Coco and Peanut: Sweet Calico Sisters

cute calico sisters argument one yelling, the other sitting

Coco and Peanut

Written by ©April (flickr: testpatern).

My partner Geoffrey and I wanted to adopt a cat from the SPCA, but when we found out that Geof’s sister’s family had been ‘adopted’ by a stray cat [named ‘Lily’] who was pregnant, we decided to take two of the kittens from Lily’s litter instead.

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Little Gray Rescue Found New Home and Friendship

cute rescued gray kitten held in hands

The little rescue

A little gray kitten was spotted in the middle of the road. No one knows where he came from or why he was there. “This is a kitten my coworker Susannah found in a 4-lane road in Pasadena (California). She pulled over and ran out in traffic to rescue (him),” said Pinguino Kolb.

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Kitten Fetches Oven Mitt

This ginger rescue loves to fetch big things such as an oven mitt that is about the same size as him. What a funny little kitty! :)

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Juniper: World’s Most Laid-Back Kitten

cute rescued tuxedo kitten laid back cat

Juniper world's most laid-back kitten

Written by ©Andrea.

A year ago I started feeding the feral and semi-feral cats at my house and trying to find homes for them what are adoptable. To date I’ve placed three adults and Juniper is the 4th kitten.

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Baby the Little Grey Rescue

cute rescued grey kitten kitten stand up cat

Baby the rescue

Baby the little grey kitty was rescued along with her 3 other siblings by Sarah Blackstock. Even though Sarah has allergies, she did not mind a bit to bring them into her home and foster them until she found them their forever homes.

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“Wakie! Wakie!”

U-chan the bird is bugging and trying to wake up Chama the cat, but Chama is not budging and keeps on snoozing.

U-chan: “Wakie! Wakie!”

Chama: “Just 5 more minutes plz! Zzzzzz.”

Chama was rescued and brought to his home around the same time when the family got U-chan the parakeet. They grew up together.

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Greg Brady the Mischievous Little Foster

cute rescued kitten greg stretching paws up

Paws up!

After Starsky and Hutch (now Jack and Percy) went to their new homes in Indiana, Robyn Anderson, a foster parent got a call from her shelter. “Three hours later, we had in our possession some sweet little 6 week-olds. Six of them, to be exact.” One of them is named Greg Brady.

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