Didga the Cat Goes Skateboarding With Her Human

Didga the skateboarding cat from Australia shows off her skills at a local skate park.

Watch Didga do tricks. She does them better than dogs.

Meet the “Sesame Street” Kittens Rescued From Garbage Can. They Will Melt Your Heart!

These five tiny kittens were given a second chance at life when they were found shivering sitting in a garbage can by a sanitation worker.

“Our new arrivals, the Sesame Street kittens, spent two days piled on top of each other in the bottom of this trash can,” Tiny Kittens wrote.

“We are so grateful to our very own Handyman, of Anders & Co., who was on duty collecting trash, heard their little mews and knew exactly what to do! He rushed them to LAPS, where we gave them baths and immediately treated them for fleas. They also got their first round of deworming, ears cleaned and treated for ear mites, temps taken, weights and first nail trims.”

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5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

A sanitation worker found 5 tiny kittens shivering at the bottom of a garbage can. 

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

He took them to get help. 

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

The kittens were given baths and dewormed. 

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

All cleaned up!

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

Time for a nap!

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley

Happy and loved now. Soon they will all be put up for adoption at Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS).

5 kittens rescued after being dumped in garbage can in Langley


Watch these kitten live on kittycam.
Source: Global News.

They Met This Kitty at the Shelter, Two Years Later… He’s all Grown Up!

“Almost two years ago we adopted a cat named Darwin from the shelter. He’s all grown up!” TFRAIZ wrote (imgur).

“The most interesting cat in the world easily caught my attention. Our first meeting was brief, but left a lasting impression…”

shelter cat then and now

They simply couldn’t leave without him…

shelter cat then and now

“What would we name him? The shelter went with Darwin, but we chose something a little different.”

shelter cat then and now

“Here he is. Mr. Saxobeat at nearly two years of age. He’s huge now! And, has learned how to open poorly secured doors by using a signature barrel roll technique.”

shelter cat then and now

Handsome boy! “Straight from the shelter to our hearts.”

shelter cat then and now

Photos via imgur.

This Kitty Gets Really Serious About Giving A Bath. Watch!

Don’t move! You need this bath!

Love Will Keep Us Together – Kodi and Shorty

Maybe Kodi is outgrowing his favorite cuddle spot but he’s definitely NOT outgrowing the love he has for his best friend Shorty.

Kitty Demands To Know What His Human is Eating

This kitty will not let his humans eat without him watching what they are having.

This ginger boy gets all the cat food he wants from his humans, but every time it’s their turn to eat, kitty demands to know what they are having.

WATCH VIDEO: What are you having human??

WATCH VIDEO: What’s that?

They Heard a ‘Mew’ from Inside the Car, Pulled Over and Found This Cutie

“Heard a ‘mew’ come from inside the car while driving. Pulled over and found this in the engine,” reddit user Ayzkalyn wrote. (reddit)

“I was driving to Oklahoma City with a friend (as a passenger) when we pulled over at a Quiktrip. As we were pulling in we heard a meow. I got out of the car and checked in the road for a cat. After no luck we slowly parked. After gassing up we prepared to leave, and heard the noise again. We thought perhaps it was in the car, so we decided to look in the hood of the car.

Unfortunately neither of us were educated in the methodology of opening a car hood, so we had the Quiktrip staff do it for us. We told them that we heard a cat while the hood lay open, and they look at us as if we were crazy. Without any luck, we left again.

A few miles down the highway, the noise started again, louder. It was definitely with us, and this was proof. We had already turned our cellphones to mute to make sure it wasn’t that, and we were now on full alert. We pulled over next to a large semi-truck on the side of the road, and my friend explained our situation to the driver. He seemed really concerned for a burly bearded semi driver. He helped us open our car hood (cause we still didn’t know how) and looked with us. He grabbed a flashlight and shined it into the engine.

The creature went silent whenever we opened the door. I noticed that the edge of the car hood was fluffy. I thought it was kind of weird, and stared at it for an embarrassingly long amount of time. Then it moved. I jumped, and yelled for the others to look. It had crawled into a very small space (about the size of a soda can) and it was hard to get out. We grabbed a leg each, and began to pull. It pulled against us, determined to stay in. As it stretched out over the car hood, it looked rather long and in poor condition. I was really hoping it was a cat and not a ferret or some other creature.

Finally it came loose and I held it as tight as I could, as hundreds of cars were blazing past us every minute. We thanked the driver, and returned to the car, where it viciously tried to escape. I had to hold it down, and try to keep it calm.”

“After about an hour, it fell asleep in my lap, and I took this…”

kitten rescued from car

They helped the kitten find a good home.

kitten rescued from car

Kitten giving her new mom a kiss.

kitten rescued from car

Photos via reddit.

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