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A stray cat found her way to a family’s porch one day, she didn’t just come alone. In the weeks that followed, she gave birth to a litter of five tiny ginger kittens.

Reddit user mister_flibble wrote: “She showed up on my porch in the dead of winter half frozen, half starved, and visibly in early pregnancy. From what we were able to figure out, someone abandoned her and her brother on my road. He turned up a month before she did right after Hurricane Sandy. We figured he had gotten lost in the storm, but after asking around found out someone had abandoned the pair of them right before it hit. From what we can tell, they got separated in the storm; he ended up on our porch and she ended up at a feral cat colony in an abandoned house a couple doors away. Eventually, she realized where he was and showed up here as well. I have never seen two cats happier to be reunited than when they finally found each other again.”

Ellie the ginger cat came to the family’s porch one day. In the days that followed, she gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens.

rescue cat mama and her kittens

rescue cat mama and her kittens

rescue cat mama and her kittens

rescue cat mama and her kittens

rescue cat mama and her kittens

She was separated from her brother after the storm, but reunited at the family

rescue cat mama and her kittens

Photos and story by mister_flibble via reddit.

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It has been seven weeks since Finn and Dash came to this world. They then opened their eyes to see for the first time and learned to eat solid food and use the litter boxes. The kittens are spoiled and loved by every human and furry kind in the house. Dexter the Ragdoll became their cat-sitter, watching them play, wash them up after meals, and let them nuzzle next to him for extra TLC.

It’s become bittersweet for Lindsey to know that the kittens are getting ready for adoption. “I still don’t know exactly when they’ll all be going back (to the shelter)…. I’m hoping I’ll just be able to keep them until the day they get neutered… and get picked up by their new owners the next day.”

Dash and Finn, a few days after they were born:

cute fosters snuggling baby kittens

2 weeks later, their eyes opened, ears perked up, stronger and fluffier:

cute fuzzy foster kittens snuggling

Getting their own purrsonalities:

cute kittens sleeping on carpet paws up surrender
cute kittens napping on carpet

Photos courtesy of Lindsey (blog: Daily of a Foster Cat). We hope Dash and Finn have a wonderful next chapter in their lives. Norma the beautiful tortie cat mama also needs a home.

Two snuggly ginger brothers always have each other. They are like two peas in a pod, totally inseparable.

Dash (ginger) and Finn (cream) were born to a stray mama cat who was taken in by the Humane Society. Lindsey helped the mama deliver her babies. The two little buddies are now one week old and growing so fast! Soon they will see the world for the very first time. Until then, here are some photos of this pair of cuddly brothers:

cute new born kittens best friends
Dash and Finn
cute snuggling new born ginger kittens
Best friends!
cute new born ginger kittens

Photos courtesy of ©Lindsey. You can follow the kitties’ progress at her lovely blog. More foto of these 2 ginger fuzzballs:

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A feral cat mama and her 4 babies found Ryan O. on his back porch one day and their lives were forever changed. Ryan, a volunteer from Dane County Friends of Ferals took in the furry family and provided warmth, comfort and food. The little snuggly ones clung to their mother until they opened their eyes. They started walking their way around and exploring their new territory. Ryan socialized the little kittens, hoping to find them all their forever loving homes.

One of the kittens, Guinevere has been adopted. Her three siblings named King ArthurSir Galahad and Sir Lancelot and their mom are now available for adoption. These fuzzballs play, nom, and snooze in Madison, Wisconsin. Ryan O. is working on TNR with many wonderful rescuers on the farm, saving lives. Kudos to you guys!

cute hand held itty bitty kitten
One of the little fuzzballs
feral cat mama cuddles with baby kittens
Mama cuddles her babies
cute rescue kittens snuggling each other
Big hug!
cute feral cat mama snuggling with her kittens
Snuggle time!
cute rescue kitten getting bigger and stronger
Kitten is getting bigger and more curious everyday!

cute cream kitten fluffy face

cute rescue kitten with backlight
Ready to find their forever homes.