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Kotetsu the ginger boy is a riot when he plays. Ever since he came to his forever home, he has not stopped finding new things to play with. The little mischief maker keeps his dad entertained with his daily antics. He is curious and wants to know everything that his human dad is doing. He doesn’t stop until he has used the last ounce of his energy in playing, then he will pass out in his bed and snooze for hours.

Kotetsu’s moto is play hard and sleep hard with lots of good food in between.

cute playful kitten peekaboo
cute feisty ginger kitten bites newspaper
Kotetsu is not a fan of the advertisements
cute ginger kitten catches ball
"This ball is MINE!"

Thanks Yoppy for taking Kotetsu into his loving home. Kotetsu was rescued along with his two siblings. Thanks to the rescuer who

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cute furry fuzzy kitten stands up
Oscar is bugging Fei while he is trying to sleep
cute fuzzy furry kitten stands up chew cardboard
Oscar trying to demolish the little house

Sandy started looking to bring home a little kitten when she thought it would be nice for her cat Fei to have someone keep him company when she is not around. Then one day Sandy found Oscar, a fuzzy little guy with large eyes. It was love at first sight. Sandy knew right away that little Oscar would be coming home with her.

Oscar was a tiny little furball at the time, but the little boy has more audacity than any adult cats. He had no fear and was always curious. In no time, Oscar felt right at home with his new family and a new buddy named Fei.

cute tuxedo kitten holds finger on keyboard
Bunny examining dad's finger before he is allowed to use the keyboard
cute tuxedo kitten smiling tongue sticks out
Silly Bunny :)

Bunny, an energetic little tuxedo girl found her dad Robert when she was almost 2 months old. She was quite a hyper little girl who had boundless playfulness and endless energy. When she was awake, she was wild. Her appetite was so big that she could eat a lot.

One of Bunny’s favorite activities is to take a walk outside in the back yard. The yard is small, but Bunny always enjoys it to the fullest. She is very curious about the little critters she discovers there especially tiny little ants. They just seem to be so strange to her that she must investigate every time she spots one.

cute rescue kitten in cat food bag whiska

Dongdong the kitten was found with a dirty nose but a larger-than-life purrsonality. What he never lacked was his playfulness and curiosity which is how his human mom fell in love with him. No one knows when exactly this little bundle of joy was born, but they estimated that he was about a few weeks old when he came to his new home. Dongdong which means active and hyper in Chinese, suits him perfectly as his little battery never runs out of juice. He’s also brought out the inner child in his mom.