Story and Photos of Ksenya the Cat

Ksenya ©Lanamaniac

Ksenya is a beautiful cat from New York. According to Lana, Ksenya’s hooman, her cat mother is a pure white Persian and her dad no one knows.

“Ksenya is amazing. I am pretty convinced she is the cutest cat in the universe with the world’s most amazing eyes, she is also incredibly smart and friendly. She seems to understand everything you are saying to her and she never makes the same mistakes twice. She loves to play hide and seek and we often chase each other throughout the house. She also loves playing by boxing with her big paws and giving high fives. She is constant entertainment,” says Lana.

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March Cat of the Month Final Round

Congratulations to all the finalists. All the photos that entered the contest are winners in my eyes. I just divided the finalists into 2 groups: Cat of the Month finalists and Kitten of the Month Finalists, since many of you have suggested to have Kitten of the Month as well.

If you want to enter April cat of the month or kitten of the month, you can click here for details.

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Koko the Gorilla Gets a Kitty Visit

Koko and All Ball

Koko, the first gorilla that uses sign language to communicate with people, has fostered many feline friends in her life. Her first feline buddy, All Ball, a lovely kitten she named because she looked like a ball to her.

A few weeks ago Koko was introduced to several lovely kittens from the Humane Society.

Koko has always been very affectionate toward kittens (remember All Ball on the 1985 cover of National Geographic) and still entertains them as guests from time to time. In this clip she receives a visit from 5 kittens (thanks to the San Francisco Peninsula Humane Society).
She picks a winner (“Tigger”), but will she invite Tigger to stay

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You Can Ask Maru Questions


Update: Here is the interview we had with Maru and his hooman :).


GREAT new! We are going to interview Maru, the famous YouTube cat soon. YAY! If you want to ask him any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment area.

Here is a little something about Maru:

Maru is a male cat, turning three years old this May. He is a Scottish Fold with straight ears. The fluffy boy weighs about 12 lbs (5.5kg). He is famous for his obsession for cardboard boxes and has had over 45 million views on his YouTube channel.

Here are two of Maru most memorable videos:

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Caturday Kittens

Happy Caturday! Hope these pictures brighten up your day! :)

More pictures:

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This Tuxedo Kitten Loves to Hide in Sleeves

cute kitten like sleeves and pants pic

Radesh loves to hide in the sleeve and stick out his paw to grab anything that passes by

This is Radesh, a frisky little tuxedo kitten who loves sleeves, I mean REALLY LOVE sleeves! He slips into his hooman’s sweater and finds the sleeve exceptionally comfortable. To him, it is a great hiding spot where he thinks he is completely hidden and no one can detect him because of his camouflage. If you slide a dangling toy in front of his eyes, he will stick his paw out of the sleeve to try to get it.

Cats often find the most unexpected places – between the couch cushions, small boxes, shoes, sleeves, pants, etc- to get into to cozy up or to play. Cats are curious, they love to hide and lurk – part of their predator instinct – and they love places that are squishy, cozy and snug.

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Cat ‘Comes Back to Life’ Nine Months After Owner Buries Him

A ginger tabby cat named Alfie was thought to have used one of his nine lives to come back from the dead after being buried for nine months.

A cat was found on the side of a road by a friend of Angelo Petrillo, the owner of Alfie. They believed it was his beloved cat who was apparently hit by a car. The Petrillo family was deeply saddened and Mr. Petrillo personally buried the cat.

Soon after the incident, The family relocated to another area along with another ginger tomcat, named Freddie. It took them a month to grieve over their loss. However, what they did not expect is what ensued nine months later.

A few days ago, a former neighbor contacted Mr. Petrillo over the phone, saying their cat, Freddie frequently visited their home at the front and back doors. However, Mr. Petrillo was in disbelief because Freddie was with him while they were speaking on the phone.

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