Daphne the Fluffy Sweetheart

cute fluffy foster kitten peekaboo

Peekaboo kitty Daphne

cute foster tabby foster shy kitten

Daphne is a little sweetie with dark soft long fur. When she just came to her foster home, she was very shy and went to hide a lot. As time went on, she finally came out of her shell.

Daphne likes to watch her siblings play while sitting comfortably on her human’s lap. When you are working on something, she’d sit by your side, watching every little thing you do, tilting her head as if she is learning about what you do.

Daphne and her brothers have found their forever loving homes. They were rescued byFredericton SPCA (Canada).

Photos courtesy of Jill Hudgins (flickr: jillhudgins), Fredericton SPCA’s page.

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Little Mitten Footsie Fest

cute foster tabby kittens cuddling white mittens

cute foster tabby kitten with white mittens

Remember Maggie the cat mama who gave birth to six adorable tabbies? The kittens are growing leaps and bounds in size and energy. They are constantly flapping their little paws in the air when they play. It’s absolutely irresistible. Robyn and Fred Anderson from Challenger’s House sure have their hands full, looking after the little squirmy ones who have learned to explore and make antics.

It gets dangerously cute when they all have their little footsies in the air. What can I say? I am a sucker for these little munchkins. :)

Photos courtesy of Robyn Anderson (flickr: RobynAnderson).

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Tigger and Einstein Sweet Little Fosters

cute foster kittens snuggle cuddle in nap

Einstein and Tigger

cute foster ginger kitten tigger


Tigger and Einstein are only 5 weeks old from the Annex Cat Rescue. They are fostered by Alexandra Guerson and her family in Toronto, Canada. The two little kittens are keeping their foster family’s hands full. Sometimes big purrsonalities come from small packages. These little fuzzballs surely know how to play and have a good time.

Don’t you think they are meant to be together forever? (Update: Tigger and Casper have been adopted together!)

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More pictures of Tigger and Einstein).

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Rambo the Furry Fighter

cute rescue foster fluffy kitten

Rambo the mischief maker

cute foster fluffy kitten rambo handful

Tiny little fuzzball, but tons of energy

Rambo is a cutie pie, but deep down he is a little fighter just like his name. The little guy has no fear and loves to play fight with another kitty in a wrestling match. Rambo is a firecracker, but once he is tired from playing, he’d snuggle up with you by your side.

Rambo was adopted very quickly after he left his foster home. He and his sister Lemoni were rescued by Fredericton SPCA (Canada).

Photos courtesy of Jill Hudgins (flickr: jillhudgins), Fredericton SPCA’s page.

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Ozzy the Cat and Her Tolerant Bunny

cute tabby cat jumps to bunny toy on scratching post

Ozzy rescues her bunny

cute tabby cat and her favorite bunny toy

Best buddies

Ozzy had quite a story when she first came to her new home. The little tabby was very vocal and would not come out from underneath the futon for several hours. “Every time we went to the kitchen to refill our coffee cups, she’d start mew mew MEW…,” said Dave. It got louder and louder as she went.

As soon as they came back to the couch, she calmed down. Every time they moved away from the futon, she cried in agony. When Dave and his family tried to pet her, she slid back further under the futon. “What finally got her brave enough to come out from her bunker was Read Full Story »

Maru Loves His Silvervine Stick

Maru is having a silvervine stick feast (Japanese catnip). The way he likes it is to have someone hold it for him while he enjoys it.

cute maru cat sniffs smells catnip silvervine stick

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Navy Sailors Bonded with 3 Stowaway Kittens

cute rescue tabby kitten cuddle navy sailor soilder

Kitten and his cuddle buddy

cute rescue tabby kitten gives sailor a kiss

Kitten gives soldier a nose kiss

It all began when Eric Hanst and his fellow sailors were Navy deployed overseas. When they were in port for a few days, they were greeted by an unexpected guest. “A cat came aboard via mooring line. We lost track of her, and found her later that evening. We managed to get her back to the pier, and waved goodbye as we took off. This cat seemed unusually upset by this,” said Hanst.

What they did not know was that the cat didn’t just come alone. “It turns out, when she managed to sneak on board, she also managed to smuggle on three kittens. We thought she had given birth on the ship, but it was pointed out to us that they were too big to be only a few days old.”

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