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Anne says: These sweet little kittens are sweeter than sugar. They both purr like motor boats, and have big ol’ paws with an extra thumb. The boy kitten on the left is named Bosco and the sweet girl on the right is Stripes. They are three years old this summer, and are an amazing, funny, sweet, addition to our family.

cute kitten kisses

Bosco and Stripes are all grown up and absolutely gorgeous! Thanks ©Anne for the lovely photo (flickr: anniemcq).

Little Sophie may have used a couple of her 9 lives, but there is a very happy ending to her story. She was spotted by Candi when she went to her aunt’s house. The little seal-point kitten is a fighter. She was the only survivor from her litter and was tiny and sick, but she always has so much spirit. “It didn’t take her long and she was bouncing around like a healthy little kitten,” said Candi.

cute rescue kitten getting kitty formula
Little Sophie after being rescued
cute kitten wrapped in towel
After lunch, full and satisfied.

Today, Sophie has grown into a beauty. She is fluffy and prissy and loves her big “brother” Silas and cuddles with her canine buddies.

Thanks ©Candi for the wonderful photos and story. (flickr: loveberries).

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Squeeee! This itty bitty tabby was picked up from the street and given a new home by a kind person. The little fuzzball is growing like a weed. After he opened his eyes, he was walking around exploring his new territory. The tiny ball of fluff met new cat friends who groom him and follow him around wherever he goes. They have become best buddies.

cute rescue tabby kitten sleeping
Wee rescued kitty
cute rescue tabby kitten adorable
cute rescue tabby kitten raises paw

A couple weeks later: