Petition for an Official Cat Day

In Japan, people come together to celebrate cats on February 22. Why haven’t we thought about an official Cat Day? Cats definitely deserve a day of their own celebration.

Why is February 22 the Cat Day? In Japanese, 2 is read “ni” which is like the ‘nyan’ sound cats make in Japanese. Because of that, someone decided to make this date the Cat Day since in Japan cats symbolize good luck. Also there are numerous tales and legends surrounding cats. Maneki Neko is a money cat in Japan that is meant to bring good luck and fortune to people.

Cats are widely admired in Japan. The Super Station Master is a Calico cat found at the Wakayama Railway in Kishikawa, Japan. Soon after her discovery, her popularity swept the entire nation by storm. People would travel miles just to get a glimpse of her.

It is no surprise that Japanese people have a date to celebrate feline creatures. Why shouldn’t we have the privilege to do the same? Cats do wonderful things for people no matter where they are. Their love is without borders and languages. In fact, cats are the best therapy animals for patients of all ages and degrees. Cats are funny, silly, adorable and loving. They make us smile everyday. When we are sad, they can feel it and they will come to console us. Cats are beautiful creatures with an angelic face that mesmerizes us, gives us that fuzzy feeling inside. I know I am forever indebted to my cats.

I think we should call for a petition for an official Cat Day :-). Hey, we can make a difference if we try. I would definitely do it for my cats. What do you say?

If you are in for the petition, leave a message and your name in the comment area. Also if you’d like to suggest a date for the Cat Day, put it down in your comment as well. Feel free to tell us where you are from.

Email a picture of you and your cat in support of the Cat Day Petition at:


We will have a gallery exhibit on for the Cat Day Petition.

Pass on this message to your friends and ask them to leave their name, send in a picture and suggest a date. I will then submit all the names and dates collected to the government of countries that I get the names from.

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27 Responses to “Petition for an Official Cat Day”

  1. saidah hamizah says:

    yes..i think we should have a day for cat celebration..they are such a loyal companion, silence pacifier, problem solver, entertainer and whatnot..they are there untold..unpaid…they are there for free…for us…so..they deserve a day of our time..

  2. Hilda Constantineau says:

    Sign me up right now. I’m in!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eric Fan says:

    Support the petition, cats are lovely

  4. Deb Hennessey says:

    Cats should definitely have their own day. They bring so much love and happiness into the lives of others and ask so little in return. I’d be lost without mine so I’m all for the petition. Great idea! :-)

  5. Adam says:

    Awesome idea Amy! Just let me know where to sign.

  6. Amy says:

    You just did Adam. It’s right here :-).

  7. eric says:

    Let’s do it.. what’s a good day? I think a warm season would be good

  8. Jill says:

    would be totally lost w/o my mittens (kittens, for anyone unclear) so i’m all for it. I would suggest a day in august since there arent really any big holidays in August (in the US anyways)

  9. Amelia Thiessen says:

    Cat Day FTW :)

  10. Mar Miller says:

    I’m on board for a CAT DAY!!!

  11. Lana says:

    Let’s do it! I vote YES for cat day!

  12. Kayla Daniels says:

    I support this petition!

  13. Pam Edwards says:

    I am all for a CAT DAY!

  14. Hazel Diaz says:

    Everyday should be Cat Day. Lol! Go kitties! ^_^

  15. Let’s make my birthday Cat Day! Feb 3!!! I can share my special days with those lovable creatures.

  16. Sera says:

    We so need a Cat Day! I can’t believe we don’t have one already. Also, maybe we should keep it on Jan. 22 so it’s like a world wide thing, where the whole world celebrates the awesomeness of cats. =^.^=

  17. Caitlin says:

    Its to bad we dont worship cats like they used to, so why not have at least one day to celebrate them. I beleive that felines, being the most unique creatures, should have their own day.

  18. Justin says:

    Defenitely in.

  19. jessie b says:

    yes i totally agree i love my cat soooooooooo much and i think cat day would be a great idea.

  20. jessie b says:

    yes i think that is a great idea i love my cat so much I think that there should be a day for them because without my cat Jinx I wouldnt know what to do i love her so much

  21. Payje McGoo says:

    December 10th should be cat day.
    I rescue cats in the winter,,,I keep them from death. I love cats!!! they love me too.
    to me..any one who loves cats? I love them!
    cat lovers are great people. period.

  22. Chesnea Skeen says:

    Lol! Im in! :D I love cats to death! People tell me I act like a cat all the time. – Chesnea Skeen.

  23. jennie says:

    Wonderful idea! Cat’s do not get enough recognition and there are so many preconceived ideas about them that simply are not true! A national cat day is a great way to honor cats and educate others. Cat’s rule, dogs drool! :)

  24. Kellie C says:

    I totally support this. :D
    It would be great to have four special days in Feb. (Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's, and Cat Day, conveniently spaced!)

  25. nicole bernardo says:

    i too support this!!!!

  26. Deborah Cueto says:

    I totally support this idea :D

    +1 <3

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