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It took a kind young man three days to finally rescue an orphan kitten from a construction site. The kitten sat on his shoulder and gave him a lot of headbutts.

“Heard her for two days on site meowing incessantly. Finally found her day 3, in the morning,” kitten’s rescuer wrote via imgur.

Meet Annie!

After he found the kitten from the construction site, she was all headbutts from the get-go.

kitten rescued from construction site

This is where she was first seen.

kitten rescued from construction site

She kept meowing until she got some water and head rubs.

kitten rescued from construction site

Then she fell asleep in her rescuer’s lap in his work truck. “She slept the entire 3 hour drive home.”

kitten rescued from construction site

He gave the little one food and introduced her to the other cats he rescued/adopted. “Got her home and fed, the other cats took to her right away.”

kitten rescued from construction site

“Almost two weeks, several baths, flea removal, and a trip to the vet later… She’s queen of the couch.”

kitten rescued from construction site

Photos by gerbillionaire via reddit.

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A little kitten somehow survived being picked up by a front loader and dumped into a bin of concrete and finally rescued by a construction worker who acted with quick thinking. Willie Harris keeps his eyes on each load, then on Thursday afternoon, something different caught his eyes. “At the very last minute, I saw a little fur ball… I thought it was an old glove or something that would be in the rocks,” he said via 13abc.

It turned out to be a little kitten, only 3 weeks old. “I ran down the steps, cut off the machine and jumped in… I thought it was dead, but then it scratched me. I said, ‘its alive!'” Harris said in an interview with 13abc.

They named the little ginger Lucky and took him to a local shelter to have the kitten checked out. “Just a couple of very minor injuries which is very surprising considering everything it seems he went through,” reported Cind C via 13abc.


Lucky after the rescue

cute kitten wrapped in blanket

Source 13abc.

A little kitten covered in soot was spotted at a construction site. She was brought to safety and got cleaned up. Pepper seems to know that she is in good hands now. Whenever there is a lap available within reach, she’d climb on it and snuggle with her human.

“This is Pepper. We found her in a construction zone… She was covered in dirt and cement residue. We honestly thought she was a grey/white striped cat when we first found her only to discover after her flea bath that she was pure white. And her ears were all pink and peeling from sunburn,” said Pepper’s rescuer via reddit.

Pepper has some seriously big ears that command attention. “I kind of thought she was just a domestic shorthair but her ears are really big and her face is much narrower than most DSH cats that I’ve seen.” Maybe someday she will grow into them.

Pepper perks up her big ears and is happy to be safe!

cute white kitten with big ears rescued from construction site

If you leave her on the floor, she will climb up your leg and snuggle like this.

cute white kitten with big ears rescued from construction site

Photos by energy_saver_mode via Reddit.