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cute turkish van relaxed cat napping pic

This is Shironeko. You probably have seen him somewhere – the zen master cat. Shironeko is perhaps the most content and relaxed cat on earth. His name translates literally as “White Cat.” Shironeko was born on March 8th 2002, so that makes him an 8-year-old boy. He may look pudgy in the photos, but he only weighs about 9.9 lbs (4.5kg).

Shironeko looks like a Turkish van cat to me. The most distinctive feature is his eyes. They look like they are always sleepy. Shironeko loves a relaxing day, napping in his basket or anywhere he finds comfortable. He is one adorable kitty :).

You can find more photos of Shironeko at his gallery or blog.

avatar cat funny pic

An artist named Robert Paulson, a self-proclaimed Avatizer, decided to turn celebrities into avatar characters before the movie Avatar came out. It “started out as just a joke with a few of them then spiraled to over a hundred” – including this one – Avatar cat :).

You can find more avatar photos here. The power of PhotoShop.

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cute orange kitten cat pic

We know Japan is perhaps the most cat loving and admiring country on earth. They have the first corporate executive cat, Tama, the bekoning kitty, Maneki Neko, cat cafes, Hello Kitty and virtually anything you can think of, they have it in cats, even advertising a hotel.

The Yakumo Hotel decided to feature a cat dressed in business attire traveling place to place, working hard, making profits and finally always getting himself recharged at the comfortable Yakumo hotel.

cute seal point tortie ragdoll cat pic monni
by Sazzabell

This is a lovely kitty. I have officially fallen in love with her :)

“Monni” is a seal point tortie tabby ragdoll. I got her from an animal shelter when she was approximately 9 months old in September 2005. She arrived at the animal shelter because she was dumped in a box with another cat at a vets doorstep. She is such a character and knows who she loves and who she hates. She loves to eat from her toy ball and chew on cat grass. She likes to explore [supervised] the garden and in her enclosure. She has also been in 3 cat shows, and has done pretty well- even coming 1st place at one point!

– Sazzabell

Click play to watch the video:

Ever since the first Dramatic Cat came on YouTube back in 2008, it seems like this would become a tradition for years to come.

Here is a compilation of dramatic cats that we put together. I have to admit like I like the original music the best. Though dramatic cat 2009 attempted to use a different tune, it does not give me the dramatic effect as strongly as the old one. You can never go wrong with the original piece  :-).

Play the videos below to meet some of the funny yet dramatic cats. Enjoy!