Feral Cat Mother and Son, Their First Year in a Loving Home

Two feral cats, a mother and her son, had been roaming around a neighborhood for over a year. A family decided to help them out. This is how far they have come since then. It was with a lot of patience and love. “I don’t usually do albums, but it marks a year since this […]

Roman Cats Turn A Historic Site Into Cat Haven

In Rome, many stray and feral cats have found a haven amid the ruins at Torre Argentina. The Julius Caesar’s assassination site has been turned into a cat sanctuary for many homeless cats. The Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary spay and neuter these cats and keep them healthy and fed. “People are interested more in the cats than […]

Project Bay Cat Brings Hope & Happiness To San Francisco Bay Cats

What would you do if you found 175 cats living along a popular hiking/biking trail? That’s what a group of volunteers from San Francisco bay area faced back in 2004. “They dedicated themselves to getting all the cats spayed/neutered to humanely stop their population from growing. They also began rescuing kittens and friendly adult cats […]

Feral Cats Find Warm Shelter in Nativity Scene

A colony of feral cats from Brooklyn find cozy refuge in a Christmas Nativity Scene and bring delight to the neighbors. Annette and Sue, two sisters, have placed the nativity scene in a lot next to their home for almost a decade. “People love it, but they really get a laugh out of the cats,” […]

Bay Cat Buddies

by Love Meow on Nov 16th, 2013 | 3 Comments on Bay Cat Buddies

These beautiful feral cats cared by Homeless cat network on the San Francisco Peninsula show so much love and affection to each other. Homeless Cat Network wrote: “Most people don’t realize that community cats often have very strong and loving relationships with kitties in their colonies. Prepare your heart to melt as you watch the Project Bay […]

Family Keeps Feral Cat Mom & Her Kitty Warm During Bitter Cold in Montreal

It’s bitter cold in Montreal. These two feral cats have taken refuge in a family’s solarium. The father of the family came up with an ingenious idea to keep the mom cat and her kitty warm and cozy. “They’ve been around since last summer, but only in the yard and behind the shed. We started […]

A Furiend to Lean on

by Love Meow on Dec 17th, 2011 | 47 Comments on A Furiend to Lean on

These two feral cats are spotted on a University campus in Shanghai. They follow each other wherever they go. They share food and warmth and lean on one another for love and comfort according to Jianfu. There is not a moment that they aren’t seen together. What an inspiring pair! Photos by Jianfu.

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