Bear, Sox and Squeaky: Their Rescue Story

cute rescued kittens

Bear, Sox & Squeaky

Written by Marlene Harris.

The neighborhood strays always gravitate to our place. We offer food, water and a barn which is “open 24/7” Although it’s unheated, it does provide shelter during inclement weather as well as lots of nooks and crannies, which cats always appreciate.

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Nayomi the Quirky Kitty

cute white british shorthair  cat

"Hai, I am Nayomi."

Nayomi is a 9 month old kitten living with her best fur friend Maiko. “She is shy when meeting people for the first time, but once she develops a bond, she becomes the most loving little kitty,” said Nayomi’s mommy Domini Nair.

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Rescue Story of Stitch and Mallow

cute kittens

Stitch & Mallow

Stitch & Mallow are about 2 years old. They were found in an abandoned building while Heather was having her photography class outside in her town. “We have a section of our town that used to be an ‘Indian school’ (back when that type of thing was going on) It is all abandoned buildings now, that’s where I found them, along with their tortoiseshell sister who I found a good home for,” said Heather.

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Panda Bear the Foster Tuxedo Kitten

cute tuxedo kitten

"This is my napping spot!"

Panda Bear was found along with two other kittens under a shed by a guy who eventually brought them to the Frederiction SPCA in Canada back in September, 2009. The man thought that “their mom had been hit by a car because the kittens had been alone for a few days.” They were 3 weeks old when they were brought in. Jill Hudgins, their foster mom bottle fed Panda Bear and his siblings for a little while. Panda Bear got his name from his cute little markings. “We thought his markings made him look like a little panda.”
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Maya the Little Calico

cute calico kitten

"I am upside down Maya!"

Written by Giane Portal.

Maya was born in my house (daughter of the two cats I rescued – Bo and Shun), in the living room, surrounded by other cats. My cats (mostly rescues) are all neutered, but at the time we just did not do it in time for Bo and Shun. It was amazing how fast cats get pregnant. We learned our lesson. I was feeling gulty and happy at the same time. It was an unbelievable experience to have babies at home, but there are so many others kitties outside waiting to get help (please spay and neuter).

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Nap Time for Kittens

cute foster ginger kitten napping in foster mom's arms

"Me sleeping in my foster mom's arms... zzz..."

Kittens love to sleep together with their kitten friends no matter how large the bed is. They snuggle against each other and share their own body heat. Kittens also love to nap with their favorite hoomans :). It reminds them of being with their mother.
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Little Former Stray Matilda

cute fluffy kitten gray

"Hai I am Matilda! I am a fluffy girl."

Matilda was rescued by the SPCA in Monterey County in California when she was only a few weeks old. “This little girl came in as a stray when she was about four weeks old,” said Stacy, a staffer from the SPCA.

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