Abandoned Kitten Found His Loving Home

cute tabby kitten napping

Nikolas | photo by ©Deb Fabbri

Story written by Deb Fabbri (Brisbane, Australia)

Nikolas was found by the people I (Deb) work for as a tiny 6 week old kitten locked in a bathroom with no food or water or bedding, abandoned by the tenants who had been evicted a few days before. It was Christmas Eve and the vets and shelters had already closed for the Christmas holiday period. No one knew what to do with him, but being a cat lover with two of my own already, I took him home to stay with us with the intention of finding him a loving forever home. We found him one… OURS!

cute tabby kitten playing

"High 5!" | photo by ©Deb Fabbri

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Farm Kittens

cute kitten lying upside down

Pipsa rolling on her back | photo by ©Fantasyfan

Sanna Pudas has brought home many kittens from the farm over the years. She captured each of their faces in photos to remember them by. Some of the kittens have found a forever home, others are living happily with Sanna and her family and grew up into beautiful and healthy cats.

“The gray one, Pipsa became extraordinarily gentle to other kittens. When autumn came, Pipsa moved to live with me and my older cat in the city. She still loves to take care of kittens of other cats and is very kitten like herself,” said Sanna.

cute calico kitten making face sticking out tongue

Kitty making a funny face | photo by ©Fantasyfan

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Cat Barking at Bubbles

This kitty is chattering at the floating catnip spheres, saying “I FIGHT YOU BUBBLES!”

Click play and enjoy!

Aniki the Lovely and Silly Kitty

cute american shorthair kitten

Aniki | photo by ©Wei Wang

Aniki the kitty just turned two this April. He and his brother Melon live in a household with another cat named Sushi. They love each other and they fight. It’s one dynamic family :) .

Aniki is not picky about food and never over eats unlike his brother Melon who makes sure that every body’s dishes are licked clean.

Aniki means “elder brother” in Japanese and is a quite masculine name. However, Aniki the kitty is nothing as tough as the name sounds. He is affectionate, loving and often begs for attention. He loves to snuggle with Sushi or Melon when he sleeps for that extra comfort and TLC.

cute american shorthair kittens napping together

Aniki and Melon snoozing | photo by ©Wei Wang

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Cute Dreaming Kitty

When a kitty is stretching and sleeping at the same time, something magical happens. Warning: this video maybe too cute for the faint of heart. Click play and enjoy!

Ginger Kitten Pixeli

cute ginger kitten yawning

Pixeli | photo by ©Fantasyfan

Pixeli and her four siblings live in a flat with their hooman Sanna Pudas, a software designer and photographer in Oulu, Finland, and her older cat Pipsa who loves to play with the kittens and take care of them as if they were her own.

Pixeli especially loves the camera. Whenever Sanna snaps photos of her, she never shies away from it. She gives different poses and when she is with other kitties, she will try to outshine them.

“She is so adorable and expressive that she often leaves her sister Elfaba in her shadow. Elfaba too is a cutie,” said Sanna.

cute ginger kitten being petted

Tender loving care | photo by ©Fantasyfan

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Loudest Noms

cute black kitten

This adorable black kitten is making the loudest noms I have ever heard. The kitty is saying “IT’S NOM NOM GOOD!” Click play to watch the video:

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