Long Distance Running Cat Roadrunner

cute black cat roadrunner long distance runner


A black stray cat from New Jersey has a heart-warming, uplifting story to tell. One morning she came to Michael Greenblatt, a fitness trainer and rubbed her face against him when he was out for a jog. Michael went on with his run, but the kitty trailed behind. From that day on, the two became running partners, and she was named Roadrunner.

Everyday, Roadrunner showed up at Michael’s doorstep at around 5:30am, waiting for her partner to start the morning jog. A month later, Michael thought that he had to have this special cat in his life, so he welcomed Roadrunner into his home and the bond between the two started to blossom.

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Round the Little White Rescue

cute palm sized rescue white kitten

Round the rescue kitten

cute rescued white kitten round

Round was found when she was a palm sized kitten. “I picked her up, put her in my hat and brought her home with me,” said Yan, Round’s foster mom. “She had such a big appetite . When I gave her food, she gulped it down and had her tummy filled very quickly.”

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City the Kitty Treasure Hunting

City the Kitty would open every drawer and cupboard he can find in the house for catnip. This part Manx and part Bengal rescue is also a polydactyl. His many toes make him a very dexterous kitty.

Cat and Her Inseparable Canine Friend

cute calico cat and collie dog best friends

Piglet (cat) and Turtle (dog)

cute calico cat and collie dog

Best friends!

Cats and dogs speak different languages, and many people believe that it’s difficult for them to get along, let alone become bonded friends. Piglet the cat and Turtle the dog prove it otherwise. The two found each other when they were young. They never thought that they were different species. In their mind, they are the same just with different purrsonalities.

The two are always together. When Turtle goes outside for a walk, Piglet has to tag along. They are never out of eye-shot of each other.

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Simon’s Cat Meets Sticky Tape

A curious cat gets into a sticky predicament.

Interview with Simon Tofield, the author of Simon’s cat.

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Bella the Shy Kitty Found Her Home

cute adopted kitten Bella


cute kitten bella showing off her guns

Isabel Nie  has been wanting to adopt a cat for a long time. Once she finished school and settled down, she visited a nearby local animal shelter, hoping to have her dream fulfilled. Isabel met several kitties, but it was Bella who came to her and sat comfortably on her lap. It was as if Bella had chosen Isabel to be her new mom. A few days later, this adorable furry girl found her way to her new forever home.

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Lacy the Kitty Found Forever Home

cute foster black and white kitten


cute foster black and white kitten

Written by ©Janine Gardner.

Lacy is about 5 months old; I got her right before Christmas. We walked into a friend’s house and there were 3 black & white kittens on the couch…I picked up Lacy and instantly fell in love. I jokingly said, “No one will notice if I just take her with me, right?” and then I was told that they were looking for homes. Yay! On the day I brought her home, she sat on my lap for the entire car ride.

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