World’s Smallest Cats

Current Record Holder: Mr. Peebles

The current world’s smallest living domestic cat listed in the Guinness World Records is a 6.1-inch tall 3 pounder named Mr. Peebles from Good Shepherd Veterinary Clinic in Pekin, Illinois co-owned by employees from the clinic. The reason he looks like a kitten even though he is an adult cat is due to a genetic defect that hampered his growth. Despite his stature, he has a huge appetite and requires four meals a day to sustain his life.

Maybe the Next Smallest Cat: Bitsy

However, the current record holder may be over taken by a full grown tuxedo cat who weighes merely 1.5 lbs. Bitsy, the kitten-like fluff ball from San Diego, is a healthy cat albeit her size. She has good spirits and enjoys taking rides with her human mother.

Bitsy, a cross breed between a Munchkin and a normal sized cat, suffered from a mutated gene that is the same as that of little people, but usually Munchkins with a mutated gene weigh between 3 and 5 lbs. Bitsy was born with a big head that was supported by a tiny body.

Picture of Mr. Peebles:

Picture of Bitsy:

Video of Bitsy:



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4 Responses to “World’s Smallest Cats”

  1. raine says:

    we have a tiny bundle of joy as well! our little siamese, named symee, is 4 years and 4 pounds! she is a lover and rules the house! her 2 feline sisters and 1 brother take excellent care of her as well as her 2 human mommies! we brought her home at 8 weeks and not quite a pound. she has survived on pure love!

  2. raine says:

    thank you!

  3. bel says:

    Forever destined to be uber-cute kitties!!!

  4. sashabella14 says:

    So tiny! So cute!!

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