love with them right away. It was love at first sight.

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Massage Kitty

Kitty is giving his buddy a tummy, back and shoulder massage :). How sweet are they!

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Sprout and Twiggy

cute rescue grey kitten


cute rescue tortie kitten


Sprout and his sister Twiggy were found on a very cold day in November last year. They were two little fighters that survived the cold weather. Before Christmas Jill picked them up from Fredericton SPCA (Canada) and brought them home to foster. They had their first holidays at a warm, loving home.

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Me Ke the Tiny Rescue with a Big Purrsonality

cute rescue calico kitten

Me Ke

cute rescue calico kitten paw wave

High 5!

Me Ke was only two months old when she was found on the streets on September 25, 2008. She was such a small kitten with only skin and bones (weighing around 800g or 28oz), but no matter how tiny the little calico was, she took everyone by surprise with her larger than life purrsonality.

Me Ke was flu ridden and infested with fleas, but luckily her life was about to take a new turn. She gulped down all the food and water and made herself very comfortable in her new warm bed on the first day at her new foster home.

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