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Playing with your cat is a great way to bond as well as get in some good mental and physical exercise. Here is a list of fun games to play with your cat.

1. Staircase Sprint – Stand at the bottom of a staircase and have your feline friend sit at the top. Throw a ping pong ball so it hits the back wall of a step one of or two below where your cat is sitting. The ball will bounce back and coming rolling back towards you. Your cat will follow it down the stairs trying to catch it. But the ball should reach you again before the cat can get to it, so you can keep throwing it back up the stairs until your cat is tired.

2. Bathtub Bustle – Place your cat in a clean bathtub and bounce a ping pong ball of the side of the tub to get things going. Your cat while have loads of fun chasing down the always moving ping pong ball.

3. Bubbles – Buy a bottle of bubble solution and blow them around indoors or outside. Attempting to catch and pop all the bubbles will keep your cat occupied.

4. Toys – Some recommended toys are playthings like balls with bells on them, wand toys and catnip mice. Some useful things you might find around the house are straws, boxes, crinkled up paper or bottle caps.

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What usually happens when you leave your bathroom door open? There are many possibilities:

1. You find your cat drinking water out of the toilet bowl. Yuck, but true.

2. You find toilet paper stewn all over the floor while your cat is rolling and entangling himself with a pile of toilet paper.

3. You are shocked to see your cat lying comfortably in the toilet bowl. All that is running through your head is what shampoo you should use to bathe him.