Dillon The Cat Born Blind, Lives A Normal Happy Life

Dillon was born blind and lived on the streets for four months before being rescued by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Even though Dillon has never had sight, it doesn’t stop him from living a normal and happy feline life. Dillon’s human wrote via Kitty Army: “He never fully developed eyes — his veterinarians […]

Rescue Stray Cat Wears A Bowl Cut

by Love Meow on Apr 1st, 2013 | 9 Comments on Rescue Stray Cat Wears A Bowl Cut

Meet Moe Howard! He has quite a unique look. He wears a cute bowl cut and even has a mullet in the back, too according to Animal Rescue League of Boston. Moe came to the shelter on Thursday night after he was rescued by a woman. “A good samaritan brought him to us after finding him as […]

Tiny Kitten Saved From Garbage Can Now Gets A Ton Of Love & TLC

A tiny 5 week old kitten is now in the good hands of Animal Rescue League of Boston thanks to two good Samaritans who rescued the little grey kitten from a garbage can. “Our rescue techs just picked up this 5wk-old kitten that was found inside two plastic bags in a garbage can in Roxbury. […]

Cat Stuck in Tree for 3 Days Saved and Reunited with Family

This mischievous tuxedo somehow ended up at the top of a pine tree for 3 days. But Spaz the cat is super excited to be reunited with her family thanks to Animal Rescue League of Boston. “Thanks to the fabulous work of our amazing Rescue Crew yesterday, this lucky kitty didn’t have to brave today’s wintery wonderland […]

Abandoned Kittens Saved from Freezing Cold in Boston

Four tiny kittens were spotted by a good samaritan outside Northeastern University in Boston. “Our awesome Senior Rescue Tech, Bill Tanguay, was able to rescue them & bring them back to the ARL (Animal Rescue League of Boston) where they are now safe and warm. They’re in the process of being evaluated by our shelter […]

Toto the Tornado Kitty Has Come a Long Way

“On June 2nd, 2011, about 24 hours into the tornado recovery efforts, an unknown tree worker brought little Toto to the Brimfield Fire Station, where Jonathan was on duty with Brimfield Ambulance. After a brief conversation with the tree worker, it was obvious that Toto was found alone in an area of storm damaged trees […]

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