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Mikey is an amazing momma cat who unfortunately lost all three kittens of her own. She found happiness again when she was given three orphan kittens who were in need of some motherly love.

It’s a perfect match! These three abandoned kittens look like mini copies of Mikey.

The eight month old rescue mama cat was depressed after losing her kittens. Unable to bear to see Mikey suffer, Hillary called Dori’s Darlings, a cat rescue organization in Houston for help.

Mama Cat Who Lost All 3 Babies adopts 3 Abandoned Kittens

At the same time, foster mom Amanda was caring for three little baby kittens that she just received three days ago. These kittens were a few days old and their umbilical cords were still attached.

Amanda and another volunteer, Kelli, were feeding and caring for the kittens around the clock. When they learned about Mikey’s story, they offered to bring the kittens to the grieving mother cat.

“I have some babies for you so you can be a mommy again,” Amanda said to Mikey. (Huffington Post)

Immediately after Amanda placed the kittens in front of the cat mother, Mikey started hugging and grooming them as if they were her own. After a good bath session, Mikey laid down on her side to let the kittens nurse on their new mama.

Mama Cat Who Lost All 3 Babies adopts 3 Abandoned Kittens

The fact that the kittens look like their adoptive cat mom is just one of the many reasons that they belong to one another.

“This was just an awful thing she went through (losing all of her babies) and this will be healing for her,” Amanda said.

Mikey the cat mama lost all of her kittens and was grieving and depressed. Three abandoned baby kittens were in need of some mother love. When they met, it was love at first sight!

Mama Cat Who Lost All 3 Babies adopts 3 Abandoned Kittens

Mikey adores her new babies. She cuddles them, bathes them and falls asleep with them. 

Mama Cat Who Lost All 3 Babies adopts 3 Abandoned Kittens

She is now a very happy cat mama with her three precious little fur babies. 

Mama Cat Who Lost All 3 Babies adopts 3 Abandoned Kittens

Original story via Huffington Post.

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Thumper an adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn’t walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day.

“Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected… His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking.

Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running.”

WATCH VIDOE: Kitten can’t walk but learns with a walker

WATCH VIDEO: Thumper enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever loving home!

Thumper the wonder cat relearns to walk with a walker!

thumper the cat learned to walk with walker

After nine months of following Thumper’s progress, he has overcome his disability of Cerebellar Hypoplasia and now enjoys a normal cat’s life in his forever home.

thumper the cat learns to walk again

Kit is a super mom who recently adopted four abandoned newborn puppies and gave them a chance to survive and thrive. But that’s not all.

The tiny Chihuahua puppies were found in a box on a car in the West Valley City, Utah. The woman who discovered the puppies saw a note on the box indicating that the puppies were motherless.

When she took the puppies to the shelter for help, the staff decided to put them with a surrogate cat mom to try to save their lives.

[Scroll down for video]

4 newborn pups nursed by mama cat

“The puppies would not have survived into the night without food, so we’re lucky that the woman found them on her car when she did,” Deann Shepherd of Humane Society of Utah told Fox13.

With help from Kit the cat mom whose kittens had been adopted, the puppies all made it through the night and are now getting care and lots of bottle feeding from the volunteers.

4 newborn pups nursed by mama cat

Now Kit is taking care of a new litter of orphan kittens that need some motherly love. When the kittens were introduced to their new mom, she took to them right away and started nursing the little ones like her own.

Though Kit is a super mom at the shelter, she is also looking for a forever loving home for herself.

4 newborn pups nursed by mama cat

WATCH VIDEO: 4 newborn pups nursed by a surrogate mama cat

Photos by Humane Society of Utah.

Meet Pancake the two legged wonder cat. She was born with just two hind legs, but Pancake never thinks she’s any different.

Pancake’s mom shares her story at Facebook: “She was born in a litter of kittens, and she only had two back legs. I was told it was a struggle finding a home for her. I immediately said I wanted her and by Friday that week I had her.

When she came home with me she was 8 weeks old, and she wasn’t very active. She spent most of her first week on her back, looking up at us. When I fed her I spoon fed her because she didn’t (wasn’t able to?) roll over to her tummy. She would wake up in the middle of the night, a few times a night, so hungry. So I would get up and feed her. She very quickly started moving around and standing up though. And she hasn’t stopped since!

pancake two legged rescue cat

The day I got her my sister noticed that she has a third leg, the front left one, that is restricted by the skin. I took her in for a vet appointment and scheduled her spay and shots, and asked about the leg. He says that it should be easy to correct, and he will do that during her spay surgery. However, he says that she may not be able to use her leg fully. Even if it’s not fully functional he says it should help with mobility and play. She already tries to use it a lot when she’s running around the house and playing. Her tail is deformed as well, that is why it is shorter and has an irregular bone growth at the end, which you can feel. The vet says that won’t be an issue for her. At that first vet appointment, four days after I got her, she weighed less than a pound. She was so teeny!

First day home, right after eating her belly full of food.

pancake two legged rescue cat

As far as naming her went, the few days before I got her I called her Teenysauraus Rex (inspired by pictures of Mercury running and playing!). And then I wanted to call her Chicken because it’s a term of endearment used by one of my best friends. Then I wrote out a whole list of names, which most were food related. Sausage, Kimchi, Dumpling, etc. I picked Pancake because it was the cutest. Pancakes are fluffy! I thought it fit well.

‘You’re sure you want to read this?’

pancake two legged rescue cat

She stands up to play. She jumps on my bed! She eats a lot. She uses a litterbox. She likes to sleep on the bed with me. She chews on books. She likes to attack feet. I think she does things most any cat would do. Some people that see her for the first time say that it is heartbreaking that she can’t do this or that. I can understand that, however I don’t feel the same way anymore. Seeing how far she has come in such a short period of time is actually exciting.

She doesn’t know she isn’t like other cats. She is just being a cat the only way she knows.”

pancake two legged rescue cat

Sweet little Pancake!

pancake two legged rescue cat

Practicing walking on wood floors! You go Pancake!

pancake two legged rescue cat

All grown up now! “Pancake has great balance. She can sit like this very well if she’s trying to see something or play with something. Her preferred sitting technique is on shoes, still.”

pancake two legged rescue cat

Cuddle time after chasing a duck toy around the room.

pancake two legged rescue cat

WATCH VIDEO: Pancake plays hide and seek with a paper bag!

WATCH VIDEO: Pancake plays with a toy. Look at that poofy tail!

Follow Pancake the two legged cat on Facebook.

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A young cat mama stowed away aboard a foreign ship sailing from Algeciras, Spain to Houston, hoping to find a better life for her soon-to-be-born kittens.

“This sly and brave mama found her way into a pallet of food that was loaded onto a launch boat (a small vessel that delivers food and supplies to large vessels offshore) and transferred to the Houston-bound ship. Despite her bright orange coat, she managed to slip onto the ship’s deck without notice as the launch was unloaded,” Friends of League City Animal Shelter wrote in a news release.

When the crew members spotted the orange and white cat on St. Patrick’s Day, she was very weak and soaking wet from a storm.

“After she was dried off and made comfortable, to the surprise of the crew, she gave birth to a beautiful orange and white kitten–a miniature version of herself. The insightful crew members decided to go out into the storm to check the area where she had been found in case there were additional babies. Sure enough, three more tiny kittens were found—wet and cold. They were hustled inside, dried off and placed in a comfortable towel-lined box that was warmed by a lamp. Here mama Frederica took over the care of her tiny charges.”

[Scroll down for video]

stowaway cat and her kittens found home in the US

By the time the ship docked at the Port of the Houston, the crew had fallen in love with the furry family.

“They wanted the American dream for them,” said Monica Millican of the Friends of League City Animal Shelter.

With help from the rescue organization, the cat mother, Frederica and her kittens Bravo, Zulu, Juliet, and India, are now living in the foster care in Millican’s ‘cat room.’

The only request from the crew is that the kittens retain their names, to remind their new humans that they crossed an ocean to find a new life.

“They have a great story that should be passed along.”

stowaway cat and her kittens found home in the US

Cat mother, Frederica and her kittens Bravo, Zulu, Juliet, and India

stowaway cat and her kittens found home in the US

WATCH VIDEO: Stowaway cats find foster home in the US

Source: ABC13 and Guidrynews

Cashew the cat who went missing after a fire Monday at an apartment building in the Plateau section of Montreal, Canada, has been reunited with his human thanks to the kind neighbors that found and rescued him.

Casey Kerr’s girlfriend works at an animal shelter and often brings home rescue cats to care for them.

On the day of the fire, they had eight cats in the apartment. Five of them had been rescued, and they had been looking for the missing three cats.

When Isaac Berman, a neighbor came to check on the building after the fire, he spotted a cat on the second floor balcony. Immediately he decided to help.

Missing cat reunited with owner after Plateau fire

“It was a miracle. The kitty cat came out onto the balcony,” he said. “Now we have to save the cat!”

Berman received help from his friends from across the street. He managed to get into the second floor apartment and safely got the ginger cat out. The kitty was in good shape, but terrified.

Missing cat reunited with owner after Plateau fire

“We gained his trust with snacks and then put him in a cat cage to bring him down,” Isaac said.

Isaac’s friend Raluca Mantu who lives across the street from the burnt building took the cat into her home. “I fed him, I gave him water and then I made posters to print and post around the building in case the owner would come look for the cat,” she said.

Missing cat reunited with owner after Plateau fire

Yesterday morning while Casey was speaking with a police officer about his missing cat, Raluca saw them and told Casey that she had his cat.

“[Casey] was actually shaking and he was hugging the cat, and the cat was very happy,” Mantu said. “It was really emotional, really nice.”

Missing cat reunited with owner after Plateau fire

Source: CBCNews.

Meet Rademenesa, a rescue cat who lives at a shelter in Poland and spends many hours keeping other sick animals company and purring them back to health.

When Rademenesa was two months old, he was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract. He survived the ordeal and now is taking care of other patients.

This amazing feline has become the mascot to the veterinarians at the shelter.

Meet Rademenesa! He’s cat nurse at an animal shelter in Poland. 

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

He was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract when he was 2 months old. After recovering, he now spends many hours every day purring other animal patients back to health.

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

“You can do it buddy! I’m here with you!”

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

Keeping his little patient warm.

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

“It’s time for a quick bath.”

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

“Everything will be ok.”

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

“I will keep you company. No worries!”

cat becomes nurse to patients at animal hospital

Photos via imgur.