Kitten vs Swiffer

When a little kitten sees a Swiffer, it’s game on!

This is the reason why sometimes sweeping floor takes a lot longer to get done.

Kitty Slumber Fest

It seems that no matter how many kitty beds there are available, kittens seem to gravitate towards the one that is being occupied already.

Little foster kitten Mercy finds a kitty bed that fits her purrfectly.

cute foster kitten fits perfectly in cat bed sleeping


Moments later, the other foster kitties join in and nuzzle into a pile.

cute foster kittens sleeping in tiny cat bed

Kimberly’s new fosters are too cute for words! More Kimberly’s fosters at her blog. Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery

Kitty and Puppy Snuggling

A kitty found a buddy to snuggle with… “You are my doggie now!”

According to Brain H., his cat was playing with his friend’s dog, then they fell asleep together, cuddling each other like they are best forever friends.

cute cat cuddles dog sleeping

You are my doggie now!

Photo by ©Brian Hannah.

Kitty Fetches Stuffed Animal

Hana is always energized and ready to play. She owns a big black stuffed animal and she fetches it like a champ!

A Cuddle Means Love

I cuddle you!

Jackie is a big hugger. He loves to cuddle when he snoozes. When we introduced Linus to Jackie, he adopted him and the rest is history :).

Here is a video of Jackie and his elephant buddies.

cute cat cuddling with linus

More photos of Jackie and his furry gang.


Snuggly Ginger Brothers

Two snuggly ginger brothers always have each other. They are like two peas in a pod, totally inseparable.

Dash (ginger) and Finn (cream) were born to a stray mama cat who was taken in by the Humane Society. Lindsey helped the mama deliver her babies. The two little buddies are now one week old and growing so fast! Soon they will see the world for the very first time. Until then, here are some photos of this pair of cuddly brothers:

cute new born kittens best friends

Dash and Finn

cute snuggling new born ginger kittens

Best friends!

cute new born ginger kittens

Photos courtesy of ©Lindsey. You can follow the kitties’ progress at her lovely blog. More foto of these 2 ginger fuzzballs: Read Full Story »

Tiny Kitty, BIG Stretches

Little kitty wakes up from a sweet nap, stretching away so adorably. Cuteness is an innate talent of cats.

He was rescued near a shed in a garden one day and is now living in a forever loving home with many furry friends to play with.

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