Mickey the Foster Cat Running the Store

“One year old gentle cat (12.2lbs) surrendered to the shelter for the lack of time on his owner’s part, Mickey was adopted almost in a heartbeat… fostered in a super friendly pet supply store,” said Eva Prokop, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn. The store has been helping many local animal shelters fostering and adopting out […]

2 Kittens and Cat Mama Need Forever Loving Home

Puffer and Hope, 2 little rescues are kittens of Faith. They were rescued from euthanasia and now staying at their foster home, having a blast with other fosters and loving life.

Little Rescue Brenda Looking for a Loving Home

Brenda was rescued from euthanasia by Eva from Brooklyn, New York. The little one is 2 months young, a lovely girl who absolutely loves life. She was brought to Eva’s rescue group along with her sister Toni. Little Brenda loves to play and adores all the attention she can get. She is a sweet little […]

Little 4 Week Old Rescue

by Love Meow on Oct 28th, 2010 | 10 Comments on Little 4 Week Old Rescue

Eva, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn New York found a little 4 week old wee baby and took her into her foster home. He is vocal, playful and very mischievous. “(He is) 4 weeks old, with a dirty nose, mysterious bold spots on his foot and Liz Taylor blue eyes – this guy is already […]

Kitteh Says “Noms Plz!”

by Love Meow on Sep 17th, 2010 | 12 Comments on Kitteh Says “Noms Plz!”

This adorable black kitten was rescued and brought in the shelter in New York where he was given food, a lot of TLC and a second to live an enjoyable life. If you want to adopt a kitty from Eva or Lisa, you can contact Friends of Animal Rescue (FOAR) and mention Eva101 or Lisacat, and they will […]

Little Larry the Tabby

by Love Meow on Sep 13th, 2010 | 17 Comments on Little Larry the Tabby

Larry, a little rescue from Brooklyn New York has made many people’s hearts melt. He was brought into the shelter that helped find him a wonderful forever home. Eva one of the rescuers that looked after Larry captured some of his lovely moments during his stay at the shelter.

Wallaby the Sweetest Little Thing

by Love Meow on Sep 4th, 2010 | 18 Comments on Wallaby the Sweetest Little Thing

Eva from Brooklyn, New York, has rescued and fostered many kitties and some of them were very difficult to let go. One of them is named Wallaby. “I met many cats in the past 3 years and I loved them all. But Wallaby was the most charming little guy I have ever met,” said Eva. Wallaby […]

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