Ulysses the Feral Cat Found Haven

cute black rescued cat

Ulysses being cute

Written by ©Linda Hill.

“Ulysses” is the name I gave my black rescue because of the trials he had been through, separated from his home and family by having, probably, been thrown away at the side of the freeway and having to keep himself alive amid constant dangers of freeway traffic, extreme weather, no food or water, and predators, such as dogs, coyotes, and hawks. (The legendary hero, Ulysses, faced 20 years of trials and attacks and danger trying to get back home to Ithaca from the Trojan War. I figured this kitty had been through just about as much.) The veterinarian thought he was about two years old and had likely survived on his own for that long.

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Kitty Watching Birdie Play

This adorable kitty grew up with her best friend, a bird. It’s amazing how gentle and calm the little kitty is. Click play and enjoy the video.

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Friendship Between Sophie the Kitten and Simon the Pup

cute rescued calico and corgi pup

Sophie the kitty & Simon the dog

Written by ©Koratcats.

Little kitty is a rescue. my neighbors found her eating garbage out of their truck last Friday, and well, they’re not pet people.

They thought of us at 10 pm at night and brought her over to my house, starving, full of fleas, and VERY mouthy and yelling about how put out she was about this situation! At least we have plenty of cat food here, and she was much happier once her tummy was full and she had a warm place to sleep for the night.

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Where is the Kitty?

Shirobu, a very fluffy Himalayan kitty, just blended in with his stuffed animal friends. Where is the fluffy kitty? :)

Click play and enjoy the video. :)

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Story of Arthur and Edie the Tabby Rescues

cute rescued kittens

Arthur and Edie

Written by ©Laura Hyde (flickr: laura_hyde).

My husband Barry and I adopted Arthur and Edie from Drifter’s Reach Cat Refuge in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. On 12th July 2010 (our second wedding anniversary!), we went to the shelter and we were shown a litter of four six week old tabby kittens, two boys and two girls. They had been brought in with their mother when they were just a few days old. Their mother hadn’t been able to feed them properly because she had mastitis, so they were a bit underweight and the people at the shelter had been bottle-feeding them.

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Romeo the Fatherly Cat

cute rescued cat


Written by ©Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

“Which is the friendliest cat,” I asked the vet tech who spent a lot of time with the cats boarded at the vet office that were available for adoption. Her face lit up and she said, “Come with me.” I followed her into a room lined with cages and she opened the one halfway down on the right and pulled out a large brown tabby cat, holding him over her shoulder like a baby. He immediately began sucking on her neck, giving her kisses upon smooches. “Hold him,” she said, and I did, and I never let go.

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Little 4 Week Old Rescue

Eva, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn New York found a little 4 week old wee baby and took her into her foster home. He is vocal, playful and very mischievous.

“(He is) 4 weeks old, with a dirty nose, mysterious bold spots on his foot and Liz Taylor blue eyes – this guy is already a winner,” said Eva.

cute rescued kitten


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