The Unexpected Furry Addition to the Family

cute kitten plays with cat toy

Kiwi, gentle little girl

cute tabby kitten beautiful eyes

Kiwi and her beautiful eyes

Sometimes cats come into our lives when we least expect it. Kiwi found Tim Forbes who had a cat named Snowball and was not looking for another one. “But she took to me right away and I didn’t regret it for a second,” said Forbes.

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Kitty Loves Bowl

City the Kitty loves his greenish blue bowl :). It’s a bit snug but purrfect for him :). Check out the rescue story of this half Manx, half Bengal kitty here.

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Cute Rescue Kitten Wakes Up

This little ginger rescue just woke up from a nap, yawning and stretching so adorably.

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Gary the Little Furry Survivor

cute rescue tabby kitten baby

Gary the little rescue

cute rescue tabby kitten baby

Showing off his footsie

Tim Bartel and his girl friend took in a family of three after his girlfriend found the mama who needed medical emergency. The kittens are Gary and Kasimir.

The cat mama had to go through a surgery and it went well, but she was no longer able to nurse the kittens, so Tim and his girlfriend worked around the clock to feed the kittens. There were many sleepless nights, but the couple did not mind at all, doing their best to care for the little ones. They kept track of their health and weight to watch their growth.

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Kasimir the Little Furry Survivor

cute rescued kitten Kasimir many toes and paws

Kasimir - many footsies

cute rescued kitten cuddles hugs hand

Cuddly Kasimir

A stray cat mama had a hard time delivering her babies. Only two survived. When she was discovered the next day by Tim Bartel’s girlfriend, she immediately picked up the cat mama and the two babies to the vet.

The cat mama had to go through an operation, and she would be all right. The only problem was she would no longer be able to nurse her two babies. Tim and her girlfriend bought bottles and kitten formula and were ready to embark on an around the clock journey to care for the kittens.

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Maru Tries out Fashionable Boxes

Maru is trying out several fashionable boxes. Which one is your favorite?

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Martha and Her Brother 8 Months After Adopted

cute grey tabby kitten in toilet tube

Martha around 2 months old

cute rescue gold tabby kitten show off belly

Martha showing off her belly at 3 months

Martha was adopted along with her brother Rufus. Their previous owner was not able to take care of them, so Mike Plunkett and his family stepped in and welcomed the two little fur babies into their loving home.

It was quite a story when Mike got the kittens and brought them back to healthy and happy selves. It’s been 8 months since Martha and Rufus came to live with their family. Martha the shy kitty who always trailed behind Rufus has really come out of her shell. She is definitely not camera shy and loves to give different poses when Mike takes photos.

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