5 Signs Your Cat is a Rabbit

Does your cat have fluffy bunny feet? Does he hop around like a spring bunny? Then you may be owned by a “Rabbat” or “Cabbit”…?

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Rescue Stray Cat Meets Dog For The First Time

A shy stray cat met a rescue dog for the first time. Something adorable happened.

“Mr. Flufferpants is a stray kitty we rescued. When we found him, he was living as a feral kitty in my apartment complex… He was scared of dogs at first, so I let him slowly get used to Murkin (dog) from a distance. Then I started giving him treats and pets with Murkin sitting about 20 feet away. Finally, after about a month of this, I let them meet for the first time. And it went really well,” said dcjanelle.

When they met for the first time…

Then this followed.

Bengal Cat Gives Foster Kitten Hugs

Neko the Bengal cat hugs a tiny foster kitten while giving her a bath.

Amputee Kitty Adopted By Someone Just Like Her

Itty Bitty the 3-legged kitty is adopted by a special human who is also an amputee. When Brian Gentilotti met the tripaw kitten, he knew it was the perfect match.

“Itty Bitty is the amazing story of an injured kitten brought to Katz 4 Keeps with an uncertain future. While waiting to grow big enough to be spayed and have her injured leg amputated, Itty Bitty met Brian. Brian, an amputee himself and a huge part of Camp No Limits (camp for amputee children), was brought to Katz 4 Keeps by a friend to meet Itty Bitty. Brian immediately felt a connection and put a hold on Itty Bitty for adoption,” Katz 4 Keeps wrote on Facebook.

“I was down here visiting two campers and we were going to go to camp the following week. They said we found a really great cat for you to adopt so I came down and checked her out and that was it,” said Gentilotti via First Coast News.

Itty Bitty had to have her badly injured front leg removed, but she isn’t letting her amputation slow her down at all.

“I also had an amputation due to traumatic injury. After I had the amputation I was able to go back to doing the things I used to do like snow mobile and ski so it was definitely a positive thing… She’s not limited… She climbs. She hops up on things. She plays. She walks,” Gentilotti said.

“You can do anything. Don’t sit home and feel sorry for yourself because you have one limb missing, a hand or are missing both legs. There are a lot of amputees there that are missing all four limbs, and it’s amazing what they can do. They can throw a football better than I can, and this cat is an example of that. She’s able to do anything,” Gentilotti added.

Itty bitty amputee kitten adopted by camp counselor amputee

Itty bitty amputee kitten adopted by camp counselor amputee

Watch video via First Coast News:

Watch Itty Bitty play with her human:

Source: First Coast News

Too Cute To Understand

Cats just have that special something.

Kitten Plays With Footsies!

Those jellybeans and footsies. I have no words. Watch video.

Kitten Won’t Let Human Dad Do Anything Without Her

This 5 week old calico kitten loves her human dad and she won’t let him do anything without her.

“Every time I sit down to play games, she cuddles up on my shoulder… She won’t let me do anything without her,” human dad wrote via reddit.

When he plays video games, kitty tries to help. “She’s even tried to crawl up the TV to ‘help,’” he added.

“Every time I sit down to play games, she cuddles up on my shoulder.”

calico kitten shoulder cat gamer human dad

“She’s started really getting into the game, and even squeaks and hisses at the bad guys.”

calico kitten shoulder cat gamer human dad

“She won’t let me do anything without her.”

calico kitten shoulder cat gamer human dad

Photos via reddit.

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