Stephen Colbert Reads Cat Fancy Magazine

Guess what Stephen Colbert, the host of the Colbert Report, was reading during the Winter Olympic games? A Cat Fancy magazine! Now Stephen has earned a lot of points from me for that :).

stephen colbert reads cat fancy

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Stories of Feral Cats

cute feral cat pic

Troy Snow, a freelance photographer, has taken countless photos of rescued animals, feral/stray animals and animals at the rescue centers. You can see from these beautiful images that each of them tells a story.

These are some of the many feral cats Troy came across through his photography.

You can find more Troy’s photographs at his flickr. Photos courtesy of Troy Snow.

cute pregnant feral cat pic

"This pregnant female lives under a steel storage container and next to a trash dumpster with at least 8 other cats. As wild as these cats are, I’m sure there are others that I didn’t see." - Troy

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Should Cats Eat Dog Food?

cute calico cat eating dog food pic

Cat: "nom nom nom.." Dog: "That's mah fud..."

Should cats eat dog food? Many people wonder about this question since many cat owners also have dogs. There are a few reasons why cat owners consider feeding their cats dog food:

1. Dog food is usually significantly cheaper than cat food.

2. Many cat owners have seen their cats stealing dog food and are confused if the food is right for their cats.

3. Dog treats come in more varieties and are usually readily available at most stores. Certain cat treats such as dental treats may not always be available at some stores.

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Cat Can Dance and Walk

cute exotic ginger kitten cat pic


My cats can do “sit” and “paw” on command when I have treats in my hands of course. This Munchkin Exotic kitty does cat walk like a charm and twirls and dances with grace. His name is Pancake. His mama uses his favorite treats to teach him a few really impressive tricks. Cats are not the easiest animals to train because they do not always perform on command. However, cats will listen to you if you can provide things they are interested in, such as food.

When you train a cat, always find something they love to do. If your cat is getting tired, give him a break and a lot of encouragement for the work he’s done.

Click play to watch this little kitty perform:

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Stretching Kitten

cute stretching tuxedo kitten cat pic

Cats stretch whenever they get a chance even when they are lying down comfortably in bed. Stretching is hard work for kitties. They take it very seriously and do it religiously. It’s no wonder why cats are so flexible and agile. It must have to do with the way they stretch. Even yoga could have been inspired by cats’ stretching.

Check out the video below – a sleepy kitten does some stretching.

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Cats and Their Horse and Deer Friends

cute kitty and horse kissing cat pic

© Leesa

Animals often amaze us with the love they share with each other. We have covered so many stories about friendships shared between cats and many other different species – squirrels, dogs, mice, deers, and even a giant gorilla. Love really doesn’t have any boundaries. Perhaps we can learn something from these animals.

Photos courtesy of Leesa, an unbelievably talented photographer from Northwest Montana. You can see more photos by her from her website or flickr.

Scroll down to see more photos.

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Cat Survived 10 Miles Trip Trapped on Hot Car Engine

SAFE: Abbey the Cat

A cat was found trapped on a hot car engine after the car owner had driven for 10 miles.

This one-year-old tortoise shell is believed to have crawled inside the car for heat, unbeknown to the car owner, who parked the car near Pontypool indoor market in U.K.. When she was driving home from the market, she heard crying coming from her car.

She pulled over about 10 miles from Pontypool, trying to trace the source of the crying. Eventually she found it inside the engine compartment.

She opened it and discovered a cat inside. She immediately took the cat to Abbey Veterinary Centre in Abergavenny.

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