Diary of Two Cats’ First Meeting

cute siamese kitten cat pic

Seven, the new kitty in the home

Seven, the kitten is a new addition to Feixia’s family. When Seven arrived in his new home, Mao, the ginger kitty was a bit confused. The beginning of these two kitties’ relationship is truly fascinating. This is how it went:

Photos courtesy of ©Feixia.

cute siamese kitten cat pic

Seven playing with his new scratching post

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Kitty Asks For Cuddles

Cats are so intelligent that they can train people to do exactly what they want. Check out the video and you will see what I mean.

Kitty says “this is how you do it right.”

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Cat with a Magnificent Tail

cute maine coon cat

Jarvis and his magnificent tail | photo by ©David Howes

Jarvis is a lovely Maine Coon with a magnificent tail. His tail is so fluffy that it looks almost as big as his body :).

Jarvis is a very outgoing and laid back cat who adores human company and is very affectionate. “However, he is also the naughtiest cat we have ever had and he is into all kinds of mischief, he is incredibly inquisitive and will investigate any thing that is left where he can get at it, a particular favourite is shopping, he is into the bags as soon as we bring them into the house. He is never in anyway nasty to us or destructive to our home so we forgive his, often very endearing naughtiness,” said David Howes, Jarvis’s daddy.

When Jarvis first came to his home, the Howes’ already had 4 other cats. “Jarvis assumed they were there for his entertainment and would spend many happy hours chasing them around whilst chirping and making various other sounds. I think the other cats were convinced we had brought them a totally crazy ‘little brother’.”

Photos courtesy of ©David Howes.

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Little Poteto

cute kitten playing


Poteto is a mischievious little boy who is very spoiled by his family.

He was found crying on the street and later rescued and brought to an animal rescue group who provided food, shelter, comfort and protection for the poor little one.

Poteto’s mommy saw him on the rescue group’s website. They were looking for foster parents. So she went ahead and brought Poteto home on May 23, 2009. At the time he was at the tender age of one month.

It’s been a little more than a year since Poteto came to his foster home. The truth is that it has become his permanent home and Poteto is now living with four other furry friends and enjoys being pampered everyday like a little prince.

Photos courtesy of ©doshito (Dot). Check out Poteto and his furry buddies’ YouTube channel.

cute kitten jumping

"I am levitating."

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When Maru Wants to Play

Maru just surprised me today how smart he is. When Maru wants to play, he will let you know exactly what he wants. People say dogs are smart, they probably have never seen this. The truth is that cats are a lot more intelligent than people think.

Check out the video and enjoy:

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Kitty Who Sees the World Through One Eye

cute tuxedu kitten

Clem aka "the professor" | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

Clem is a very sweet, energetic little boy. He was rescued by Theresa Mershon‘s neighbor from some teenagers in Park Slope. When she found him, he had infections in both eyes and could not see. He came to Theresa’s home to get treatment and to be cared for.

When the photos were taken, one of Clem’s eyes had completely healed while the other was on the mend. “It’s possible that he may only have sight in one eye for the rest of his life, but he can see just fine and won’t need special care.”

During his foster care, Butter the cat became his foster mother. She babysat him and kept an eye on the little fuzzball to make sure that he was OK.

Today, Clem is blind in one eye, but it does not bother him at all. He is a perfectly normal kitty who can do things just like other cats. Clem has found a forever home. He is now called “The Professor” because he has elbow patches on his coat :).

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa Mershon.

cute tuxedo kitten playing with string

"Argghh! I will get you down." | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

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Stretching is Hard Work

This kitty shows how stretching can be very hard work sometimes :). Stretchhhhhhhhhh!

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