Adorable Ginger Puffball Pumpkin

cute ginger rescue pumpkin kitten

Pumpkin playing in the garden for the first time

A pregnant stray cat mother was found by Damon’s brother in a field behind his house. She gave birth to a litter of 9 kittens. One of them was a little ginger puffball named Pumpkin.

“These photos were taken on her first visit to the garden, she found the grass a whole lot of fun,” said Damon. The little ginger baby was frolicking all over the garden with so much joy and excitement. “She’s had lots and lots of love and attention and is a very sweet little kitten.”

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Princess the Kitty with lots of Dignity

cute fluffy rescued cat


Princess is a beautiful, regal fluffy girl who had a rough beginning to her life. It is hard to imagine that she was once a very skinny kitty covered with dirt and water. Today Princess is living up to her name. She lives with dignity and has many people around her pampering and spoiling her rotten.

Princess was found by wabisabi’s friend Linda when she was a little wee kitten wandering alone on the school campus.

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Cat vs Squirrel in a Staring Contest

Goma the cat met a squirrel and they quickly got into a staring contest. Check out the video and see who wins.

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Oscar, the Little Ginger Mischief Maker

cute ginger rescued sleepy kitten


Karen Jordan found a little ginger fella in her backyard back in May this year. None of her neighbors had any idea where he came from. It seemed that he was alone by himself, so Karen and her family brought him home and decided that the little guy was there to stay.

After visiting the vet, the little ginger who they named Oscar was 8 weeks old and 2.5 lbs. The only problem he had was ear mites. Luckily “we caught it early. One treatment. Problem solved,” said Karen.

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Cat and Bird Best Buddies

Who said cats and birds can’t get along? These two little guys seem to have broken all the stereotypes about cats and birds. The little birdie loves his kitty friend and wants some play time, but the kitty is trying to chill.

This is just too adorable to miss! Click play and enjoy!

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Lovely Rescue Story of Akiho the White Baby

cute white rescued kitten

Playful Akiho

Akiho is a beautiful white kitty who was rescued back in the fall of 2008. She was very scaredy when she was found and kept hiding in a spot after she arrived in her foster home.

But slowly and steadily, Akiho came out of her shell and was getting happier and more playful day by day. She bonded with other fosters in the house and began to play-fight with them. Sometimes she would stalk one of them and suddenly pounce to show off her incredible hunting skills.

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Little Chester and Sophia

cute ginger kitten

Sophia and Chester

Written by ©Carlee Tibbs.

My brother and I managed to convince our mum to let us have a kitten each and we set about finding one. We hadn’t prepared anything beforehand, so had no food, litter tray, litter, toys, etc. I collected the kittens with a friend, who looked after them while I rushed around the city centre and grabbed what we needed for the kittens. They were about two months old when I got them.

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