Cat Loves Electric Toothbrush

This kitty named Nishiki, loves two very strange things:

  • – eating bean sprouts
  • – brushing his teeth/face with an electric toothbrush

Play the video to meet Nishiki:

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2 Responses to “Cat Loves Electric Toothbrush”

  1. Taffy says:

    Cats are so wonderful……………each has it's own sweet personality. If I read a story to my mother out loud, louder than my regular "indoor" voice, Mia (my cat) will come out from wherever she is and try to bite me……….just a sweet love bite. She doesn't want me to hurt my mother, and talking loud or singing hurts my mother, in Mia's sweet cat mind.

  2. dainty says:

    This is very cute indeed :) I'm always pleased when I find out about pets that like something odd, it amuses me greatly

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