This Is How the Kitties Play

cute munchkin kitten pic

These two fluffy kitties have two different styles of playing with their dangling toys. One plays with grace and gentleness. The other one goes wild over the toy.

How does your kitty play?

Video 1: the gentle one

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Cat with Mesmerizing Eyes

cute black and white cat with beautiful eyes pic


Indio Jude met his hooman, Elkay a few years ago. It was love at first sight. When she looked at him, she knew that he was meant to be part of her family. She adopted him that day.

“Jude is such a wonderful cat. He is outgoing, and fearlessly approaches anyone who comes to our house. His eyes are so expressive, round and amber, and he immediately drawn attention from everyone he encounters,” said Elkay.

“Jude is such a love. I can’t imagine my life without him, and I’m so happy he’s part of my family.”

cute ginger cat stretching pic

Stretchhhhhhhhhh | ©Elkay

Story and photos courtesy of ©Elkay.

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Cat vs Q-Tip

cute scottish fold munckin kitten cat pic

When a cat meets a Q-Tip, something is bound to happen. It is as if there is a never ending rivalry between cats and Q-Tips. They just set off kitties like a time bomb. Cats will do anything to snatch the seemingly hard to attain stick-like thingy with their bare paws, but only to find out how easy it is for the little devil to slip and slide away. In a battle between a Q-Tip and a kitty, you will witness perhaps some of the most incredible moves by a cat. Whether it is levitating hops or jump-kicking an air-mouse, it is amazing what cats would do in order to nab the little stinker.

Kariniya the cat is wrestling with a Q-tip, and this is how it turns out. The ending is quite a surprising one.

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Best Friends

cute calico kitten held in hands

©Evan Travers

Evan Travers, a web developer has had many cats and kittens for years now. To him, they are his furry best friends and companions.

“We adopted several from a friend maybe six years ago, and the kittens just keep coming, you see. We live out in the country, and our cats help maintain our home by wasting time, chewing up the furniture, and bringing a smile to our face with their antics.”

These are some of the kitties that have kept Evan company over the years:
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Love Comes in a Pair

Love comes in different forms :).

cute kitten heart shape cat pic

Mabel the Sweet SPCA Ginger Kitten

cute ginger rescued kitten cat pic

Cuddles plz!

Jill Hudgins and her family have fostered many small kittens for the local SPCA. They keep the fur babies until they weigh enough (2 lbs 4 oz) to be adopted.

“It is hard to let them go but I feel good knowing that we gave them a good start to life and they didn’t have to grow up in a tiny metal cage.”

Thank you to Jill Hudgins and people like her who are helping these kitties and preparing them to be ready for their forever homes.

Here are photos of Mabel, one of the kittens that Jill fostered.

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Voting for April Cat / Kitten of the Month Begins

We have over 60 entries for March Cat / Kitten of the Month contest. If you want to enter your photos in the May Cat of the Month, you can go to this link for details.

There are two rounds of voting:

Round 1: April 25 – 27, all entries

Final round: April 28 – 30, 30 finalists (cat of the month), 10 finalists (kitten of the month)

We will announce the results of April Cat of the Month on May 1.

There are seven groups of photos. They are ordered alphabetically. Click on a link to vote now (you can vote for as many photos as you’d like):

(Round 1 is over. The groups below are the 40 finalists)

Cat of the Month:

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