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Her name is Sophie Ann who was found near a house. “(She) was the only kitten still alive from her litter, and my mom gave her to me to try and save. She was so tiny and sick! But this little girl has so much spirit, it didn’t take her long and she was bouncing around like a healthy little kitten,” said Candi.

Sophie loves her big “brother” Silas who adopted her soon after she moved into her forever home. Silas watched Sophie grow and the two are inseparable.

Sophie was found near a house. She was the only kitten that survived from her litter. They took her in and nursed her back to health.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

Soon after she arrived in her new home, Silas the cat took to the little one and became her big brother.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

Sophie loves to snuggle with him…

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

…and follow him around.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

They are never far away from each other.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

Silas watched Sophie grow into a beautiful cat. Here she is looking out the window with her cat “siblings.”

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

This is Sophie when she was tiny.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

Now she’s grown into a gorgeous lady cat.

little rescue kitten sophie then and now

Photo courtesy of Candi. (flickr: loveberries).

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This little gem was spotted in a park by Tracy and Ryan. “Kitten is set up in a warm safe place, made in a shoebox found in my car.” After a trip filled with exhausting cries, Ollie finally calmed down when they arrived home.

They took Ollie to the vet. “She told us that kitten was a little boy, about 2-3 weeks old.”

Feeding Ollie isn’t an easy task. “Ollie employs sneaky tactics to avoid drinking the bottled KMR kitten milk replacement formula,” but after several attempts, he finally had his first bottle down and was happy with a full belly.

Ollie trying his first bottle

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie bottle feeding

Sleeping with a full belly

cute rescue kitten ollie sleeping after eating

Ollie at the vet

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie

Ollie building his little fortress!

cute rescue seal point kitten ollie wrapped up in towels

Photos by ©Tracy T. + Ryan G. See more of Ollie at his blog.

“I am gonna getchya!” said Captain Jack the kitty as he stands up on his two hind feet with his paws in the air, trying to catch the grass.

Captain Jack, 7 days old

This exquisit little furball was born to a semi-feral cat named Switz on August 17, 2011 before Sheryl, an animal rescuer, could finally catch her for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release). The cat mama outsmarted the trap multiple times and this adorable kitty is Switz’s 2nd litter. They named him Captain Jack.

Sheryl went from gaining trust from the mama cat to taking the kittens in when they were old enough. It started looking hopeful when they were able to bring in the kittens, treat their kitty flue and socialize them to other furry friends and humans in the house.

Intially the family planned on putting all the kitties up for adoption at the Goathouse Refuge, but Jack crept deep into their hearts. “We just couldn’t stand to see Jack go. We decided to keep him as part of our family. Jack stole our hearts and he just seemed to fit right in with us,” said Sheryl.

Captain Jack showing his playful side:

cute jack the kitten i am gonna getcha!
"I am gonna getchya!"

He falls asleep waiting for a phone call:

cute jack the kitty sleeps with the phone
"When is she gonna call?"
cute jack the kitten big fluffy cat today
Captain Jack, a beautiful cat today

Photos courtesy of ©Sheryl (flickr: meiers19).

This is love!

Kiki the kitten and Snarf the ginger share a beautiful friendship. When Kiki was taken into her new home, Snarf took her under his arms and adopted the little bitty one as his own.

He is like a father to her and always there looking out for her every step of the way.

cute kitties cuddling snuggling to sleep
Big yin and teeny yang
cute ginger cat gives rescue kitten a bath
Snarf gives Kiki a bath
cute ginger cat gives rescue kitten a bath
Love attacks
cute kitties cuddles snuggles

Photos by ©Fabiana Boiman (flickr: fleacircus).