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This mischievous tuxedo somehow ended up at the top of a pine tree for 3 days. But Spaz the cat is super excited to be reunited with her family thanks to Animal Rescue League of Boston.

“Thanks to the fabulous work of our amazing Rescue Crew yesterday, this lucky kitty didn’t have to brave today’s wintery wonderland from the top of a tree. This sweet kitty from Hingham is safe & sound inside her home with her family!” said the rescue group.

Animal Rescue League of Boston rescued cat from tree

Animal Rescue League of Boston rescued cat from tree

Photos by Animal Rescue League of Boston.

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A kind person from England found a tiny tuxedo kitten trapped in a small gap and freed him from it.

“I was walking past an old shack on the grounds of the hospital where I work and heard this mewing sound. Went in to investigate and he was on his own trapped in there. I couldn’t leave him so I spent a while trying to reach him, he kept being all timid and hiding just out of arms reach. Eventually got him though and got him sorted out,” he said via reddit.

They looked for the cat mom and waited to see if there were any more kittens. “We searched for a while but we didn’t find anything. We waited to make sure the mother didn’t come back as well. He was absolutely starved.”

Soon after the rescue. They found the little kitten a forever home. “A lady security guard we have took him to the vets and adopted him,” he added.

Little tuxedo kitten rescued by a good samaritan

tiny rescue tuxedo kitten

tiny rescue tuxedo kitten

Source via reddit.

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Linus is one of the four kittens that were found at a garage sale, but got a second chance at life thanks to the rescue efforts from Kate and Anje, and Kimberly who keeps the fuzzy little ones happy and well fed every single day at her foster care.

Linus has a way to melt people’s hearts and it works every time. The look on his face constantly demands love. Even Kimberly’s house cats can’t resist this furry little brother from a different mother.

Linus weighing in. He has gotten bigger.

Tiny little one in his teeny kitten bed

He snugged himself in a perfectly sized bed

You can see the mischief in his eyes

Rosie, another tuxedo, has Linus captive

Linus is very loved by all the humans and cats, including his look-alike Harley

Their story via Kimberly’s Kittens blog. Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery.

Meet Lily the tuxedo. She was an itty bitty kitty when she was rescued. This is her first Thanksgiving at her forever home.

“She was the runt of the litter, abandoned by her mama, and taken in by my cousin. she now has a big brother, puck,” Gillian L. wrote on her flickr.

The look she gave when she smelled food in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

Lily inspecting the turkey

She loved her first Thanksgiving. :)

Photos by ©Gillian Leigh.

Benny the cat used to be the size of a kitty milk bottle when he was found as an orphan. This is the difference a year makes.

“A year ago, we found a tiny kitten in a parking lot, crying and huddling up near a small potted bush. It couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps at a time and its eyes were barely open. We went to the nearest pet store and bought a bottle and milk replacement with plans to feed it until we could contact an animal rescue group in the morning. We ended up falling in love with the kitten and couldn’t part with it,” said Heather, the human mom.

Today, Benny has all grown up into a handsome cat. It is hard to believe how tiny he once was. He’s really come a long way.

Benny as a bottle kitten, approximately 3 oz.

One year later, weighing in at 13 lbs

Photos courtesy of ©Heather.