Kitty’s Purrfect Hiding Spot

A large paper bag beats lots of cat toys out there at the store. This kitty is loving his purrfect new hiding spot! A McDonald’s bag has never looked so adorable before. Click play and enjoy the video :).

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2 Kittens and Cat Mama Need Forever Loving Home

cute rescued kitten

Puffer the rescued kitten needs a home

Puffer and Hope, 2 little rescues are kittens of Faith. They were rescued from euthanasia and now staying at their foster home, having a blast with other fosters and loving life.

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Bailey Bear the Rescue, Mischief Maker and Sweetheart

cute rescued persian cat

Bailey Bear, the fluffy rescue, mischief maker and sweetheart for nursing homes

Written by ©Sonbol (flickr: Hyacinths).

We really weren’t planning on bringing anyone home yet, but as soon as he (Bailey Bear) saw me at his foster mom’s house, this little boy decided that he was going to be mine and would not take no for an answer!

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Kitten Toesie Cuteness

This teeny wee kitten is cleaning and stretching her toesies. Too much cuteness! Click play and enjoy the video.

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Amelie the Little Rescued Kitten

cute rescued kitten


Written by ©Linda Borciani. (flickr: Linda).

A friend of mine found Amelie three weeks ago under a car in a parking lot on a rainy day. The poor little one was crying so much. My friend took her home but he already has 3 cats and he was not able to keep her. So he wrote about it to his friends and see if anyone could give her a good home. When I saw his message, I immediately said “ME!”

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The Dream that Helped Sam Find His Forever Home

cute grey and white kitten playing

Energetic Sam

Written by ©Tracy Deuel (flickr: deueltl).

We never think about becoming a three cat household… two is quite enough, thank you. Yet somehow, we always end up with three cats sharing our domicile, doing all those feline things that can make you laugh or tear your hair out, depending on the mischief. Most of the time, that third cat seems to find us rather than we finding them.

In March of 2009, we had been a two cat household since our elderly tabby Thumper had passed away about a year and a half previously. I’m going to stop here and say that this next part is rather out of character for me and will probably sound a little flaky, but it is what it is. :)

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How Many Foster Kittens Are Sleeping?

A litter of rescued kittens are sharing their foster mom’s lap and taking a nap together. Guess how many kitties there are? :)

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