Kiko the Little Cow Cat

cute rescued black and white kitten in bath tub

Kiko the little cow cat

Kiko the kitty lives with three furry buddies in a family that she joined three years ago. She was found by Lori Erickson at a local animal shelter where Lori fell in love and soon later she brought the little cow cat home. Kiko’s new journey began.
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Happy Purry Little Foster Kitties

These three little musketeers are being so ridiculously cute while blasting their purr motors.

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Princess Bella who Wears Her Heart

cute rescued calico kitten with heart shape

Bella was a little homeless kitten rescued by Ourania and her family. Ever since she came to her new home, she’s become Princess Bella who is very loved and spoiled. If you look at her markings, you will find a two colored heart shape on the left side of her body. Isn’t that just too cute?

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Stefanos and Vackis, Two Rescued Brothers

cute rescued gray and white kittens snuggle cuddle

Stefanos and Vackis, rescued brothers

Written by ©Ourania (flickr: Ourania2005).

My husband loves cats and usually feeds cats near his work place (a shipyard). When he came across a white female cat, he started feeding her daily until he discovered that she had two white and gray kittens. My husband decided to rescue them and bring them into our home.

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Maru and His Christmas Stocking

Maru got a new Christmas stocking and he is making it so incredibly cute. I wish I could have a Maru in my Christmas stocking. Hope this video brings joy to your holidays :). [More about Maru]

Mattie the Fuzzy Little Foster Kitty

cute rescued foster kitten licking tongue

Mattie the foster

Mattie was found by the shelter when he was still a teeny wee baby. He came to his foster home with his brother Ben. His new life just started from there.

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Kaos the Little Monkey Cat

cute rescued ginger kitten

Kaos loves to climb things like a little monkey :)

Written by ©Ida Braaten (flickr: runya).

Our ginger kitty is approximately 7-8 months now. His name is Kaos (Chaos in English) was found very thin and lonely in a garage. He grew up with a white kitten named Blondie at a local animal shelter. That’s where I met him and knew right away that he and Blondie would come home with us.

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