With Love Radar the Kitten Survived Against all Odds

cute rescued kitten yawning

Radar Faith the little rescue - "I don't have to sing for my supper, I just do it 'cos I'm happy"

Written by ©Shane Addinall (flickr: Slochlin).

My wife, Norah, and I love animals but living in an apartment and both working meant we were a little skeptical about having pets.

Norah has always loved cats, and to be honest I have always been a dog person, then one day this lady from the house next door to our church comes in carrying this tiny bundle of bones barely held together by skin and fur, its eyes gummed shut and fleas milling all over it. Right then and there I lost my heart to that little thing.

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Kitten Falls Asleep While Eating

This little rescued kitten fell asleep while eating. If you listen carefully, he is still eating in his dreams :).

Frida the Mischievous Tabby Kitty

cute tabby kitten sleeping

Frida taking a power nap!

When Maria Cangemi laid her eyes on a little tabby kitten, she fell in love and the rest is history.

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First Ever Movie Filmed Entirely by Cats

I have seen many movie directors on Youtube, but these are hands-down the best directors. Check out this first ever movie filmed by cats. :)

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Little Furry Family

cute tiny new born kitten

Itty bitty kitties

Vera took in an entire kitty family a few years ago where the mama cat just gave birth to a litter of fuzzballs. These squirmy teeny ones couldn’t wait to explore around as soon as their eyes were open.

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Intruder! To Battle Positions!

Little kitten just discovered his own reflection in a large mirror.

“Oh nose! Intruder! To battle positions!”

One Day Old Kitten was Given a Brand New Life

cute rescued ginger kitten gets bottle fed

Milo getting his bottle from his new dad

Milo was found abandoned when he was only one day old. He was rescued and taken to the vet where he was soon adopted by a man who learned to care for him and raise him.
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