Adorable Cat Pictures

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LOLcat Fun

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Video: Kitten Running Around Playfully

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The kitten in the video is so playful and cute :-). He is playing with the game chair and jumping up and down the table, chasing back and forth with an adult Maine Coon. It is fun to watch. Enjoy!

Fun Games For Your Cat

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Playing with your cat is a great way to bond as well as get in some good mental and physical exercise. Here is a list of fun games to play with your cat. 1. Staircase Sprint – Stand at the bottom of a staircase and have your feline friend sit at the top. Throw a […]

Picture of the Day

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If you want your cat photo to be featured in Picture of the Day. You can submit your photo to the Facebook Fan page album and place “Picture of the Day” in the caption. Your picture may be selected to be the Picture of the Day.

Video – Kitten vs. Toilet Paper

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What usually happens when you leave your bathroom door open? There are many possibilities: 1. You find your cat drinking water out of the toilet bowl. Yuck, but true. 2. You find toilet paper stewn all over the floor while your cat is rolling and entangling himself with a pile of toilet paper. 3. You […]

Video: Kitten Tail Pacifier

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I love it when cats play with their tail :-). They can make a toy out of anything. They are no doubt a natural entertainer and comedian.

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