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Little Dio was born to a stray cat mama with five other siblings. Though he is not the fastest, he sure knows how to pull at his humans’ heartstrings. This little fluffy boy has transformed from a itty bitty munchkin to a handsome ginger boy today.

cute new born ginger kitten hand held
Dio just came to this world
cute ginger kitten
In week 3, eyes wide opened, playful & mischievous little Munchkin

Dio and his sister Isis have been adopted into their foster home and are very loved by humans and several canine buddies. The rest of the furry family

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A little ginger bundle of joy found Terry on his porch one day when he was only a few days old. Terry later introduced him to Molly the dog who took to the little fuzzball right away. Her motherly instinct kicked in and started grooming the little bitty boy. Remarkably, the kitten turned to Molly’s belly and began to nurse. It was the moment when the two knew that they are meant to be together for life.

The little boy now named Scooter is Molly’s kitty. She has taught him how to walk, climb trees and watches over him whenever he is playing in the backyard. She is very protective of her little feline baby and doesn’t let him out of her sight. At the end of the day, they always snuggle together for a long nap.

Today Molly and Scooter are living happily together with another cat named Franklin.

cute rescue ginger kitten gets a bath from molly the dog
Molly gives Scooter a bath
cute rescue ginger kitten meets molly the dog
Molly took to Scooter right away when she saw him.
cute molly the dog takes rescue ginger kitten for a walk
Molly watches over Scooter when they play in the backyard
cute rescue ginger kitten learns to walk with dog
Molly teaches Scooter to walk
cute molly the dog teaches rescue ginger kitten to climb tree
Molly teaches Scooter to climb
cute dog watches rescue ginger kitten play explore
Molly teaches Scooter to explore
cute dog watches over rescue ginger kitten
Molly watching over her kitty
cute dog cuddles rescue ginger kitten
Cuddle time!
cute dog watches ginger kitten sleep
Sleepy time!
scooter ginger cat kisses dog
Scooter all grown up today, giving Molly a kiss

Photos courtesy of Terry (©Digimager). To see how Scooter is doing today, you can visit Terry’s flickr.

Adagio is a little Hemingway kitty like her brother Amerigo who has 24 toes except one of her paws has 7 digits. She is a shy girl and likes to stay behind her mother Heidi, but slowly she is coming out of her shell and adapting to people around her. Her big paw looks as if it has an extra foot which makes her extra special. “I say extra foot because of the additional pad at the base of the three toes,” said Jean.

cute foster kitten hiding her paws
Adagio the shy kitty
cute foster kitten with big foot
Big foot with 7 toes

This gorgeous Hemingway will make a

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A small bookstore (SAM KEE Bookstore, 森記圖書) in North Point, Hong kong became a little haven for many local homeless and stray cats. According to Chunli who visited the store, the owners of the bookstore have taken in many homeless cats and let them sleep inside, play and hang out with their customers. The kitties are well fed and given plenty of love. They enjoy patrolling the aisles and napping on a stack of books or a customer’s lap.

Many people come to the bookstore to read and spend time with the cats. Some are regular customers who have bonded with some of the 4-legged friends in the store.

The bookstore is a permanent home to many cats who otherwise would be roaming the streets.  They feel very loved and happy there.

One of the kitties adopted into the bookstore

cute bookstore cat staff hong kong

Two little kittens spending time with a customer

cute bookstore kittens hang out with customer

Welcome sign in the bookstore

cute bookstore with cats hong kong

There are many cat trees in the store for the cats to climb and hang out

cute cat stands on cat tree bookstore in hong kong

In every corner of the store, there is a cat bed for the kitties to nap in.

cute bookstore cat in basket

Two of the many cat residents there.

cute bookstore cats in hong kong

cute bookstore cat

cute bookstore cat sleeps in basket

The owners of the bookstore put up photos of each cat they adopted from the streets and created a gallery in the store.

cute cat bookstore in hong kong

The bookstore is decorated with all kinds of cat ornaments

cute cat decoration bookstore in hong kong

Photos courtesy of ©Chunli Duan (flickr: chunli-duan).

After a month of fostering, Casper and Tigger were ready to be up for adoption, but their foster parents were not. These two little ones have crept into Alexandra and her husband’s hearts that they simply can’t part with them. “We fostered Casper & Tigger for a month and when it came time to put them up for adoption we couldn’t give them up. They are part of the family now!” says Alexandra.

The couple will continue their foster effort for the Annex Cat Rescue. In fact their new foster just arrived today :).

Casper and Tigger will never part

cute cuddly kitten friends

cute snuggly cuddly kittens

cute kittens in basket

Update: All grown up today!

cute cats adopted together all grown up

cute cats snuggling

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More photos of Casper and Tigger).

Tigger and Casper (formerly named Einstein) are two peas in a pod. They can’t stand to be out of sight of each other. It’s getting closer to the day when they find their forever homes and it’s getting more difficult for their foster parents to say goodbye. They really hope they get adopted together. Aren’t they just meant to be together forever? :) (Update: Tigger and Casper have been adopted together by their foster parents!)

This is love

cute foster kittens kisses love bugs

Casper and Tigger

cute foster kittens cuddles snuggles love bugs

cute foster kittens play fight

Tigger and Casper were rescued by the Annex Cat Rescue when they were 5 weeks old. They are located in Toronto, Canada.

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More pictures of Tigger and Casper).