Kitty Dance

Whenever Lucy finds a cup with water in it on the table, she does her dance around it.

Two Inseparable Furiends

Tigger and Casper (formerly named Einstein) are two peas in a pod. They can’t stand to be out of sight of each other. It’s getting closer to the day when they find their forever homes and it’s getting more difficult for their foster parents to say goodbye. They really hope they get adopted together. Aren’t they just meant to be together forever? :) (Update: Tigger and Casper have been adopted together by their foster parents!)

This is love

cute foster kittens kisses love bugs

Casper and Tigger

cute foster kittens cuddles snuggles love bugs

cute foster kittens play fight

Tigger and Casper were rescued by the Annex Cat Rescue when they were 5 weeks old. They are located in Toronto, Canada.

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More pictures of Tigger and Casper).


Stray Mama Cat and Her 7 Fuzzballs

cute foster kittens snuggle in bed

7 fuzzballs

cute foster and rescue mama cat snuggles kiss

Unconditional love

A beautiful homeless cat found Deb at the beginning of May, 2007. She was meowing and crying outside her window for two days. “It seems like she adopted me,” says Deb who took the kitty into her home. She named her Blu which is quite fitting as she has a pair of gorgeous blue eyes.

Soon after she moved in, Deb realized that Blu’s tummy was Read Full Story »

Kitty Loves to Nom His Tail

Rascal, the kitty loves to nom nom his own tail :). Isn’t he adorable?

Gandalf the Kitty Charmed His Way into a Loving Home

cute rescue kitten gandalf paws up surrender

Gandalfie the white in dreamland

cute rescue kitten sleeping pink paw pads

Sweet little rescue Gandalf(ie)

Written by ©Lise-Marie (flickr: matiescat).

In October 2008 I received a call from my vet saying that someone had brought in a four-day-old kitten that they found in the road in Stellenbosch (Western Cape, South Africa). As I was equipped with everything needed and had experience in raising such young kittens, the tiny baby was placed in my care. To this day no one knows how he came to be all alone in the middle of the road… all we knew was that he was a little fighter. Accordingly he was Read Full Story »

Maru Plays in Recycle Bin

Maru catches his dragonfly toy and slowly sinks back into his recycle bin. The ending is way too cute!

cute maru the cat pink nose

Read Full Story »

Frappy the Little Cutie Pie

cute foster siamese kitten

Frappy has a cute face and adorable radar ears

cute foster siamese kitten with big ears

Being cute!

Frappy a little sweetie can send you into diabetic coma every time she does her cute little things. “I walked in and saw all three kittens crashed out where I usually sit. And then Frappy started cuting at me all upside down and with curly cutie paws,” says Kimberly.

Frappy is one of the three kittens rescued from a construction Read Full Story »

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