Winston the Cat is Different

cute exotic persian cat pic

Winston is a lovely Exotic shorthair kitty. His owner does not think that he is like any other exotic cats because when he looked up the characteristics about these cats in Wikipedia, he could not find anything that matched his cat.

Almost none of these things apply to his cat Winston. He explains it line by line in this video:
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A Small Cat with a Brave Heart

Wendy likes to watch over things that are cooking over the stove

Wendy, a lovely tabby cat may look like a kitten, but she is more than 4 years old.

Wendy grew up with a congenital disease called mega esophagus, which made her unable to eat any solid food. Her growth was affected as a kitten, so she stayed small into adulthood. She cannot eat normally like other cats and needs assistance from her mom during every meal time. It is hard for me to imagine what Wendy has to go through everyday in order to survive, but this little girl has bravery and determination to live a happy life.

Wendy only weighs a few pounds, but she never lets her problem stop her from being a frisky, playful cat that she is.

Wendy is very clever and mischievous. She likes to jump on the stove even when there are things cooking on it. Wendy’s mommy, Cristina is always there to make sure that she does not get too close. But it seems that Wendy already knows that.

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Theo, a Cat with an Uncanny Talent


Theo (the cat) & Shinji Kasahara, researcher at University of Washington, hip-hop dancer/instructor

They say men are unlikely to get attached to cats. They also say that black cats are one of the least adoptable pets at the shelter in the United States. But these stereotypes did not stop Shinji Kasahara, a Japanese PhD student at the University of Washington in Seattle from showing the world how much he adores his lovely black cat, Theo, who has an uncanny talent.

Theo is no ordinary cat. It seems that fate has connected the two together. When Shinji was visiting the Seattle Animal Shelter back in 2007, an one-year-old black kitty came up to him from the cage and started a heart-felt conversation with him right off the bat. Shinji was very intrigued so he removed the kitty from the cage and placed him on his lap. It was like love at first sight, Theo started kissing and nuzzling this man that he only met for the first time. It was as if Theo had decided that Shinji should be the one to take him home. And so he did.

Theo is quite a chatterbox. He talks about everything and anything. Six months after he moved into his new home, Shinji started to realize that he began to understand some of the ramblings that came from Theo’s tiny little mouth. Later, it became so clear to him that they were able to carry deeper and longer conversations together. Theo had picked up many words in Japanese. It was something that Shinji had never seen before.

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Big Box vs Fluffy Cat

It always fascinates me to see a big fluffy and pudgy kitty show incredible jumping skills . Cats can somehow defy gravity regardless of their weight or size.

Check out this lovely fluffy Ragdoll and her obsession for a giant cardboard box:
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Magic Needs a Forever Home

Update: Magic has been adopted by Jill, his foster mother. His wound is not healed yet. Please pray for the little one. Here is a video where Magic is featured in.

Magic is a rescued kitten from Eva’s animal rescue group in Brooklyn, New York. He was found with a large wound on his leg. The wound was probably very painful, but we know cats are masters at masking their pain.

cute black kitten magic injured cat


Eva said “the wound might have been caused by an engine belt that turned on while the kitten was snuggle under the hood for heat.”

Scroll down to see more:

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From Newborn to Young Kitten

Have you ever wondered what it is like to see a kitty grow up from birth to a young kitten? It is a beautiful and fascinating miracle of life:

New born

Eyes start to open

Eyes completely opened

Getting fluffy

First bath

Big enough to climb over things

Photos courtesy of Betsy Cole. You can visit Betsy’s website at

Monkey Gives Tabby Cat a Massage

In Koh Phangan, Thailand, a 3-month-old macaque monkey stopped his mischief to give his best buddy, an orange tabby cat a good comfortable massage.

Not only did the tabby cat accept his offer, he was enjoying it quite a bit. His facial expression says it all :).

cute monkey giving orange tabby a massage pic

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