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scottish fold cat hides under couch after earthquake hit japan
On the day the earthquake hit Japan, Nekoyanagi takes refuge under the couch
cute scottish fold cat stays in kitty bed comfort snug cozy
Nekoyanagi helps conserve energy by keeping himself warm and cozy

It was quite a scare for Nekoyanagi (Cat Willow) when the earthquake struck Japan on March 11. All the persistent shaking that followed suit seemed to never end.

“Nekoyanagi is ok. When the earthquake occurred, we were both at work. All the trains had stopped working, but we somehow made it home on foot,” said Nekoyanagi’s mom.

Nekoyanagi was little frightened, hiding under the couch for a long time. Even when his human parents came back, he

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cute scottish fold cat hiding
I love boxes. I use them to hide my belly | ©Nekoyanagi

Nekoyanagi (means cat willow) is an adorable kitty who just turned two years old this year. He is a beautiful Scottish Fold with a dynamic personality. He looks like Maru the famous YouTube cat except his ears are folded :).

Though Nekoyanagi has a slight problem in his legs, he never lets it stop him when he plays. He gets very excited when his hooman throws a ball across the room. He will go after it, snatch it and bunny kick it with everything he’s got. You can hardly tell there is any problem with his legs.

Nekoyanagi loves to groom himself every night in the bathroom. It is an adorable thing that always makes his hooman smile.

cute scottish fold kitten cat
Adorable | ©Nekoyanagi