Maizy the Cat, My Soul Mate

cute fluffy cat

"Hai I am Maizy aka Beepy. I just turned 15 recently."

Written by ©Brook Simpson (flickr: brook ashley)

I’d always lived in a house full of cats, but I was looking for that one special kitty that would be my feline soul mate. I checked our local humane society for a few weeks, and although I found many cats that I wanted to take home with me, my mom convinced me to wait for a kitten. She knew it would be easier to integrate a kitten into the household that currently had two adult cats. So one day, there she was. she was in a litter with two other kittens. As soon as I scooped up that little ball of fur she started purring, and I knew that was it. She had chosen me as much as I had chosen her. She purred the entire time we checked out, and the entire car ride home. There was never any anxiety from her – I think she knew that she was right where she was supposed to be.

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Maru’s Obsession with Boxes Continues

Maru’s obsession with cardboard boxes never ends. Just yesterday he posted a new video to show us what more he can do with boxes. Maru, we salute you. [Our interview with Maru the cat]

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Little Felix

cute tuxedo kitten

"I am a little tuxedo, see?"

Little Felix is quite the charmer. “He’s gone off to a new home recently,” said Melissa Keizer who took the photos of little Felix.

“He’s a little trouble maker that always wanted to play-fight with other kitties, and he was quite the character, I wish I could have taken him home!”

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Two Little Furry Sisters: Riza and Mei

cute rescued cat

"Hai I am Riza!"

Riza and Mei are two sisters from a shelter in Washington state. They found their forever together home a month ago.

Riza and Mei are very playful. They love their cardboard boxes besides the regular toys their mom got them. When they saw their new cat condo the first time, they weren’t so interested. “After a couple days of ignoring their cat condo, Riza and Mei have taken quite a shine to it.”

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Maru’s Play Time

Maru is playing with her panda and jingly toys. Click play and enjoy.

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Little Itty Bitty Rescued Kitty

cute rescued kitten

This little kitten was found by a rescue group where Yang volunteers. She was rescued from a family who could not take care of her. She was only a month old at the time.

“She is a very gentle little girl, but always curious about things around her. When I brought her into our office the first day, everyone turned their head when they saw her. She was a little star in the office,” said Yang.

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Mimo’s New (Cardboard) Toy

Our little fur friend Mimo (a rescued kitty from France) got a present from his mom – a cardboard car cat toy. Mimo has an obsession with cardboard boxes, so when he saw his new toy, he just hopped right in and ready to take off. :) I am not sure if Mimo really sees it as a car or rather just another cardboard box that he owns. The smaller the box is the more he likes it :).

Photos courtesy of ©ooppssyy.

cute cat and cardboard box cat toy

"No mom, this is not a car, this is a cardboard box. Can't you tell?"

cute cat and cardboard box toy

"but I like it here. It fits me purrfectly!"

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