Kitten Demands Mom’s Attention

This adorable kitty loves mommy’s attention and demands it by squeaking and dropping herself on her mom’s foot. That gets her mom to give her tummy rubs every time. What does your kitty do to get your attention?

Click play and enjoy the video.

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Yu the Creamy Rescued Kitty

cute rescued kitten

Yu :)

This little cream colored kitten was found covered with dirt near a cemetary one morning. “I grabbed the kitten and ran home right away. There was a lot of soil on his body, so I decided to give him a bath once we got home,” said the rescuer from Japan.

After getting cleaned up, the little kitten was given some food, then they were off to the animal hospital.

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Hana, the Curious Calico Kitten

Hana, a little rescue is peeking through the kitchen door to watch her dad make stir-fry for the very first time. She is curious about all the sounds and the smells. Click play and enjoy the video.

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Two Rescued Tabby Kittens

cute rescued tabby kitten

Chobi was jogging near a pond one evening and heard kittens crying. As a volunteer for a rescue group in Japan, her instinct immediately led her to look for the source of the crying. She spotted a suspecious box and walked towards it.

The cries got louder as she approached it. When she opened the box, there were two tiny little kittens whose eyes just recently opened squirming around in the box. Right away Chobi decided to take the little kittens home with her.

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Toby and Fiddy: Friendship

This is a story of Toby and Fiddy :). Enjoy!

cute ginger cats playing fighting

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September Cat/Kitten of the Month Results

Voting has ended for September cat/kitten of the month. The votes are in. It was a very close match. They are all winners in my eyes!

You can see all the September photos in the Love Meow Gallery.

If you are interested in joining October Cat/Kitten of the Month, click here for details.

You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of September Cat of the Month: *drum roll*

cute cat siamese

Monkey by Angela Ormand (Cat of the Month #1)

You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of September Kitten of the Month: *drum roll*

cute white kitten

Amore by Georgene Cevasco (Kitten of the Month #1)

Here are the 15 runner-ups of Cat of the month:

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Little Rescued Ginger Minoru

cute rescued ginger kitten sleeping

Little Minoru having sweet dreams :)

Little Minoru was rescued along with his four other siblings in early June this year. They were born in a farmhouse but luckily were found by a rescue group from Japan. “As I was driving them home after picking them up, we went into a traffic jam for nearly 2 hours. I was worried about the kittens and wanted to make sure they were ok,” said the rescuer. Luckily, all the kittens arrived at their foster home safely.

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