Fluffy Kitty Plays Chasing Game

Does your kitty like to play chase with you? This fluffy cat is playing a game with his mommy. He is trying to get her to run after him.

But after mommy starts chasing him, he decides to pull a fast one on her. :)

Click play and enjoy the video:

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Rescued Kittens Belle and Sebastian

cute tortie kitten

Belle | by ©fluffyhelen

Written by Helen (flickr: ©fluffyhelen)

Belle and Sebastian came into the Nottingham RSPCA animal shelter in August 2009 after being found with their mum, Betsy, underneath a hedge in somebodies garden. They were barely a few days old and Betsy had been caring for them. There were only the two kittens and we had a really lucky spell of warm weather which ensured they made it through their first week.

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Little Kitty JJ

This is JJ, a sweet little thing who found his forever home two years ago :) . These are photos taken after he just arrived. Isn’t he precious?

Photos courtesy of Simon Whitaker.

cute kitten standing up

"I can dance. Check out my moves!"

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Teek the Quirky Loving Cat

cute kitten sleepy eyes

Teek Salute!

It has been almost three years since Caro adopted a little sick kitty they named Teek. “He started out with us weighing barely two pounds but with sessions in a nebulizer, plenty of meds and love, he very quickly ate his way to health. He’s such a healthy eater that he’s been on a diet for the last few months. Dude now weighs close to 17 pounds,” said Caro.
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Coraline the Tuxedo Kitten

These pictures of Coraline the tuxedo kitty will melt your heart into a sugary puddle :) .

Photos courtesy of Steven Duong.

cute tuxedo kitten

"My name is Coraline!"

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Cats Fascinated by Crinkly New Cat Toy

The kitties got a very interesting looking new cat toy that they can’t get enough of. Yes, it is a toy made for cats :) , a very crinkly one too.

Click play and enjoy the video.

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Tabby Kitten Who was Unplanned, but Not Unwanted

cute tabby kitten napping in basket

Florian, the little rescue, napping in a basket

A little tabby kitten came into Laura’s life one day totally unexpected.

“Florian was unplanned, but not unwanted. He was discovered by mom in her woodpile. 36 hours later he was at the vet where he received a clean bill of health,” said Laura.
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