Zippy the Ginger Maneki Neko

Little Zippy waves in good luck and fortune.

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cute ginger maneki neko beckoning cat

Zippy the Maneki Neko, Beckoning cat

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Rescued Kitten Found Forever Home with Foster Parent

cute rescued fluffy kitten plays with cat toy

Butterfly the little rescue swats a mousie

cute rescued fluffy kitten stares at a mouse toy

Mousies are Butterfly's favorite toys

Butterfly, a beautiful fluffy kitty was picked up from a feral colony by a kind lady who frequents the area to feed feral and stray cats. She named this fuzzy kitty Butterfly because his markings resemble those of a butterfly. The kind lady found him a home that she thought would be permanent. Unfortunately, that was not the case and he was returned. The kind lady was very worried because she would be out of town soon, so  she found her friend Furla who agreed right away to foster the little kitty until they found a perfect home for him.

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Maru Meets a Difficult Box

For the first time, Maru meets a box that is difficult…

cute cat maru in laundry bag

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Whitie the Kitty Runs the House

cute white kitten stretching


cute little white kitten

He's got a pair of quotes on his forehead

Whitie was picked up by his human dad who soon became his permanent staff, catering to his every need. Whitie still a tiny little fuzzy ball has already ruled the house. Whenever his dad is working on his laptop, Whitie thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to sit down on the keyboard and use it as a heated bed. Whenever his dad walks away from his chair, Whitie jumps on it and lays himself down comfortably as if it is what the chair is for. By the time his dad returns, he is fast asleep.

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City the Kitty Squishes into His Box

City the Kitty is a rescued part Manx (that’s how he got the bobtail), part Bengal who always loves to get into all types of boxes if there is one. His tiny little bobtail always sticks out when he does it, super cute!

I wonder what he is looking for :). [City the Kitty's rescue story and photos].

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Bowie the Little Runt 6 Months After Rescue

cute rescued kitten in camera bag


cute rescue cat plays in camera bag

Bowie now

Photos courtesy of CptMad.

Bowie was once a little kitten without home. She was found when she was around three months old, but “she looked like she was 3 weeks old.” The little kitty was in bad shape with fleas, dirty ears and could barely move, but inside her, there was such determination to live and get well. She was a little fighter and today she’s grown into a lovely cat.

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Expressive Ginger Kittens

We are going all ginger today. They are expressive and full of fun. These pictures need some captions!

cute orange kitten gets kicked in the face


cute orange kitten licks grooms paw

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