Caju the Little Ginger Charmer

cute new born baby kitten

Caju the baby ginger

cute ginger kitten caju

2 weeks later

Caju (or cashew in English) was born to a couple rescued cats. He was very small, but he was a smart little kitten that always loved to explore.

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Lucy Belle the Rescue Kitten Lives Life to Fullest

cute rescued tabby kitten sleeps in lap

Lucy Belle the rescue baby

cute bottle kitten baby

Bottle baby

Little Lucy Belle was only 4 days old when her human mother found her in the basement of a friend’s house. She was one of three kittens from the litter. “We waited for momma cat to come back but she never did. So, I took her under my care and nursed her around the clock. It was a very difficult task at first as I have no experience in caring for a newborn orphaned kitten. However, as she grew by pounds and inches as day goes by, words cannot describe the joy I have for her,” said Lucy Belle’s mom on her catster page.

“I am so proud that this little one is so full of life and she fight for each day with strength and courage. She is 2 years old now. She has given me so much insight in life, brought me happiness and laughter and reminds me that we can each have a sorrowful beginning, but we can still live life to the fullest. Thank you Lucy Belle for showing me so much unconditional love,” said the mom.

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Two Inseparable Fuzzy Furiends

These two fuzzy little kittens are like two peas in a pod, inseparable.

cute little kittens curious

They made their first exploration together

cute cuddly snuggly kittens

They love to cuddle and snuggle together

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Kitten and Puppy Give Each Other Love and Affection

Little kitten and her puppy friend are showing each other lots of love and affection. It’s a love fest :).

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Nimbus the Kitty: from Kitten to Cat

Brittany brought little Nimbus home when he was still a wee baby. She watched the little ginger kitten grow into a handsome cat. Here is his journey:

cute ginger kitten baby

When Nimbus just came to his new home…

cute kitten little baby black and white

itty bitty week four

cute ginger kitten mischief maker plays with paper

2 months old, already a mischief maker

cute happy ginger kitten nap in blanket

Chill kitty, Nimbus is spoiled rotten

cute ginger kitten curious face

Who can resist that look?

cute ginger kitten snoozes by computer

Nimbus helping mommy with her work, kind of

cute ginger cat all grown up

Nimbus all grown up!

Photos courtesy of ©Brittany Randolph.

Bunny’s Transformation: from Feral to Happy Cat

cute rescued feral kitten bunny stretching

It's hard to believe that Bunny was once a feral

Before the supposed Ida tropical storm, Jannese and Debra made an attempt to capture one or more of the kittens in the lot to make sure they would be safe. Over the weeks Debra had acquainted a kitten through playing so that she would trust them and get near them.

“Little tiny (kitten) has the craziest play drive so she was so entranced by the game that Debra was able to sneak grab her and we quickly put her in a crate and brought her upstairs,” said Jannese.

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The Single Handed Catcher

This kitty is quite the catcher. Look at that accuracy and skills. All with one hand!

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