Jack Tripper the Amazing Eyeless Kitty

cute blind kitten grey cat

"Hai I am Jack. I can't see, but I can get around just fine."

Written by ©Jamie (flickr: jcspenny)

My mom and I were actually looking to adopt a new cat when we got Jack. I have a friend who boards her horse at a local riding stable and one of the barn cats gave birth to a kitten. It seemed that spaying didn’t work on the cat, so she gave birth to a single, deformed kitten and was not able to produce milk. Luckily the owners recently had her fixed, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again.

Jack (at the time he was known as Stevie Wonder) was born without eyes. He’s very lucky with his timing. He grew up having other kittens to play and socialize with, and was used to people from the moment he was born since there are always kids hanging around the barn. He was a favourite amongst the students at the barn. However, when it came time to find the kittens homes, no one knew where Jack would end up. Although some of the kittens already had homes, the ones they couldn’t find homes for would go to the local vet’s to be put up for adoption. They didn’t want to do that with Jack. There was no doubt any of the “normal” kittens would find homes there, but Jack was special.

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Little Grey Fosters

cute rescued foster kittens grey kittens

These little fuzzy ones are going to melt your heart.

Mark Peters fostered a litter of kittens and their mother after they were rescued by his shelter in Maryland. They were three weeks old at the time. Cat mother named Chiquita raised her fuzzy babies until they were old enough to be adopted out.

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Lola Little Tabby Kitten Found Forever Home

cute tabby kitten

"Hai I am Lola."

Written by ©Becky Bryan.

Lola is a 10 week old rescue. My husband and I were at PetCo to buy litter for our two 4 year old cats and a local a rescue group was there for adoption day. We decided “just to look.” As soon as my husband held Lola he knew that he couldn’t leave her. She was purring the instant he picked her up and climbed up to nuzzle his face.

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Wallaby the Sweetest Little Thing

cute ginger cat kitten

"Hai I am Wallaby!"

Eva from Brooklyn, New York, has rescued and fostered many kitties and some of them were very difficult to let go. One of them is named Wallaby. “I met many cats in the past 3 years and I loved them all. But Wallaby was the most charming little guy I have ever met,” said Eva.

Wallaby is a dwarf cat. When he was 1 year old, he only weighed about 5 pounds. He has very short front paws but is the sweetest, cutest little thing with a heart melting purr.

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Four Foster Fur Babies

cute foster kittens lying down in bed

Big full bellies! Cider is the grey, Porter at right, Stout on the bottom.

Written by ©Victoria Rittinger (flickr: viva_victoria).

I foster kittens for the Houston SPCA. If they are small (not yet 2 lbs) or sick I take care of them until they are ready to be put up for adoption at the HSPCA. I very much enjoy fostering because it’s a direct way to get involved and save an animal’s life. So rewarding! There’s more information on their foster program here.

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Feisty Little Kitten

This cute little kitten is so feisty and cute that you can’t help but say awwww. Does your kitty try to play with your camera when you try to capture his cute antics?

Click play and enjoy the video. This post is a tribute to the little rescue in the video.

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Cute Things My Cat Does

I am a sucker for these things that my cat Jackie does. I fall for them every time. It almost seems like he knows how to train me to do things for him. Cats are smart, aren’t they? (check out Jackie’s rescue story).

What does your kitty do that makes you give in every time?

Check out Jackie’s blog at MeowFamily.com.

When Jackie wants to be pampered, he does this:

cute fluffy cat surrenders

"I surrender! You can rub my belly and underarms now!"

When Jackie wants noms, he gives me “the stand.”

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