Cute Kitten vs Paper Bag

This cute little fuzzball is duking it out with a paper bag. Click play and enjoy!

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Four Itty Bitty Foster Kitties

scute foster kitten

photo by ©Theresa Mershon

Written by ©Theresa Mershon

Last year my apartment building had a feral cat colony in the basement, so we ended up fostering a lot of kittens while we ran a Trap-Neuter-Return program and eventually got things under control. No kittens this year, which is a good thing even though we miss the pitter patter of tiny paws.

This boutique of kittens was our second batch, they were born in an old video game console and were trapped with their feral mom so they had the best of both worlds — they got to stay with their mom, but we hand reared them and now they are great pets.

This little boy was the biggest and strongest. He was very photogenic. He was adopted with his brother, the runt of the litter:

cute fostered kitten

"I am the biggest and strongest!" | photo by ©Theresa Mershon

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Kitties Rescued by US Marines in Afghanistan

cute rescued and marine soldier

Simba & Timothy Kuklis

In Afghanistan, in the midst of war, many animals are lost and separated from their family. Many are found later by troops from the US, UK and Canada. Soldiers rescue these animals and get help from rescue groups that help them send these animals out of the country and to a forever loving home that they deserve.

Three US marine soldiers, Brian Chambers, Chris Berry and Aaron Shaw, started a mission to help bring home the kittens they have befriended while serving in Afghanistan (Facebook group). With generous donations from cat lovers and help from Noward Dogs animal rescue, Kiki and Keykey, two lovely ginger kitties, have successfully made it home in the US. Unfortunately 2 other cats, Simba and Ra-Ko, lost the battle against their illnesses a few weeks ago.

Kiki and his sister Bones were found by Brian Chambers, a US marine.

cute rescued kitten in afghanistan

Kiki taking a nap

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Rescued Kitten Touched Dog Lovers’ Hearts

cute siamese kitten

Sleepy time | photo by ©Gisele Floriano

Gisele Floriano and her sister had always been dog lovers until they met Sophie, an orphaned kitty who touched their hearts with her story, personality and endless energy to live her life to the fullest.

Written by ©Gisele Floriano

Sophie is four years and 10 months now. I lived with my sister back in 2005, in Florianopolis (south of Brazil). We were there to attend college and were away from our parents and pets. So we decided that we needed a pet to share the apartment with us. We were always dog people, so we started looking for a small dog because we lived in a small apartment. We wanted to adopt a pet and not to buy one. So my sister went to this adoption fair and when she arrived there, she was introduced to Sophie, an orphaned rescued kitten.

cute siamese kitten

"What's down there?" | photo by ©Gisele Floriano

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Cat Meets ‘Cat’ Toy Bank

Cats love boxes. It’s a rule. Someone came up with an ingenious idea to design a “cat” bank that looks like a cat hiding in a box. When you press the button on top, a kitty will stick out its head and paw to grab your coin.

What would happen if a real cat meets the toy cat? Click play to find out :).

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Ginger Cat Meditating

This ginger cat is harnessing the chair, trying to achieve the ultimate level of meditation.

cute ginger cat meditating and sleeping

Photo courtesy of ©Magy

Aurora the Kitty with a Zorro Mask

cute tuxedo kitten

Aurora is getting sleepy after a long day of playing | photo by Giane Portal

Doesn’t she have beautiful markings on her face? It is like a Zorro mask that definitely makes her stand out.

Aurora is one of the kittens rescued by Giane Portal from Brazil. She and five other kittens are from the same feral mother, Narizinho. It took Giane many years, a lot of patience and hard work to finally gain Narizinho’s trust.

“For three years I’ve tried to rescue Narizinho, two times she gave birth and I couldn’t rescue the kittens, cause she didn’t let me take her. So, this feels like a personal victory to me,” said Giane.

“She is so smart, talkative and playful! She follows my boyfriend wherever he goes in the house. She is such an energetic girl, that sometimes she can be a little bully towards her siblings.”

“If there is a basket in the house, she is in there. Aurora is definitely a basket lover.”

Aurora and her mother Narizinho look almost identical. Sometimes it is hard to tell who is the mother since Aurora has grown up into a beautiful lady herself :).

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal.

cute tuxedo kitten

"I can see you." | photo by Giane Portal

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