Kitten Snuggling with Little Birdie

Kitty sharing a nap with his birdie.

Aren’t cats amazing? Remember the cat who adopted 30 chicks and the tiny kitten that befriended his chirpy buddies? They never cease to amaze us how adorable they are.

cute kitten snuggles with chick

via Caturday.

Russell the Teeny Tabby and Huge Lovebug

Russell was born a runt, a much smaller kitty than his siblings. Though very tiny, he never lacks spirit. “All of the others had been adopted but no one wanted Russel. My mom and I couldn’t bear to leave him, so we took him home on the same day and Russel has been with us ever since,” said Andie Scott.

Russell has become Andie’s best friend since the day he stepped into his new home. He tags along with her and never leaves her sight. When Andie is using the computer, he’d fall asleep on the keyboard and occasionally types out his meow literature on the computer. “I feel blessed to have him in my life,” said Andie.

cute runt kitten and laptop

Russell the tiny tabby

cute tabby kitten by laptop

"You can't see me!"

adorable tabby kitten stretching


Photos courtesy of ©Andie Scott. Little Russell even has his own blog now. Here Russell is giving a big stretch: Read Full Story »

Maru Calls for Attention

Maru’s mom went into her room for just a little bit but Maru immediately demanded her attention.

“Marrueww! Come to me at once!”

cute maru and his fish

Read Full Story »

Napping into a Cuddle

When two kittens nap together, this seems to happen quite a lot.

Kurt, a volunteer from Friends of Felines Rescue Center, was taking photos of the kitties and these two nap buddies were sleeping next to each other, but slowly snuggling into one big cuddle. It just doesn’t get cuter than that!

cute rescue kittens napping on pillow

cute rescue kittens sleeping on pillow

cute rescue kittens cuddling sleeping

Friends of Felines Rescue Center is having a big fundraiser also called a Catathon this coming Sunday where they will be streaming an auction via their ustream channel. Meow!

Cow Kitty with Purrfect Nose Smudge

Just like Mandy the runt, Chinook (Mandy’s brother) also has the purrfect nose smudge. It looks almost like a butterfly with its wings spread out. He is a bit shy but very sweet. He will make a wonderful addition to a loving home.

He is one of the 4 kitties rescued by the Toronto Cat Rescue and brought into Christine’s care. When he just arrived, he was very scared. With lots of TLC and plenty of food, the little cow kitty is slowly coming out of his shell and playing with all the new toys he’s discovered. He is a real sweetheart!

cute kitten with butterfly on his nose

cute foster kitten plays with cat toy

Thanks ©Christine Gittings for fostering Chinook and his siblings. They are located in Toronto, Canada. Here are more photos of our fluffy boy, Chinook: Read Full Story »

Kitty and a Box

Boxes are truly some of cats’ best toys. This fuzzball is crazy about his new box!

Kitty says: “What’s in the box? Must go inside!”

Kitten and Chicks

Little Mufasa befriended a few adorable chirpy buddies. “We’ve had 8 of the 30 incubated chicks so far. Mufasa didn’t mind them at all,” Jack Hynes wrote on his flickr.

The teeny kitty not only enjoyed hanging out with the little chicks, he also helped them clean up and gave them bathes.

cute kitten and chicks tongue out

Who's ready for a bath?

cute kitten licks a chick

Your turn!

Photos by Jack Hynes.

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