Wink the Loving, Cuddly Foster Kitten

cute rescued tabby kitten

Periwinkle the rescue or Wink for short :)

A little foster kitten named Periwinkle or Wink for short came to her foster home back in 2008 after being rescued by her rescue group, Independent Animal Rescue in Durham North Carolina. “She’s a fabulous little girl, very playful, loves to cuddle, and she does quite an impressive purr,” said Kelli Gaskill, Wink’s foster mom.
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Little Playful Rescued Baby

This little rescued fur baby is so cute that it will make you squeak :). Click play and enjoy the video. Check out his rescue story here.

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Pashmina the Bathroom Princess

cute rescued tabby cat loves sink

Pashmina, the bathroom princess

Pashmina was wandering on the street on a Sunday night, hoping to get something to eat at the nearby restaurants. When she first met Giane Portal and her boyfriend, they were on their way to a birthday dinner. As soon as they sat down at a pizza place in the outdoor area, the tabby cat came to greet them by jumping on their lap :).

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Tilly the Rescue, the Lovable Ginger Girl

cute rescued ginger cat

Tilly the rescue

Written by ©Debra Mineely (flickr: damselfly58).

I had been debating whether to get another cat to keep my other cat coco company. My hubby wasn’t that keen. Then I went through a bit of a rough patch so my hubby thought it was ok to get a kitten. He preferred not getting a ginger one or a white one.

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Foster Kittens Demand Food!

This is what happens each time when these foster kittens want their noms. Cuteness alert!

Story of Smudge the Grey Rescue

cute rescued kitten hiding behind curtain

Peekaboo Smudge

Written by ©Chris Gin (flickr: chris_gin).

Smudge and his adopted brother Blackie are my sister’s cats. They were both adopted from our local SPCA about 2 years ago. Smudge caught my sister’s attention because he was being picked on by the other kittens. Blackie was chosen by my other sister because she has a thing for black cats.

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Mohsen the Playful Rescued Tabby

cute rescued tabby cat

Mohsen the mischievous little rescue :)

Mohen is an adorable little guy who was found with two other kitties near an office building in Brazil. Giane Portal‘s boyfriend rescued the little kittens and brought them to their home.

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