Rescue Cat Family – Glenda Plus 7

cute rescue kitten tiny body

Clare, little cutie pie

cute rescue kitten nursing suckle milk

Lunch time

Glenda the cat mama and her kittens are the lucky ones rescued from a shelter that could not keep them. Stacey Chen met Glenda and another cat mama Kelly who looked just like Glenda, but Kelly was not so lucky. Knowing Glenda might end up in the same path, Stacey immediately reached out for help to get Glenda and her family to a foster home. “I didn’t have any room at my house for anyone (Stacey had and still has a full house of rescues she took in from other shelters), … (so) I put it on my Facebook page…. Amazingly someone I know saw the picture and called me not 5 minutes after I posted the picture,” said Stacey.

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Precious Little Squeaker

Ziggy and his cat mama Zoraline were rescued from a shelter that was not able to keep them. Ziggy was the only baby that survived and because of that Zoraline was not stimulated enough to produce milk. The little Bengal baby had to be bottle fed. Thanks to their foster mom Kimberly Jennery who had many sleepless nights feeding and caring for Ziggy, he is now happily living in his forever loving home. Check out Ziggy and Zoraline’s rescue story here.

This is when Ziggy had his first couple bottles of kitty milk:

Couple days later, Ziggy was showing off his happy paws:

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The Bookworms – Story of Four Rescue Kittens

cute rescue tabby kitten wave maneki neko

Bolitar the Maneki Neko

cute rescue tabby kitten snooze sleepy

Bolitar Zzzzz....

Four tabby kittens were found under a bush near the office where Fred Anderson works. “They came to us on March 16th (2010) at about 5 weeks old,” said Robyn Anderson, a rescuer and foster parent for Challenger’s House in Toney, Alabama

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To Be Loved

There is a cuddle within a cuddle.

Everyone could use a cuddle and love :).

cute kitten cuddle cat toy

Photo via FM.

King Looking for Forever Kingdom

cute rescue ginger kitten playing

King looking for his forever kingdom

King is surely a little king who can’t wait to find his permanent kingdom. He was rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The ginger fuzzball is given lots of food, a warm bed and all the love and TLC he wants. King is getting ready for adoption soon. Don’t you just want to take him home? :)

Photos courtesy of ©Lauren Ulm (flickr: teenytinyturkey).

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Peaches and Misty Two Furry Sisters

cute rescue kitten checking out food in bowl

Peaches is checking out what food he is having

cute rescue kittens snuggle in a nap

Peaches and Misty

In July 2007, two tiny homeless kittens at 8 weeks old were brought to a new home. “The one with one white ear, one black ear, and one white-tipped tail is Misty, and the one with two white ears and al all-black tail is Peaches.”

The two sisters were a bit shy on the first day, but it didn’t take long for them to come out of their shell. Peaches loves to guard the laptop by sitting on it or next to it. “She has taken to sitting on my iBook. It seems to be her favorite spot now – whenever I lift her off, she jumps right back on…,” Read Full Story »

Amazing Story of One-Eyed Hemingway Sparkle

cute one eyed tabby rescue cat sparkle

Sparkle the one-eyed wonder

cute one eyed rescue tabby cat plays with toy

Sparkle is playful and full of life

Written by ©Stephanie T.

Sparkle is a very special kitty. She is currently about 7 months old, and has been a part of my family for almost 2 months now.

I work at a no-kill animal shelter, and she and 3 of her litter-mates came to us as young kittens, with Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) and scabies. The scabies eventually got better, but they all were sick with the URI for quite a while. Sparkle ended up losing her eye to the URI. It spread to the eye, and damaged it so badly that it had to be surgically removed.

All of the kittens were very shy and skittish. She was probably the most skittish of the group. That night, after her surgery, she ended up coming home with me. I was the one who volunteered to foster her and make sure she made it ok through the night. My dad also helped me. She was sedated, but still very scared. I held her in my arms, wrapped in a blanket for hours.

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