Winners of the Cat Sleeping Pose Photo Contest!

After 3 rounds of voting, the 2 winners have finally been chosen. All 8 final photos are incredibly adorable. They are all winners in my mind.

You have decided the following 2 photos to be the winners of this contest. Don’t forget how awesome the rest of the photos are. For the prizes, the first place will receive a Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy. The second place will receive a Midwest Quiet Time Cat Bed. For the rest of the finalists, I have decided to give each of them a beautiful Cooper Post Card :-).

Now the winners of Cat Sleeping Pose Contest are:

First Place:

The Second Place:

Cinderella, cute cat

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4 Responses to “Winners of the Cat Sleeping Pose Photo Contest!”

  1. Pam Edwardes says:

    Congratulations Henry! If I had to come in 2nd place I am glad it was to you.


  2. Mary Beth McCaffrey says:

    I knew you’d win Henry!!!! Congratulations. =)

  3. Mary Beth McCaffrey says:

    Congratulations Cinderella! 2nd place rocks!!! So cute! =}

  4. Lynda says:

    All are just precious!!!!!

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