Cow Kitty Getting Radar Ears

As cow kitty Omicron grows bigger, his ears get larger and perkier. They look like cute little radar dishes.

First day at his foster home:

cute cow kitten first day at foster home

10 days later:

cute foster cow kitten lap time

A month has passed:

cute foster cow kitten sitting like a person

Omicron with big radar ears

Thanks to Kimberly Jennery for fostering Omicron. More Kimberly’s fosters at her blog. Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery

A Kiss is Happiness

Don’t be sad. I fix it for you!

cute kitten gets a kiss from cat mama

Kiss ♥

Photo by ©Alberto Sed.

Kitty Loves His Rug

Dusty the little foster has not gotten over his love of nursing, so his foster mom got him a bath mat and he loves it!

Friendship Begins with a Sniff

This is how their friendship begins…

Sniff sniff:

cute kitten sniffing dog friend

cute kitten sniffing dog friend

Kitty climbs over the doggie…

cute kitten climbing dog friend

… and nuzzles in under his big ear for a snuggle. “You are my doggie now!”

cute kitten sleeping with dog friend

Photos by Adam Monsen.

Furry Family of 5 Found Hope and Love

Lola, a lovely 2-year-old grey tabby can finally cuddle her babies in a foster home. She and her kittens have been at the shelter since 2 weeks ago.

cute lola mama cat and baby kittens

Lola cuddling her kittens

Lola gave birth to four precious little kittens, but the furry family was in need of a foster home. The shelter did not have enough room and staff to look after the entire family.

The word was out among the rescuers in Florida. Good Karma Pet Rescue, a small rescue group, took in the mama cat and her new born babies.

They were brought to fosterer Sandy’s home where the cat mama can nurse and teach her babies all the skills they need before they find their forever loving homes.

More photos of this lovely furry family. They are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

cute foster kitten flying

cute happy foster kitten big smile

cute curious kittens in basket

Photos courtesy of Good Karma Pet Rescue. Who can possibly resist these faces: Read Full Story »

Maru’s Love for Bags

Maru loves bags no matter big or small. He’d attempt to get in every bag whenever he spots one. That’s why no bag goes wasted in Maru’s house.

cute maru big round face

Read Full Story »

A Hug A Day…

A hug a day keeps the blues away.

cute kitten cuddles hugs

Photo by TC.

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