The Dream that Helped Sam Find His Forever Home

cute grey and white kitten playing

Energetic Sam

Written by ©Tracy Deuel (flickr: deueltl).

We never think about becoming a three cat household… two is quite enough, thank you. Yet somehow, we always end up with three cats sharing our domicile, doing all those feline things that can make you laugh or tear your hair out, depending on the mischief. Most of the time, that third cat seems to find us rather than we finding them.

In March of 2009, we had been a two cat household since our elderly tabby Thumper had passed away about a year and a half previously. I’m going to stop here and say that this next part is rather out of character for me and will probably sound a little flaky, but it is what it is. :)

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How Many Foster Kittens Are Sleeping?

A litter of rescued kittens are sharing their foster mom’s lap and taking a nap together. Guess how many kitties there are? :)

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Little Rescue Brenda Looking for a Loving Home

cute little rescued kitten

Brenda the rescue | ©Eva

Brenda was rescued from euthanasia by Eva from Brooklyn, New York. The little one is 2 months young, a lovely girl who absolutely loves life. She was brought to Eva’s rescue group along with her sister Toni. Little Brenda loves to play and adores all the attention she can get. She is a sweet little thing that will bring a lot of fun and love to her forever loving home.

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Story of Nanako the Rescue and Her Brand New Life

cute rescued cat

Nanako the little feral cat slowly coming out of her shell

Nanako was found near a convenience store in March this year. She was filled with dirt, a few scars on her nose and she looked very skinny.

Nanako was brought into her foster home and was given a comfortable tent shaped bed where she immediately took refuge in. She stayed in the bed for a little while while getting used to the new scents in the house.

She did not want to come out of the bed for the first couple days. She ate by the bed and only came out to use the litter box. Every time she finished her food (mixed with medicine), she became happier and even started purring. Very soon she gained a lot more strength and some weight.

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Two Little Fosters Love the Camera

These two little foster kittens Max and Charlie are loving their camera time, squeaking and asking for love and attention. What do you think they are saying? Click play and enjoy the video.

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October Cat/Kitten of the Month Results

Voting has ended for October cat/kitten of the month. The votes are in. It was a very close match. They are all winners in my eyes!

You can see all the October photos in the Love Meow Gallery.

If you are interested in joining our last – November Cat/Kitten of the Monthclick here for details.

You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of October Cat of the Month: *drum roll*

cute cat of the month

Willow (Cat of the Month #1)

You have chosen the following photo to be the winner of October Kitten of the Month: *drum roll*

cute kitten of the month

Reddie (Kitten of the Month #1)

Here are the 15 runner-ups of Cat of the month:

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Story of Neko the Adorable Black Kitty

cute black kitten fluffy

Cute Neko

Written by ©Koko (flickr: Neki Neko).

The day we got Neko was on my 32nd birthday. I came across a local ad looking for good homes for kittens accompanied with a picture of a black, innocent eyed, fluff ball of a kitten looking up at me. It was love at first sight. I contacted a flustered owner. She told me her now neutered house cat had escaped and had come home with a surprise for her and that her house was now chaos with young children and cute kittens.

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