Funny Silly Kitties

There is nothing better than silly and funny kitties. Hope these pictures bring a smile to your face.

cute white kitten silly funny cat pic

I can fly in my dreams :)

cute kitten laundry string silly funny cat pic

If you combine curiosity and agility, this happens.


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Final Round of Voting for Feb Cat of the Month

30 photos have been chosen by you to be in the final round of Feb cat of the month. All 71 entries are lovely and they are all winners in my eyes :).

You have until March 2nd to vote for your cat of the month photos. If you want to submit your photos for the March Cat of the Month contest, you can click this link for more details.

Here are your 30 finalists: (Click the thumbnails to see large images. Avoid the “drag to share” button if you want to see the large images)
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10 Interesting Cat Sculptures

If you travel around the world, you may run into one of these interesting looking cat sculptures :).

cute cat sculpture

Fester Cat (and Two Mice) art sculpture


Which one do you like the most? Scroll down to see more cat sculptures:

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Cat Escaped Security Checkpoint Hid Under Bomb Detection Machine

cute gray cat pic

A 25 pound kitty caused quite a commotion at the Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this week, causing many passengers to move from one security checkpoint to another. The cat and his family also missed their flight home to Florida.

The portly cat was in a carrier before arriving at their security checkpoint. When they reached the x-ray machine, the cat owner and her daughter were asked to remove the cat from the container, so they could put the carrier through the machine. However, the cat was not used to the crowd and the rowdiness at the airport during early morning rush hour, frightened, he ran off and found refuge under a bomb-detection machine.

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Beautiful Kittens and Friends

Aren’t these kitties adorable? Leesa’s photos have captured all the wonderfulness of these furry babies while they are sleeping, playing or simply sitting there looking at the camera.

Photos courtesy of Leesa @ her flickr.

cute kitten sleeping cat pic

© Leesa - Hard to resist

cute kitten lying down cat pic

© Leesa - Comfort

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Sleepy Caturday

cute kittens sleeping napping cat pic

Isn’t it cozy to snuggle together? It’s the most adorable group nap :).
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Funny Jumpy Himalayan Kitty

cute himalayan cat pic

If you like fluffy, silly, jumpy kitties, you would love this cat. :)

The Seal Point Himalayan Kitten, Dimitri, just being silly Dimitri. Dimitri could also make me laugh with his little performances. He was having some fun jumping that day. I hope Dimitri’s jumping skills makes you laugh. He was a bit clumsy.” -Dimitri’s mom.

Click play to watch the video:
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