Ginger Kitten Pixeli

cute ginger kitten yawning

Pixeli | photo by ©Fantasyfan

Pixeli and her four siblings live in a flat with their hooman Sanna Pudas, a software designer and photographer in Oulu, Finland, and her older cat Pipsa who loves to play with the kittens and take care of them as if they were her own.

Pixeli especially loves the camera. Whenever Sanna snaps photos of her, she never shies away from it. She gives different poses and when she is with other kitties, she will try to outshine them.

“She is so adorable and expressive that she often leaves her sister Elfaba in her shadow. Elfaba too is a cutie,” said Sanna.

cute ginger kitten being petted

Tender loving care | photo by ©Fantasyfan

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Loudest Noms

cute black kitten

This adorable black kitten is making the loudest noms I have ever heard. The kitty is saying “IT’S NOM NOM GOOD!” Click play to watch the video:

Man’s Passion for Cats

cute feral stray kitten cat pic

photo by ©Ponkan

Ponkan from Kyoto, Japan has made many fur friends from the street, parks, and various locations for many years. He is in love with the animals. Before he could have one, he spent a lot of time in the outdoors with many stray, feral cats, playing with them, giving them treats and taking photos of them to remember them by. Whenever he spots a cat, he will turn his head and stop for them. Though what he can do is very limited for these cats, he is doing whatever he can to be there for them as a friend.

cute feral kitten stray cat pic

photo by ©Ponkan

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Zen Cat Stretching

Cats relax by stretching and doing cat yoga. Some cats even have mastered the art of meditation. This kitty is so zen that he keeps his eyes closed while stretching to catch the string. Hope the kitty brings relaxation to your day!


Tree Climbing Kittens

Taotao (Peach) and Huahua (Flower) love climbing things. When they went on a walk with their hoomans, they decided to jump on a nearby peach tree for a little adventure. They absolutely had no fear. Chunli took out her camera to capture the moments of these two playful fur babies.

Photos courtesy of cat lover and photographer ©Chunli (flickr: chunli-duan).

cute kitten climbing tree

"I must get to the highest point!" - Huahua | photo by ©Chunli

cute kitten climbing tree

Taotao | photo by ©Chunli

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Cat Drinks Water Out of Glass

Noelas’s fur friend, a lovely Persian baby loves to drink water out of people’s glasses even though he has his own water bowl. Just like what’s happening in these photos below.

He spotted a glass on the table and decided to take a sip. The problem is the glass was for a guest. That was when everyone decided to freeze and take out their camera to capture this moment.

Photos by Noelas.

cute persian cat lovely pic

cute persian cat wants to drink water out of glass

"Hmmm, there is water in the glass..."

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Two Best Friends

Piez has two beautiful cats who are like two peas in a pod. They are always together, playing, napping, eating, grooming and even wrestling. These two best friends make life so much more fun for Piez.

Photos by Piez.

best friend cats

"What's up?"

cute best friend cats


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