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cute rescued cat foster at pet supply store pets on the run
Mickey loves to stand up against the door, greeting customers

“One year old gentle cat (12.2lbs) surrendered to the shelter for the lack of time on his owner’s part, Mickey was adopted almost in a heartbeat… fostered in a super friendly pet supply store,” said Eva Prokop, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn. The store has been helping many local animal shelters fostering and adopting out cats and kittens. Mickey loved ruling the roost in the store. In fact, when you visit there, there are usually a couple cute foster cats patrolling around.

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cute little rescued kitten
Brenda the rescue | ©Eva

Brenda was rescued from euthanasia by Eva from Brooklyn, New York. The little one is 2 months young, a lovely girl who absolutely loves life. She was brought to Eva’s rescue group along with her sister Toni. Little Brenda loves to play and adores all the attention she can get. She is a sweet little thing that will bring a lot of fun and love to her forever loving home.

Eva, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn New York found a little 4 week old wee baby and took her into her foster home. He is vocal, playful and very mischievous.

“(He is) 4 weeks old, with a dirty nose, mysterious bold spots on his foot and Liz Taylor blue eyes – this guy is already a winner,” said Eva.

cute rescued kitten
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cute ginger cat kitten
"Hai I am Wallaby!"

Eva from Brooklyn, New York, has rescued and fostered many kitties and some of them were very difficult to let go. One of them is named Wallaby. “I met many cats in the past 3 years and I loved them all. But Wallaby was the most charming little guy I have ever met,” said Eva.

Wallaby is a dwarf cat. When he was 1 year old, he only weighed about 5 pounds. He has very short front paws but is the sweetest, cutest little thing with a heart melting purr.