Munchkin has a teddy bear that he always cuddles with when he naps. It’s like his little security buddy that he holds so dear to.

Munchkin was abandoned by his cat mama when he was still a wee kitten. He weighed only 12 oz, and required feedings round the clock. “I never thought a kitten this age would bond so closely to humans as we have seen Munchkin do. He is truly a treasure and such a tiny yet enormous blessing to both of us,” said Knight, who adopted little Munchkin.

cute tabby rescue kitten cuddling teddy bear
Munchkin just woke up from a nap
cute rescue tabby kitten cuddling sleeping with teddy bear
Back to snooze with teddy again!

Knight has rescued and brought home many homeless kitties. “It is always a bit costly to care for so many little animals, but the rewards are great when you learn how much they depend on you for care. It is a great feeling to hear the purrs of happiness and contentment,” said Knight.

Photos by ©Knight Fox.

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Rozza may not have the best motor skills and is a bit different when he walks. He has cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder, but this little guy has such spirit that has uplifted the hearts of many.

“Rozza was rescued in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A woman was walking a friend’s dog and noticed the dog was carrying something in his mouth. She thought it was a rat, but it turned out to be a tiny kitten less than a week old… The woman rushed him to the vet who told her to get a bottle and formula and try to feed him. When she went to Muddy Paws for supplies, Robin referred her to me. I took him in and have cleaned him up, removing the fly eggs from two wounds…,” said Lisa Vallez, animal rescuer from Brooklyn, New York.

In just 2 months, Rozza got much bigger, stronger and more defined markings on his face. He is eager to play. Pouncing, bunny kicking and wrestling with toys are within his daily routine. He is not afraid of exploring and investigating new things around the house. Rozza plays just like any other kitties, and is so upbeat that everyone from the rescue group became his biggest fans.

Rozza doesn’t think he is any different from other cats. To him, a bit of wobbling is not a big deal. He is happy and loves his life to the fullest.

cerebral hypoplasia snow shoe kitty
Rozza does a little cheer for his new foster mama, on Mother's Day
cerebellar hypoplasia rescue kitten
cerebellar hypoplasia kitty napping
After running down the hallway Rozza tuckered out in a big pocket!

Kudos to Lisa V., Kim, Stephanie S., Orangegenius and those who helped foster Rozza. Rozza has been adopted to a wonderful couple. Here is a video of Rozza wrestling with a pink leg warmer:

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It was 6 AM in Japan, 2 tiny kittens’ crying alerted a person who found them in the garbage of a Pachinko parlor. Knowing Kurt and his wife have cared for many rescue cats, “the neighbor brought both (kittens) to us,” said Kurt.

Though one of the kittens didn’t make it, the little tabby is thriving under the care of his new human parents and several other new furry friends in the house. One of them who is also a tabby has taken to the little kitten and showered him with lots of love and TLC.

cute rescue tabby kitten bottle feeding
Got a milk mustache after his first bottle
cute tabby cat grooming rescue kitten
After meal time, his new big brother takes over the work.
cute tabby cat grooming rescue kitten
Little tabby is all cleaned and loved

Photos courtesy of ©Kurt Rimkus (flickr: Tante Kaehte). Tabby taking a big stride in his new home: