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Caelyn had been fostering little Hector since the day they rescued him. On Christmas day, Caelyn received the Christmas gift that she had prayed for. Get your tissues ready!

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Mel wrote via YouTube: “On Friday the 13th 2013 our family travelled to the city to pick up two starving, dirty and scared kittens who needed a place to stay.

Upon arrival we were greeting by the kittens ‘room mate’, another kitten without a home. He was the color of snow.

The snowy kitten proudly walked over and presented himself to us by uttering the loudest ‘meow’ we had ever heard.

We picked him up to greet him. As soon as he was in our arms he sat still, purred and stared into our eyes.

We had only volunteered to foster two kittens but this white kitten refused to be left behind.

My seven year old daughter cooed to the now named ‘Hector’ the whole way home. Their bond was instant and undeniable.

Caelyn has spent every day caring for Hector and his foster siblings. With every meal and cuddle the bond grew stronger between Caelyn and her Hector.

We only ever wanted to foster kittens and offer them a place to stay until they could find a forever home, we never intended to have a second forever cat.

We constantly reminded Caelyn that Hector was only ours to foster but we had to accept that the two of them were now cemented as best friends.

We just didn’t have the heart to separate Caelyn and Hector – they ate together, napped together and above all played together.

After alot of talks we decided that yes, as the parents were prepared to allow Hector to stay forever. We as a family were prepared to care for another cat for life.

On Christmas day we told Caelyn that Hector no longer needed to find a home. He was home!”

Watch this heart warming video:

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Meet Nibble Bug. She was about 2-4 weeks old when she was found. “I found her in front of a Winn Dixie in a box,” said Nibble Bug’s rescuer via reddit.

“I have no idea what happened to her mommy, and I found her in a box by herself. It was a hot day and I didn’t have the heart to leave her, so I brought her home. For awhile I thought she was blind, seeing as she would just run into the wall and only come when she hears loud noises. But I’m proud to announce, she can see wonderfully! She just came off her formula and she’s been eating Kitten Wet Food. Super playful.”

Nibble Bug the rescue found her way into a new home and a comfy slipper.

rescue kitten snuggling in shoe

She loves sitting on her human’s foot.

rescue kitten sitting on shoe

Nibble Bug was so happy to be accepted by one of their cats.

rescue kitten cuddling with older cat

Photos via reddit.

Mr. Tickles the ginger lived the street life for years. He had been through the toughest winters. “When they found him the top of his ears had frozen off because of the cold and his paws were cracked and bleeding. Also the fur was very dirty and knotted. He’s fine now, but his ears look a bit funny,” said his human Luticus.

When the animal rescue group that took in Mr. Tickles was looking for someone to foster the ginger cat, they found Luticus who told them she had no age or gender preferences when it comes to fostering. “A week later they emailed me and said there was a cat for me,” she said via Kitty Army.

It took a few months for Mr. Tickles to come out of his shell. But when he finally ran up to his foster mom when she called his name, it was so rewarding that she knew there was no way she could let him go.

“When I come home from work he is waiting by the door and kind of puts his front paws up on my legs and purrs. So I pick him up and he grabs me around the neck and just strokes his face against mine whilst purring for like 15 minutes. It’s awesome.”

Mr. Tickles lived the street life for years and weathered many treacherous winters. He lost parts of his ears due to frost bites and paws were in bad shape, but the handsome fella has really come around since he was rescued and given a second chance at life.

Homeless ginger cat found home

It took him months to come out of his shell and accept his foster home. When that happened, it was the most rewarding thing to his humans.

Homeless ginger cat found home

“When I come home from work he is waiting by the door and kind of puts his front paws up on my legs and purrs.”

Homeless ginger cat found home

“So I pick him up and he grabs me around the neck and just strokes his face against mine whilst purring for like 15 minutes. It’s awesome.”

Homeless ginger cat found home

Mr. Tickles never left his foster home. He has been adopted by his foster mom and is living at a comfortable place called his forever home.

Photos via imgur. Story via Luticus and Kitty Army.

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Little Tucker and Stewie were born in a foster home to a rescue cat mama . On day one, they became inseparable. They have never been away from each other since then and are each other’s best furiend.

Today these two furry brothers are adopted together and live happily in their new home.

..them together as newborns…

cute new born foster kittens best friends

and today snuggling together in their new home!

cute kittens best friends adopted together new home

Photos courtesy of Lindsey. More at Diary of a Foster Cat.

cute black kitten
Peep frolicking

Great news! Peep and Meep, the brother and sister rescued kittens just moved into a wonderful forever home together. They were found sick and underfed from a feral colony in Brooklyn, New York. Thanks to Amy and Lynn who rescued them and Theresa and her two lovely cats, Mina and Fritz, who looked after the kittens, they are back on their feet and better than they have ever been.