Asma’s Rescued Kittens

cute rescued kitten with big eyes

Ismira, snuggled inside the pillow. Sleepy and half-heartedly prepared to pounce. | photo by ©Asma Kausar

Asma Kausar and her family have rescued and adopted so many stray cats that they have become well known for their love for cats in their neighborhood. “Often we come upon a little youngling in the garden, left by a random person, knowing that it’d find a home with us,” says Asma.

Here is the story of Ismira, one of Asma’s kittens who has touched her heart in many different ways:

cute rescued kitten cat pic

Ismira, falling in love | photo by ©Asma Kausar

It begins when our neighbors brought over two little kittens, claiming them to be the litter of a cat that frequents our home, Bubbles. A brother and sister. Very tiny, and obviously in need of a mother’s care.

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White Kitten and German Shepherd Dog

cute white kitten and german shepard dog

When the kitten meets Laky the German Shepherd | photo by ©Vincenzo Vacca

Vincenzo Vacca from Cagliari, Italy believes that cats and dogs can get along easily if they were introduced early. His sister just got a lovely white kitten who is extremely playful and curious. They live in a small town named Sarroch near Cagliari, so Vincenzo brought his dog over to meet up with her snowwhite fur baby.

The kitten was a bit shy when she saw the big fluffy German Shepherd, Laky, but soon they hit it off. It did not take long for them to find themselves sitting next to each other and hanging out like two old best buddies.

Photos courtesy of ©Vincenzo Vacca

cute white kitten playing with german shepherd dog

"I may look small, but I am stronger than you!" | photo by ©Vincenzo Vacca

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Man Travels for Cats

cute kittens looking at camera

Entertaining three lovely kittens | photo by ©Wolfram Schubert

Wolfram Schubert from Germany is fascinated by cats from all walks of life and all over the world. He has met almost all the cats exist in his town and is often traveling around the world to meet new cats.

“When I am on travel, I find myself looking for cats on the streets quite automatically. Well, it didn’t become an obsession, but it sometimes acted as a door opener into foreign culture.” Wolfram has met cats from a Turkish fisherman, an grocery clerk in Brussels, a tinsmith in Rome, and the list goes on.

cute tabby kitten

"A young stray cat on the edge of my town. As it was the first snow of the year, this was his first encounter with that wonderful white stuff, too." - Wolfram | photo by ©Wolfram Schubert

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Kitten Offers Help in Kitchen

scottish fold kitten standing up kitty

This kitty sees mommy making dinner with meat, so he stands on his feet and offers his help. “Mommy, I can help you with the meat! Srsly!”

Click play and enjoy the video:

Two Itty Bitty Rescued Kitties

cute rescued kittens snuggling together

Black Dot & Naughty | photo by ©Yang Min-chi

On March 22, Yang Min-chi and his teacher found a litter of five furry kittens in their office among a pile of things they stored in the room.

The windows had been closed for several days. Min-chi and his teacher thought a mother cat must have come into the room to give birth, but was not able to return to them after the windows were shut. Min-chi immediately opened the windows, hoping the mother cat would come back to nurse them. What he did not expect is that two of the kittens were later taken away by the mother cat leaving three others behind.

Min-chi realized that the best thing he could do was adopt the remaining three kittens and raise them on his own. They were named, Black, Black Dot and Naughty. Unfortunately, Black did not make it and went ahead on April 22nd because she had a hard time eating. On the other hand, Black dot and Naughty are doing well and have grown bigger and stronger.

cute black kitten big eyes

Black Dot | photo by ©Yang Min-chi

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Funny Kitty Tries to Catch Daddy

cute and playful bengal kitten

Kahli is an extremely playful kitty who likes to jump, hop, frolic, dash, run, you name it. She loves jumping on her daddy’s face when he is in bed tucked under the cover. It’s just a joy to watch.

Click play and enjoy the video:

Daddy’s Boy

cute munchkin cat napping

Eskybaby | photo by ©eskybaby

Some people think cats are solitary animals that are not close to hoomans. We know that’s far from the truth as today’s story will prove.

Lawrence lives with his beloved kitty Eskybaby in Singapore. He is his best friend and companion.

“One word can sum up Eskybaby’s personality that is “dog-like.” He behaves just like a puppy. He craves for attention, cuddles and playtime. He follows me wherever I go in the house.” Eskybaby would not let his hooman be out of his sight at all. He tags along with him as closely as he possibly can.

“Even when I am showering, he wants to be nearby, grooming himself and waiting for me to be done.”

cute fluffy gray and white cat

"I see something!" | photo by ©eskybaby

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