Maru and His New Toy

Maru has a new toy. It’s huge, crinkly and noisy.

Click play and enjoy the video:

cute cat maru

"I can catch anything you throw at me."

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Kitty the Tuxedo Rescued Cat

cute rescued tuxedo kitten

Kitty the tuxedo cat | photo by ©Tatiane Noviski

Kitty is almost five years old now, but before she found her forever home, she was a feral kitten wandering near a park in Porto Alegre, Brazil. “My friend found her. When I saw her the first time, I knew I had to bring her home,” said Tatiane Noviski, Kitty’s mommy.

Kitty was a bit aggressive at the beginning. Transitioning from a feral to a house cat was not all smooth, but she gradually started to trust more and calm down due to the love, care and patience from her new home. “After some time she became a lovely and calm girl.”

Kitty is so close to her hooman parents that she demands to sleep with them in their bed every single night.

Hoping to find Kitty a companion to play with, Tatiane brought another kitty home. His name is Kal-El. Kitty and Kal-El immediately bonded and started sharing the bed and toys.

Kitty has come a long way since she was first found on the street.

Photos courtesy of ©Tatiane Noviski.

cute cats

Kitty and Kal-El "We love each other!" | photo by ©Tatiane Noviski

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Catnip Feast

cute fluffy cat smelling catnip

Fruit sniffing fresh catnip | photo by ©Faureing

Does your kitty like catnip? Fruit the fluffy cat is given some fresh catnip. Check out how much he likes it :).

Photos courtesy of ©Faureing.

cute fluffy cat eating catnip

"I eat you!" | photo by ©Faureing

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Ginger Kitty Gives High 5

That pink paw is just too much to handle. Kitty says: “High 5 to you!”

cute ginger cat waving hi

Photo courtesy of ©Orange

Kitty Tries to Fit into Trash Can

There is something about trash cans that just fascinate kitties :). Even though this kitty knows it’s hard to fit into the trash can, he keeps going back into it. So his daddy decided to record it down.

Check out the video below:

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Sam the Cat and His Furry Friends

cute long haired tabby

Sam | photo by ©Chris Gandy

Chris Gandy and his family have had cats for many years. Sam the cat is the naughtiest and most playful they have ever known. He would do anything to get his own way. “Only problem is he looks just too cute.”

Sam loves the snow and will play in it for hours. When he is done playing, he gets snow all over his thick, long coat, but it does not bother him a bit.

At the time Chris had two cats, Sam and Fred, who is much older, so they went on the lookout for more kitties. “We didn’t particularly need them, but some friends neighbor had kittens who they couldn’t find homes for so we took two of them Chester (black) and Alfie (ginger).”

cute long haired tabby

photo by ©Chris Gandy

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Cat Drummer

Does your kitty like to cover stuff in their litter box with anything but litter? :) It looks almost like the kitty in the video is drumming out a very catchy rhythm.

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