Kitten Plays Chase And Pounce With Dad

Button the kitten is playing chase and pounce with her dad. It’s just adorable!

“Button and me playing, like real kittens should! Jumping, (cute) attacking, and having lots of crazy fun. And of course she got cuddles and a kiss at the end. Such a sweetheart,” said Greg.

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Rescue Kitty Loves His Mom

Perseus is a rescue kitty who loves his mom very much. “My rescue kitty, Perseus, trying his hardest to get my attention. It worked,” said Perseus’ human mom.

“He was rescued at about 6 weeks by a friend in fall 2009. She found him next to a curb on a rainy day. She watched over him for a few days, then told me about him. I already had my Calico rescued from 2005 at 1 and 1/2, but… I had to have him when I saw him,” she added.

“I’m lucky to have him.”

cat demands attention, love and cuddles

cat demands attention, love and cuddles

cat demands attention, love and cuddles

cat demands attention, love and cuddles

cat demands attention, love and cuddlesSource.


Kitten Falls Asleep To Belly Rubs

This cute kitty is falling asleep to belly rubs. So adorable!

Tippy The Happy Wobbly Kitty Doesn’t Let Her Disability Stand In Her Way

Tippy, a happy kitty, wobbles when she walks, but she doesn’t let it stand in her way.

“Tippy instantly begins to purr as soon as you hold her!

Born in July 2011, Tippy is a beautiful Siamese mix with gorgeous blue eyes. She is VERY active and loves to play with any kind of toy…..for hours! But Tippy realizes she’s not quite like other cats. She was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes it hard for her to walk without tumbling along the way. But she’s a determined little girl, and even if she can’t walk or run like other cats, she manages to get where she wants to go and uses her litter box every time! Tippy is used to her condition and enjoys life, just the way it is.”

“Like other cats with this condition, Tippy is expected to live a normal lifespan and will learn to compensate somewhat for her disability. Despite her challenges, she’s a sweet and outgoing little girl who has a lot of love to give to that compassionate person who will love her back just as she is. Could you be the one to prove that love conquers all? Tippy sure hopes so!”

Tiny Feral Kitten Saved by Three Firefighters

A tiny feral kitten found herself trapped in a hole on a deck. Three firefighters worked as a team to carefully pull the little furry kitten out to safety.

“I woke up hearing a tiny meowing. I went outside to discover a tiny grey kitten had gotten trapped in a hole on my deck. There is hole though the decking to run electrical cords or whatever. Apparently, she poked her head into the hole and then couldn’t back out,” said Annette Lusk via News 4.

“I called Sparks non-emergency dispatch and the the dispatcher said she would contact Sparks Fire Dept. The extrication took over an hour and included prying up the adjacent deck board and then cutting into the board where ‘Trapper’ (newly named and adopted) was trapped – hence her name. After a trip to the vet, she is shaken up but none the worse for her adventure.”

“Curiosity could have killed this kitten but for the wonderful guys from Fire Station 2. They are from left to right: Fire Apparatus Operator Manny Souza, Firefighter Joe Van Walraven and Captain Sean Holbrook.”

Tiny kitten saved by Sparks Fire Department

“This little girl somehow got her head caught in an open cable hole in my deck on Tuesday September 2nd. The wonderful firefighters of Sparks Nevada Fire Station 2 spent over an hour to get her out including having to pry up part of my deck in order to safely cut her out.”

Tiny kitten saved by Sparks Fire Department

“I think she entered this world as a feral kitten but she is now become a member of my home and joined her new ‘fur sisters and a fur brother’ She is ruling the roost, purring nonstop and demanding lap time! (And sometimes she sleeps!)” (via Cuteoverload)

Tiny kitten saved by Sparks Fire Department

Trapper napping comfortably at her forever loving home.

Tiny kitten saved by Sparks Fire Department

Source. Also seen on Cuteoverload.

Kitten With Many Toesies Gets A Massage

Donovan, a kitten with 7 toes on each paw, is getting a massage after a very large meal.

Moose The Kitten Chases His Shadow

Little Moose is chasing his shadow after he just discovered it.

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