Expressive Ginger Kittens

We are going all ginger today. They are expressive and full of fun. These pictures need some captions!

cute orange kitten gets kicked in the face


cute orange kitten licks grooms paw

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Mocha the Orange Ninja Cat

cute orange fluffy cat mocha holds glass ball


cute ginger fluffy cat plays hide and seek peekaboo

The stealth ninja

Mocha is a little ninja who has the hunting instinct of a tiger and the agility of a cheetah. He puts his hunting skills to use chasing any moving objects and attacking flying toys by leaping up from the ground like a high jumping athlete. This ginger fluffy boy is very determined when he locks his eyes on a target. He goes after it and won’t let go until he has it hunted down like a champ.

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Nora the Homeless Kitten Found New Home

cute rescue kitten shy baby

Nora, the little body magnet

cute rescue kitten looks up


A little kitten found her way to a man named Keisuke. She was very tiny, hungry, and dirty. Keisuke could smell the stench from the little body. He took her into his home right away and welcomed her with food and comfort. He named her Nora.

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Two Ginger Kitties

cute ginger baby kitten sleeping


cute ginger baby kitten snoozing sleepy


Si and Sprout, two ginger kitties were born to a rescue cat mother. They were tiny and feeble little ones when they came to this world, but their loud voice made up for their size. Since they are both ginger, a little destructive behavior is inevitable. The two wrestle and play pranks on each other, but that’s all part of the fun as kittens.

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Mini the Calico Kitten Found in the Rain

cute rescued calico kitten playing playful

Mini the little rescue calico

cute rescue calico kitten shy

This pictures was taken on the second day after she was rescued. Mini was still a bit shy, but very curious

Written by itsdesire, edited by Love Meow.

It was pouring rain in Shanghai the other night. I saw a little kitten wandering by herself. She must be separated from her family. In the moment of fear when she saw me, she shouted with all her might at me.

She reminded me of my old cat Mimi who was also a Calico. This little poor thing was skin and bones with rain dripping down her dirty coat. I couldn’t bear seeing her like that, so I picked her up and brought her home.

I named her Mini, not that I am good at picking names. This is how our story began.

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Quin, the Unexpected Tuxedo Rescue

cute rescued tuxedo kitten quin sniffing plants

Quin was rescued by a black Labrador when she was a tiny baby

Written by ©Julia (flickr: jujubalee).

We were hanging out at a friend’s house in the backyard. They have a large, yet gentle, older black lab named Sebastian. Unfortunately, they had also been having a mole problem and Sebastian was helping to catch them. In the middle of our conversations, Sebastian came running up to us carrying something in his mouth. We thought it was probably another mole but upon closer inspection we realized it was a tiny kitten, probably no more than a few weeks old. So he gently placed it on the ground and we all gathered around. The kitten was not hurt at all, but it was nice and soggy with doggy drool and mewing like crazy. A friend went searching the perimeter of the yard to see if we could find any other kittens or the mother but there was nothing to be found so we weren’t sure where the kitten came from.

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Dusty the Klepto Kitty

Some of you might have heard of the thief that has been prowling in the neighborhood of San Mateo, California. No one is bothered by the little thief. In fact, when they find out something is missing, they know who took it. The little mysterious thief is a cat burglar named Dusty the Klepto Kitty who goes out every night and comes back with all kinds of “treasure” he finds at the neighbors’ houses. John Fulton from Animal Planet did an investigation in an attempt to catch Dusty in the act.

This is how it all unfolds:

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