Halia the Ginger Baby

cute ginger kitten

Little Halia

Little Halia, a ginger tabby kitty came to her new home when she was around 2 months old. “I adopted my first cat, Citizen Kat, (who was abandoned along with her seven siblings at a veterinary hospital) a couple of years before I realized that she needed a friend,” said Halia’s mom.

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Furbaby Snoozing

Here is your daily dose of cute! Sleepy kitten says “my paw makes a good pillow.”

Photo courtesy of ©Blanka Tóth (flickr: ramaadee).

cute kitten sleeping


Story of a White Rescue, Mister Peaches

cute white rescued cat flying superman

Mister Peaches

Written by ©Laura Layera (flickr: lulu.photo).

Laura Layera and Mister Peaches

Laura Layera and Mister Peaches

Mister Peaches was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles almost 6 years ago. He roamed my neighborhood for at least a year prior to adopting us. That year he all but ignored us, he was a little ghost that would disappear when approached. He was frequently observed stalking birds and more often stalking and catching rats. I still have a hard time reconciling the image of him snuggling on laps and demanding food with the memory of him racing by with a large wriggling rat in his jaws.

He started sleeping under our car, warning us to keep away when we came near. One day we spotted him grazing in some potted catnip and he allowed us to pet him.

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Rescued Kitten Having Noms

This little rescued kitten is loving her kitty formula. She enjoys it so much that you can tell by her wiggling ears. :) Cuteness alert!

Click play and enjoy!

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Cat Loves Scratching Post

Trout the adorable tabby cat is in love with his scratching post. He likes it so much that he cuddles it all the time when he is near it. Isn’t it the sweetest thing? :)

Photos courtesy of ©Leesa (flickr: Leesamaree).

cute cat loves scratching post

"This is MY scratching post, k?"

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Little Calico Fur Baby

cute calico kitten

Little wee baby

Kuan a lovely calico came from two rescued kitties who were found by Giane Portal. Soon after Kuan and her litter mates were born, Giane started finding homes for them and getting their parents fixed. The little calico was a very sweet little girl who was friendly to everybody. “When she saw me and my boyfriend, she started to meow and wanted to come with us. She was a tiny one and super sweet,” said Giane.

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Cat vs Paper Towel

Goma a big fluffy kitty is the reason why his mom can’t have paper towels in her house.

“When I got home from my work yesterday, I found this poor paper towel on the floor…I just cleaned my room a day before and my room looked like someone came in turned my room upside down! Somehow Goma loves paper towel, I guess the texture and size is very appealing to him,” said Sachie Tani, Goma’s mom.

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