Two Little Rescue Ginger Fuzzballs

cute rescue foster ginger kitten

Gold Brick

cute rescued foster ginger kitten

Gold Bar

While Tracy was busy taking care of many rescue cats found through their Trap-Neuter-Return program in Hong Kong, two more little orphaned kittens found their way to her door. They were named Gold Bar and Gold Brick, little ginger babies from two different litters.

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Fluffy Goodness

cute rescue foster fluffy kittens

Oberon and Pixie

Written by ©Catherine Donaldson (flickr: kittiecatd).

After six weeks without the pitter patter of little tootsies, just being very busy with work and life in general, the phone rang and i smiled with delight when i saw who it was… the Lort Smith Animal Hospital! Two littlies needed my extra special fattening care… and to say the least it was absolutely purrrrfect timing. I picked them up on Monday and they were slightly sacred of what was all happening but once they arrived home… everything became clear. The big fluffy bed became an instant hit! The grey kitten is a delicate little lady who was losing weight compared to her burly tabby brother. Big tummies and loads of purring have already been produced in a day!

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Mirror Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the floor! Who is the cutest cat for sure?”

I know this is another kitty and mirror video, but I can’t help it. It’s too cute to miss :).

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The Beckoning Ginger Foster

cute rescue foster ginger kitten Maneki neko beckoning

Little Beckoning Cat | by Tracy Chan

“I am Maneki Neko, here to bring you luck!”

His name is Kimura Takuya who was brought to the shelter when he was a teeny little baby. Luckily for the boy, he’s found a good home :).

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Chiroru the Hidden Kitten Revealed

cute foster ginger kitten naps in can

Chiroru fell asleep on the scale while getting weighed

cute rescue foster snuggly kittens nap snuggle

Chiroru and her siblings ♥


You have probably seen the adorable video of the hidden kitten with pink paw pads.

All the kittens were staying with Chinobi Umeharu, a foster parent from Japan, until they found a place that they could call home.

Because of lack of funds for many rescue groups, people like Umeharu have to pay for all the expenses from their own pocket, including medical care, vaccinations, food and others.

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Kittens Crazy for Tube

When you give two little frisky kittens a tube to play with, something extraordinarily cute happens.


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Three Fuzzy Calico Sisters

cute rescued foster calico kittens

Cuddly babies

These little sisters are having a blast at their foster home. Tracy brought them in when they were only a few weeks old. Now they have grown and become three little mischief makers running around in the house and playing with other rescue kitties.
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